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Monday, February 16, 2015
the end
The rise and fall of Vincent Blackwell
I never said I was more than I am, do what I want and dont give a damn.
You’re all so weak you know it makes me ill,dont like you now and probably never cheat and lie, and wonder why you cant sleep at night.
Youre not well,Oh Vincent Blackwell ,and we can tell ,You’re not well,Oh Vincent Blackwell why dont you enter the  gates of hell? I am asinner who just loves to sin, I am a fighter who just loves to win.
I am the truth about this crummy hole,theres nothing here that cant be bought or sold, youre cold and mean, and in between youre rotten to the core.
Youre not well, Oh Vincent Blackwell, and we can tell, youre not well, Oh Vincent Blackwell, why dont you enter the 7 gates of hell? Youre a victim, a real disgrace, you should be banished from the human race.
We’ll drink to sorrow then well drink to waste, we’ll drink a toast to the inhuman race, here’s to the world and the times we’re in, here’s to the kid a real man among men. You’re cold and mean, and in between you’re rotten to the core.
You’re not well,Oh Vincent Blackwell and we can tell. You’re not well, Oh Vincent Blackwell, why dont you enter the  7 gates of hell?
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Friday, March 21, 2014
intro “Vincent”
Starry starry night paint your palette blue and grey, look out on a summers day with eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills, sketch the trees and the daffodils, catch the breeze and the winter chills, in colors on the snowylinenland, and now i understand what you tried to say to me, how you suffered for your sanity. How you tried to set yhem free,they would not listen, they did not know how, perhaps they’ll listyen now , for they could notlove you, but still your love was true, and when no hope was left in sight on that starry starry night, you took your life , as lovers often do; but I could have told you Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you
Starry starry night,flaming flow’rs that brightly blaze, swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in Vincent’s eyes of China blue.
Colors changing hue, morning fieldfs of amber grain, weathered faces lined inpain, are soothed beneath the artist’s loving hand.
And now I understand what you tried to say to me, how you suffered for your sanity, how you tried to set them free.they would not listen, they did not know how,perhaps they’ll listen now.
Starry, starry night,portraits hung in empty halls, frameless heads on nameless walls. With eyes that watch the world and can’t the strangers that you’ve met, the ragged men in ragged clothes, the silver thorn of bloody rose, lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow.and now I think I know,what you tried to say to me, how you suffered for your sanity, how you tried to set them free, they would not listen, they´re not list´ning still, perhaps they never will.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
United States of Amsterdam
It was on the last day of the year V  A.S.  that Vincent was born. According to dr. LaVey he was born a Satanist. As he stated in his New Religion: Satanists are born not made. They were the Bad Boys who were Hungry like the Wolf and did it Their Own Way. On that day an aircraft (Pakistan International Airlines) lost altitude and impacted about 300 feet (90 meters) short of the runway. Seven of the 31 passengers were killed.
He was the eldest son in his family, which consisted of three children. Both his parents were born in 1946 and both are doing well. He has a 2 years younger brother, who works as a social worker.  And a 5 years younger sister, who works as a psychiatrist in Rotterdam The Netherlands. He sees his brother and sister a couple of times a year. They both are single and do not have any children. His father was engineer, who used to worked for Shell, is now retired and lives in the South of France. His mother suffers from hypochondria-sis and is chronically psychiatric ill.
Both his grandmothers are still alive. His grandfather, a Jewish descendant, from mothers side of the family committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, while he was visiting a doctor. He also was convinced that he suffered from a somatic disease, which the doctors could not trace.
in 1984 his family moved to the City of Hellevoetsluis while Vincent was thirteen years of age,in 1976 they moved to Waddinxveen where his parents and their  children were not accepted, because they were no Cristians, when Vincent was 15 years of age his parents divorced vincent and his brother and sisters whent to stay with his father, because his mother was suffering from her mental disease.
Vincent has used his share of illegal drugs (though most drugs are not very illegal in the Netherlands). He started using marijuana in 1987. After having experienced a bad trip induced by LSD aged 18 he was depressed for almost 2 years. At that time he was dating a beautiful girl  named Jasmijn  who helped him recover from this episode. He occasionally uses heroin, which reduces this aggressive noise between his ears.and beyond his eyes , Vincent is ambivalent about his drug use.
Vincent suffers from psychosis since  June 1992.  With his current medication and his relative abstinence from other drugs he is doing very well. He spends a lot time making music, writing on his books and collecting music, books and films.
Church of Satan
In 1986 he talked with a friend, a drummer in a hard-rock  band named breaking the law told him about the infamous “Kerk van Satan (Amsterdam)  After having heard of this Satanic church he at one time being in Amsterdam decided to give this Black painted Satanic Church inside the red-light-district a visit (see episode 1). He regularly went to visit the Satanic-Church in Amsterdam and after he reached the age of 18 he performed his first and only ritual in the Devils Church with the assistance with an official adult High Priest of Satan. He still performs private rituals in his own home in front of his personal Satanic Altar. In 1999 he became a member of the American Church of Satan and is one of the many notorious red  card holders.  At that time the lifetime fee was $100. On October 18th 2001, the Black House on San Francisco was demolished, after the death of dr. Lavey (1997, 67 years of age).  In 2002 he received his Warlock degree (second degree Satanist) via der Kirche Satans.
He started working on this book in June 2002. He was inspired, having read The exorcist (William Peter Blatty). He wanted to create his own book or work of art. Ever since he has been writing on his debut novel   dr. Lionel A.C. Nurmohamed,
United States of Amsterdam     ’1948′  Episode zero  it was new years day in the morning of the year 2011 and Vincent was still asleep in his grandmother’s house in Amsterdam-center, it was still his birthday and had became 40 years of age, his Grandmothers age was ninety-something she was awake and filling the table with leftovers from the night before, old year’s eve was pleasant and the year 2011 made it extra special because ancient Indians from latin-south -America predicted a long-long time ago thus 2012 would be the end of mankind. 2012 was predicted as the beginning of the end of mankind, and of course Vincent the ‘Warlock’ took this prediction seriously created by the ancient south-American ‘*(the MAYA’S') Indians from the past, many fortune-tellers predicted the end of the world and for example rock n roll musicians wrote song-lyrics about the beginning of the end, which should be 2012. R.J.Dio, a singer of the age of rock sung about the end of the world and called today’s rock maniacs the ‘last in line’. ‘Oh they say that’s it’s over, and the end is close to be, were gods children, children of the sea’(black Shabbath). Vince slowly awoke, he had some deep sleep, he had a wonderful dream, it was a dream about a sort of fairy tale, he was watching a different planet in outer space, God and his Goddess, both dressed in black dresses watching to their creation of happy children without any sexes,not female neither male, they were white skinned, blue eyed with blond hair  and they were naked and dancing in a circle on the grass while a star(sun) was shining powerful, it reminded Vincent of the Garden of Eve, it looked like a paradise lost. He was breathing heavily threw his nose when his Grandmother entered the room slowly and careful. ‘Vincent Ferdinand?’, ‘Are you awake?’ and then ‘it’s your 40St birthday my child, you should enjoy this new years day!’. He opened his mouth wide open and took a deep breath, the rising sun was filling ancient Amsterdam with dim light. Amsterdam ,the city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. He stepped out of bed and put on a t-shirt what said ‘MASTER of DISASTER’, and he put on his blue jeans and black white striped Nike’s , he felled a happy man this beautiful morning the first morning of the year 2011, 1 January. “Morning Grandma!’, ‘thank god we are living souls and may we both of us praise this wonderful new years day grandma!’. His Grandma was as always dressed in black , she was getting elder and elder of age ninety-three, but still clever of thoughts and still active in bicycling and still driving her black Toyota, she was the mother of his father whom was born in 1946 ,June his mother was born on oct.1946, the so called ‘Baby-boomers’, and Vincent Ferdinand was born on 31 Dec 1970, exactly 9 months after the marriage of his parents in April 1970, Grandma was a wise old lady born during the first world war and raised as a child in Amsterdam, before the second world war she married a criminal, whom was malafide,and addicted to alcohol, gambling and tabak,after the war she left him to marry my Grandfather in 1948 The night before ,on 31 Dec. all family from his father were celebrating old year’s eve in grand mamma’s penthouse. there was plenty enough food and alcoholics , we all were talking a lot about politics, president Barack Obama, Iraq, and football. Vincent stroke a Lucifer and hit his tabak, the tabak tasted heavily because it was his first burning tabak for today.  He watched out of the window and looked straight into the Jordaan, on the other side of the water was the Jordaan.  Also he could clearly see the western tower church, this church stood 20 meters removed from the Anne Frank’s house & hiding attic. Anne Frank used to write about the western tower church in her diary, it must be said it is the up-most beautiful building of all that is built in the city of Amsterdam. Vincent’s grandfather & family were all members of the western tower church, and his grandfather used to be inside a couple of believers whom represented the so called “The elder one’s”. The streets were full of snow which gave the street a beautiful sight, Vincent felled happy because his grandma gave him 50 Eurodollars and the price of a pretty black prostitute was only 25 Eurodollar, he himself preferred black pretty woman above the white ones, the white ones asked 50 Eurodollar for having sex in the red-light district. He was having dinner with roasted bread and put the cheese on the roasted bread, it tasted delightful, it tasted for more food, there were left-over’s from old year’s eve, such as fish, French cheese and caviar. The neighbors were family of Johan Cruijff,infact the mother-in-law of Johan Cruijff was Miss Koster, the neighbor of the grandmother of Vincent’s. The Jordaan looked beautiful outside the window, he and his grandmother were sitting in the living room and they were discussion the history of the 20th century, last night before he felt in sleep Vincent had been reading a paper book about Josif Stalin. One of the up-most anti-Christ’s was without a doubt Josif Stalin, but even Stalin was once a young rebel whom wanted to make the world a better place but as a lot of young rebels whom intentions were good he ended into the Evil empire. Vincent told his grandma thus the up-most evil of the century were all those pedophile cath ‘lick  roman priests, whom had broken many innocent victims, these victims were suffering as an adult and they were angry about the evil priests, Judas priests, some victims couldn’t live with their sexual abused childhood memories and some went even so far that they took their own lives by committing suicide, because they felt so sick dirty, abused and misunderstood in our society. His grandmother agreed with the evil doing by pedophile roman cath’lick  priests , but his grandmother was a young adult through the second world war and she knew about the holocaust and told Vincent thus there were written dangerous episodes in the bible, so she explained that the Muslims are not the only evil doers the Christians can be evil as well. His beloved grandmother was always dressed in black clothes, and each 31 December she told Vincent that she could remember his birth like it was yesterday because Vincent was born as the eldest grandson in Holland.   He kissed his grandmother and walked down the stairs and opened the door and he closed the door, the air was cold and again he took a Lucifer to strike his tabak and walked satisfied through the jordaan, then he went into the Rozengracht were was a music store selling guitars and over here within the Dijkman music-centre he bought his first guitar in 1984. As he watched through the window of Dijkman music-center he saw 2 beautiful black Gibsons Flying-V"s and walked on. Inside the Rozengracht there was a music store selling second hand records, and as always he bought one or two -metal albums. He simply felt a happy man watching all the snow falling down and passed by the hiding attic of Anne Frank, he took a photograph of the statue of iron of Anne Frank whom stood in front of the western tower church and he passed on, he was entering the famous Scientology Church to tell them not to worry about the year 2012 because the MAYA”S were making mistakes by calculating the end of mankind he wished the Scientology the best wishes for 2011, he remembered the album of the Canadian metal group Rush whom named one of their best concept albums ‘2112’, Rush song lyrics were written by their  drummer named Neil Part, and this band created the best heavy-metal during the 70’s.As he walked on he saw the palace of the Queen with a statue of Atlas on the top, which reminded him not to carry all the problems of planet earth upon his shoulders, even not as being the chosen  one, or the divine one, chosen by an indo-European  wizard in September 1996, his tele-phone was inside his pocket Vincent was waiting on a phone call from his nephew named Matthias, Matthias lived in the city close to the palace of the Queen, Vincent passed by the castle of the Queen he saw the monument of the second world war, the statue of peace, he was getting closer to the statue of peace and started to read the words of peace, Then his phone rang and it was his nephew  Matthias. “Hello Vincent? Where are you now?” Vincent answered “I am sitting at the back of the monument of peace with my violin” Matthias spoke” I will be with you inside 5 minutes, I was visiting a friend which was a larger visit as I had foreseen”, while  Vincent was waiting their suddenly came a giant foootbal rebel from Amsterdam he spoke to Vincent:”Am I right to believe your nephew  just called you?”spoke the giant rebel.“Yes that’s correct. But whom are you? Are you someone special? Asked Vincent, but the Giant rebel ran away towards a taxi driver and he vanished into the void. Vincent now realized his tele-phone was being tapped, of course he could not tell his nephew  Matthias about this giant football rebel, whom was properly a secret agent of the C.I.A. Then came his nephew Matthias, they shake hands, they didn’t seen each other for about a year ago, Vincent was a little paranoid but his strong faith inside the satanic church which he would visit later at midnight, first he was looking for a new year’s love inside the red-light-district, together he and his nephew  passed into the streets of the heart of the city, Vincent got from his new doctor dr.Hans v/d Ploeg a Viagra 25 mg but he took two Viagra he swallowed 50 mg and his eyes were watching the pretty black females, they passed by the church of the Christian Chinese .In the same street there stood strong the Kerk van  Satan(C.o.S.) but there was nobody home yet, he used to be involved within with his dark brothers and sisters since he reached the age of 16, he passed further to seek and to have sex with a pretty black prostitute. Thirst they went into a coffee shop to smoke some skunk, the shop was relaxed and the  skunk tasted well, after an hour or so the Viagra started to reach his top to penetrate. They walked further and on his mind was only one thing, a woman! A pretty woman! He asked a woman, ”Hi sweat leaf! How do you do? He watched inside her black eyes her lips were black as well she was wearing pink underwear and her black skin was beautiful, the woman answered, “Hello, you naughty playboy, are you ready for a good sex-party?, ‘sure I am ready, I want to love you and to hold you, I pay you 30 Eurodollar, a little extra”. He entered the small room and the woman washed the penis of Vincent his penis was rising into a sat-ans-penis, the woman seemed to have pleasure to be beloved and she blowed the brains of Vincent. When he was finished he kissed the woman and blessed her Vincent was feeling very well because of the good sexuality he made with the dark-skinned woman, the Viagra even felt better than any xtc, he was feeling stoned caused by the Skunk they smoked, Vincent took a few photographs of the church of Satan and afterwards they went back to the house of his nephew  which was in the center of the Jordaan. The house of his niece was very small but very nice and they drunk a cup of thee, listened to some music of the red hot chili peppers, Vincent laid down on a bank and he needed some sleep, he was a little tired of all emotions he went through these days. For tonight he was going to sleep in his nephews  house but before he would visit the satanic church again, the next day he would visit his Grandmother and say her goodbye, the next day 2 January he would return to the city of the Hellion(Zeeland), after all he had a real nice birthday on old year’s eve, and the new years day was also one to remember. His nephew  Matthias would bring him home again with the use of grand mamma’s automobile. Vincent knew that the mother of Paul Stanley, the front-man of ‘KISS’, also lived in Amsterdam ,they smoked another big joint filled with ‘Skunk’ and Vincent kept on dreaming on the sofa thinking of the pretty dark lady he had sexual contact with this day and he felt good. When he woke up it was already 6 o’clock, first he stroked a Lucifer to hit his tabak his nephew had an alcoholic bottle of liquor and together they celebrated and drunk on this new year. Suddenly Vincent got some inspiration to write his emotions on a paper about a ho-spic-nurse from the Brooklyn hospital whom used to visit the house of Vincent every Tuesday,his name was Godfried Mulish he was aged 60 and he had a father whom was original a German ex-ss, and he would visit Vincent again next Tuesday 3 January, he was only having a look about Vincent’s household and to take a look at the state of his mind, and of course at last Godfried Mulish wrote his experiences on a computer  so dr.Hans v/d Ploeg was aware about Vincent’s his state of well-being, only once a month he had contact with dr.Hans v/d Ploeg Vincent wrote his emotions about the hospic-nurse mr.Godfried.  (Sie, Godfried Mulish,sie  sind eine verdachtige Person Meinst du auch nicht? Sie konnen sich vorstellen,wie ich erschrak.Erst wage , dan wage. Es tut mir leid, nach reiflicher uberlegung die Richtigkeit einer Behauptung zu prufen. Ich habe mich geiirt bis zum Krankheit, der Tur steht offen das ich etwas fur er aufheben. Ein ernstes Wort: Bist du verruckt? Meine zeit ist knapp, das gefallt mir nicht.Mein plicht zufalliger weise ein Formular erfullen, Was sol das bedeuten? Eine blutige Schlacht! Fur er ernstiche krankheit!  ave Heil Blitzkrieg!) ,it was getting later and the sky turned into darkness, it was closer to midnight  and Vincent Ferdinand prepared  himself for his visit to the Satanic Church, of course he had to leave Matthias so he laid his telephone on the desk in the living room because he knew very well thus the C.I.A.. could follow him everywhere so long he was carrying his mobile-phone, Vincent was aware of this , because there was kept a secret with him and the Church of Satan not to break the oath of secrets. Vincent explained a little about his visit towards the red light- district, and so Matthias understood, Vincent would return after midnight, after  twelve o’clock, after the witching hour in darkness. As he passed by all those pretty prostitutes, he had only one thing on his mind which was a Satanic ritual. The Kerk van  Satan stood strong & painted black in the center of the heart of Amsterdam. The symbols of Satan where painted in white on the black painted Satanic church, Vincent walked downwards to the front door and he rang the bell, it was two minutes to midnight and the moon was visible in the sky. The door became opened by the black skinned pretty dark black-magick-woman whom was sister Natas, she recognized Vincent Ferdinand and she spoke:”Welcome inside brother Vincent!, we were expecting your visit, congratulations with your birthday”, she spoke.  “Heil Natas! Spoke he in return ,”Heil Vincent! She replied, Vincent stepped inside and closed the front door of the ritual chamber, he put out his clothes and took a Dracula costume and dressed himself into the costume which was colored red on the inside and black on the outside. He stood in a small office where a human skull stood upon a table, there were hanging several Dracula costumes against the black wall, first sister Natas washed the feet of Vincent , inside there was the ritual chamber with a red colored floor, and the walls were all black, there stood a round table with 13 chairs around it, in the ritual room there stood a white statue of Maria, the mother of God, she carried a young child in her arms whom was of course Jesus the Nazarea, only the head of Maria, the mother of God, her head was cut off by an axe, there was a man dressed in black with a long black beard, his name was Judas and he was the priest. They  sat down around the table and Vincent spoke’ my tele-phone is being tapped   by the C.I.A. today they  informed me about this activity but I must confess  they trust me and I trust them vice-versa. We should not forget we are a nation in war with extreme-terror  Muslims whom are the true anti-Christ’s, so out of free will  I have chosen to help the FBI in our war against terrorism, at least I chose a side which I believe it is the right side to fight terrorism, we have nothing to hide or to fear towards the F.B.I., we are accepted by justice to practice our religion, we don’t practice anything which is against the law or against our society, we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech and freedom of having a meeting among members of our sub-culture, we must not forget I was a victim of terrorism on the 12th of September 2001, I was under attack!, in my village some Muslims believe I am a practising Black Magick Satanarchist , so when I got the change to co-arbeit with the F.B.I.(Washington D.C.) I agreed ,for examples I believe in the reading of tarot-cards  and by these I write Diagnoses about evil-doers or about important evil leaders of our mother planet and our sick-society, and I tell them about the visions I witness. Okay, I understand  that some members of our Satanic Church are afraid to be watched, to be followed  and to be telephone-tapped,  but I fight my own war against terrorism by helping the F.B.I. where-ever I can, at least I have chosen  a side of war against (potential) terrorists and child molesting sexual predators and all others whom are pronounced as being evil in a sick way , I feel a little sorry for you two, brother Judas and sister Natas, but we in Amsterdam we have nothing to hide towards the F.B.I., spoke Vincent Ferdinand. “wait a minute’, spoke Judas (the priest), ‘I understand your situation about your war on terrorism, so long you confess to us what you are exactly busy with within your contact with your  malafide friends from the F.B.I., we don’t wish to be disturbed while we practice our rituals neither we wish to be followed or being tele-phone-tapped, but I agree we are the big western world, our religion is a religion based upon western mystique, but we must be aware of the danger of the federal police since 11 Sept.,it’s a fact that  properly the N.S.A.  totally destroyed the black house of our formal high-priest A.S.La Vey  on 18th October 2001 in the city of San Francisco. They properly think we are a fanatic and dangerous  organization of evil-doers, the Christian church of the U.S.A. never been happy with the Church of Satan, besides these same Christians whom have high places in politics, fooled the world after 9/11, Saddam wasn’t guilty on 9/11 and he wasn’t into the possessions of nuclear 45 minutes scud-rockets filled with antrax, they shouldn’t hang Saddam , they should have had arrest Saddam and brought  him to justice in Den Haag instead of hanging him on 30 December.  Vincent spoke: ‘before the second gulf war started around October 2002 , I got strangely connected with the (U.S) F.B.I. and I had foreseen a few facts which I told them such as the second gulf-war on Iraq should begin in March the 3rd 2003, I understood 11 September changed the United States forever, The U.S.A. was like a sleeping giant whom was suddenly stroke by extreme-terrorism and the U.S.A.  and the Pentagon were  angry and they blamed it on well-known terrorists  and on evil dictators like Mr. Saddam,so they had a good reason to invade Iraq and to hang Saddam, but we should not forget  September  1974 in Germany where during the Olympic games all sportive Jews from Israel were slaughtered by Palestinians  like they were animals and Israel was being fooled in front of whole the wide-world, and those same anti-Jewish & anti-Christians attacked the U.S.A. on 11th September,  which were both called “Black September”, now the terrorists whom were fanatic Muslims attacked the USA ,because in the Arab world the United States citizens are being called “American Jews”, because of the U.S. support to the Israeli’s, it was sad but true 11 September  2001 changed our world 4-ever, but these days during the second gulf war  I saw a few positive events like the army’s of today are fighting a good  war to bring peace and democracy, for example I saw a picture of Japanese soldiers between Dutch soldiers and they were fighting  and working together to create the world in a better planet, whom could ever thought  of such events during world war II? And of course the German soldiers who are fighting for a good case to bring peace and to support the local people by bringing them safety  and teachings of democracy, and George.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are secretly members  of this satanic cult named  ‘The Skull and The Bones”, whom are a religious, occult underground cult, at last I don’t believe in the end of the world in 2012, but I remain a prophet of doom and I believe the Maya’s created a miscalculation of one hundred years, which must be 2112, and for the world of today  there are rising many civil-wars in Africa and in the middle –east, it used to be named the  “Yashmine” revolution, so if the USA ,Canada,Australia,Japan and the United Nations keep on fighting together with the rebels this century will be the last age of dictator-ships, simply you can call it ‘the zeit-geist’,spoke Vincent. “But how did you came in contact within the federal-police?”,asked Judas, “well thats in fact an odd story”, told Vincent Ferdinand  “I came in contact by a computer at the Brooklyn Therapy-Center,and there were a few Schitzo’s whom were connecting the F.B.I.the Mi6,the MI5 because they believed during their psychoses they were into the possession of secrets of the hiding places of 45 minutes scut rockets filled with Antrax in Ancient Babylon, so the federal police kept an eye on the computers at the Brooklyn Therapy- Center because some fools were close to the possession of secret information, and just incidental after I finished my debut-roman, I touched a button and then I got connected within the federal-police, and without a doubt I knew it was the F.B.I. because in Washington DC, the head-office of the F.B.I.they  are into the possession of the world’s most powerful computer, while thinking it over what decisions I should made I heard the voice of mine American elder uncle and I heard him say, “But he’s my brother!, and because of this voice through the Microsoft-computer I decided to risk my life and to support the F.B.I. as best as I could, and today it is almost already ten years ago I started to support the F.B.I. forever  and ever”,” What is it we can do for you Vincent? Asked sister Natas,”well,I just want to share my secrets with you , because I can’t tell them to doctors whom are in the power  to use evil-minded influence to put me in the silent room again and to tormentor me with the evil medication  Haldol, further I like to perform with the both of you a Satanic-Ritual to protect me from evil influences ant to take away the pain I innocently suffer”, lets meditate together around this table so we prepare ourselves for a ritual for Vincent, Judas the priest would perform a satanic ritual out of the bible of Satan written by Vey. Let us carry the sign of Cain upon our flesh, for we will fight  the unjust,. “let there be silence” spoke the priest, Judas,  and Natas whom was the black witch and Vincent whom was the Warlock(male black witch) , Judas picked up the satanic bible and rang the witch-bell ten times and he started to raise his voice to give power to the ritual. he spoke” With the anger of anguish and the wrath of the stifled, I pour forth my voices, wrapped in rolling thunder , that you may hear! Oh great lurkers in the darkness, oh guardians of the way, oh minions of the might of Thoth! Move and appear! Present yourselves to use in your benign power, in behalf of one who believes and is stricken with torment. Isolate him in the bulwark of your protection, for he is under serving of anguish and desires it not. Let that which bears against him be rendered powerless and  devoid of substance. Succor him through fire and water, earth an air, to regain what he has lost. Strengthen with fire the narrow of our friend and companion our comrade of the left-hand Path. Through the power of Satan let the earth and its pleasures re-enter his being. Allow his vital salts to flow unhampered, that he may savor the carnal nectar’s of his future desires. Strike dumb his adversary, formed or formless, that he may emerge joyful and  strong from that which afflicts him.  Allow no misfortune to allay his path, for he is of us , and therefore to be cherished. Restore him to power , top joy, to unending dominion over the reverses that  have possessed him. Build around and within him the exultant radiance that will herald his emergence from the stagnant morass which engulfs him. This we command, in the name of Satan, whose mercies flourish and whose sustenance will prevail! As Satan reigns so shall his own name as this sound: Vincent Ferdinand Blackwell is the vessel whose flesh is as the earth: life everlasting, world without end! Shemhamforash! Heil Satan!”spoke Judas.”Heil  Satan!”spoke Natas,”Heil Satan “spoke Vincent, Heil Satan, Heil Judas Heil Satan, Heil Natas Heil Judas, Heil Lucifer Heil Satan! and then Judas rang the witch-bell ten times. Then there was a silence, the black candle was burning and the smell of burning Hasj were ending the succeeded ritual, Vincent closed his eyes and was concentrating on the words which Judas had been speaking and Vincent was feeling  satisfied. ”How  are you feeling right now brother Vincent ?”,asked sister Natas friendly and interested,”Well sister Natas,I feel a lot more self-esteem, I am so thankful to the both of you because finally I am able to speak without Angst, This ritual and our conversations we’ve had, has done me more than only good, for I am a strong believer in the black-flame we call Satan, and I realize very well thus as well in true Satanism and as being a informant to support the American Federal-Police it makes me feel usable, not used or abused or useless, but finally in the end I realize at least I am somebody-special” Vincent kissed both hands of Judas and Natas, he put out the Dracula-cape, put on his clothes and left the Satanic-Church, the witch hour was over because it was one o’clock, the darkness and the red-light of the room prostitution’s mixed with the fallen snow made him a simply happy Satanist, he had 20 Eurodollar left and bought a package of Mexican- magic-mushrooms, in Zeeland there weren’t any magic-mushrooms for sale and for tonight he was swallowing magic-mushrooms so he might be in touch again with female-English spoken angels, why was he always hearing female voices speaking English?, that’s because English is a universal language, and the English language is spoken by angels, because almost every-one on earth is able to understand English-spoken-words, besides could you imagine angels speaking Chinese? Such like,”ping-pong,ying-yang,tan-tan,Mao-mao,honky-tonky?”, no that doesn’t sound like the language of the angels and demons, besides the island called “Avalon”, is an island of everlasting  peace and an everlasting spring close to the south of England, where the souls of dead hero’s are forever lasting in heaven.(heaven is full of hero’s, and hell is full of fools, looking back in history books, its seems there’s nothing new, please let our mother planet live, Maybe, it’s not too late, to learn how to love and forget how to hate)” Vincent felt happy because he reached the age of 40 years which happens only once in a life-time to enter mankind’s second youth. He realized his birthday at 2010 and his new year’s day 2011 would be the first day of the rest of his life, and he knew now he was aged 40 everyday would be like a new re-birth-day, when a man reaches the age of 40 he will behave himself like he has become 18 years of age, the second youth, the Second Spring*(see & read episode II *”’1948) he walked slowly passing by in the night, and he entered the Jordaan where he found the apartment of his friendly nephew Matthias and he rang the bell he stepped inside the small house walked above upon the stairs and entered the living room. “Have you succeeded in your operation in the red-light-district?”asked Matthias, ‘Oh, hell I have, as the matter a fact, I have so many youth memories towards the City of Amsterdam, and especially of the red-light-district, I thank both Satan, and God, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel of broken dreams, now I realize I’ve had a good life the first 40 years with many, many positive events, and now I have reached the second episode of  life, I feel like being born again, I feel like being young & strong and I will feel this emotion for the rest of everyday of the rest of 2011,everyday is like a new day to start all over again and I will work as best as I can to realize my dreams and to forget my night -mares of my youth, I will love the just, and curse the unjust, in the name of Satan, I am alive!”
Episode zero chapter two  “The final solution”(arbeit macht frei)
The work-site is very important. The surroundings in which one has to work we call the labor conditions
-if the place where you work is fine, then the labor conditions are o.k. The labor conditions are bad if one does not find it pleasant.
-Even more important: is the work safe?
-Working safely is nicer than dangerous work.
The employer has to take care for good information and instructions for his employees.
Safety: how tedious it is : absolute safety does not exist.
Health: health can deteriorate if there is, for instance , too much noise and bad illumination.
Good labor conditions are for the benefit of both employee and employer.
People get ill less easy.
They do the work with pleasure and therefore work better.
They do not quickly apply for another job.
Well-being: if the work is not nice, one can get ill of it.
So the well-being at the work is bad: if one has few or no contact with colleagues.
If one does not know what the work implies, or what the end-product is.
If one does monotonous work.
If there is insufficient daylight on the work-floor.
If one has insufficient tools.
Prevention: – a good education and know what one does.
1. Ever-make use of means of protection.
2.Place signs of warning if dangerous labor takes place.
3.Place prohibitory signs for open fire.
4.Cover up open pits or place signs of warning.
The employer:
1.should inform you sufficiently about the work.
2.should point out the dangers and how you can guard yourself against accidents.
3.should offer you good labor conditions.
4.should provide safe machinery.
5.should provide good means of protection.
6.prevent that the work is monotonous.
7.take care that you can have contact with your colleagues.
8.take measures to protect visitors and personnel against dangers on the worksite.
9.take care of a work-site, which is as safe as possible for you and your colleagues.
10.registrate accidents and near-accidents and occupational diseases and serious accidents.
Obligations of the employee:
May not bring himself or third parties in danger.
Should use means of protection.
Should deal safely with machines, tools, material/products, toxic substances.
Should keep to instructions and rules.
Should always take seriously instructions about safety.(if the work can be safer or healthier , one should report this to the employer.)
Right to work interruption
There are two conditions for the right of work interruption:
-If there is direct danger.
-The labor inspection cannot appear in time.
Steps, that should be taken:
-Stop working.
-Warn colleagues.
-Report the direct executive.
1-there must always be available enough fresh water.
2-there must always be available enough fresh air.
Episode zero chapter III-The genesis sinners
On the six day Jehovah created men, because he thought that nature and planet earth were so perfect that now man could enjoy it. So  Adam and Eve were created to Jehovah’s image to enjoy all beauty in nature as male and female in Paradise in the midst of trees, plants and animals. Paradise was between the rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris. The human couple lived here, they were both naked , but they were not ashamed(not yet!) Jehovah was curious how they would name all things and all beauty that he had created. Adam and Eve started to name all beauty that they saw and so he named his Willie a penis and Eve her cunt a vagina. Adam named his muscles and Eve her breasts. After they had named everything they got tired and went to sleep under the starry night. Next day they walked in the field, where the trees stood with their fruits. They stood in front of the apple tree and looked hungrily at the beautiful big apples. Jehovah had said to them that they were allowed to eat from all beautiful trees, except from this apple tree, because then they would die and be unconscious of anything. Hungrily they looked with greediness at the shining fruit, when suddenly they heard a serpent hiss. Now this serpent was the most sly of all animals in the field, but Adam and Eve did not know, because they had not received knowledge of right  and wrong of their Creator, they trusted the speaking serpent as children do and saw no wrong in him.”What are you doing?” the serpent asked the human couple in a sly voice. Eve told the serpent that they wanted to eat something nice, but that Jehovah had given them the commandment to eat from all trees except from this one apple tree, because Jehovah said:”on the day that you eat from this tree you will definitely die and you will be unconscious of anything!”.The serpent, who felt equal to Jehovah and sly enough to set up Eve against Jehovah’s commandments, put the loyalty of the human couple to the test to defy Jehovah’s infallibility and to show the daylight of the infallibility to Jehovah’s youngest creation. The serpent said slyly :‘ children, you should not believe everything that Jehovah says!”. And he goes on to speak,:”you had better listen to my experience and wisdom instead of assuming all that crap from Jehovah”, and hissing the serpent spoke:”I do not believe in dying, I know that you, as a human couple, are immortal. So eat a nice apple, sweet child o’ mine. Also I believe that by eating of this tree you shall get knowledge of good and evil, just like me, so then you don’t need the so-called sins of Jehovah anymore. Because, after eating of the fruit of this tree you shall become equal to Jehovah by your newly obtained knowledge and I assure you again that you will definitely not die!”, thus the serpent. Then Eve picked an apple and ate thereof , she persuaded Adam to also taste and the ripe apple was nice, so they ate as many as they could and the serpent disappeared in the field. At last, they got the awareness of the difference between good and evil and they also understood that they had sinned, but they did not fear death and by the obtained knowledge they felt infallible and wise, so that they must have felt themselves equal to Jehovah and immortal. They saw that each animal, man and woman was exited to copulate, they got conscious of their sexual nature and behaved as the animals in the field so they indulged their desires and they enjoyed their sexual appetites, and it felt good. Eve lost blood through Adams deflowering, Because of Eve’s bleeding she felt ashamed for Adam. So they decided to search leaves to cover their genitals and thus happened. Although they felt divine through their knowledge and wisdom, they feared the Creator, because they had violated the commandments and they hid themselves when the Creator called their names, Jehovah said to them:”Why are you hiding for me? Appear, so that I can see you”. Jehovah walked in the twilight and stood still in front of the bushes, he signed and the human couple appeared with a leaf in front of their genitals. Jehovah asked why they wore a leaf.”You sinners”, he said. “now you will become mortals and be sent out of Paradise”.”But we are innocent, the serpent is guilty”, Eve said.”innocent is no excuse”, said Jehovah and he placed an angel with a flaming sword in front of the second forbidden tree, that of knowledge of life and death, in order that the human couple could no longer dispose of immortality, but will die, Furthermore, he said,: ‘Eve shall give birth to children with a lot of pain. You shall have to work for a living and you can no longer enter Paradise and you shall grow old until death. Go and multiply and populate the Earth, but you are condemned. Also I shall mislead you, the serpent, which is Satan, is your only true God. Now Satan’s will to be God is executed. Let him mislead the whole of humanity and defy with promises about good, evil and immorality. I, the Creator of everything feels disappointingly and betrayed, therefore I will create a new Heaven and Earth without pain, sorrow,Angst and death!”
Episode zero chapter IV-the “big” next day (the 12th of September 2001)
On the 11th of September 2001 the world was shocked on this fatal day(except the Palestinians and some Muslims like Saddam), this day was the first day inside the 21st century which undoubtedly changed our living society, the United States whom were too sleepy to believe the burning twin towers as an attack on their nation from the inside, suddenly the U.S. was woken up from their sleep by a deadly terror-strike, of course the U.S.A. were screaming for vengeance, but whom were the enemy? It was a new enemy, this enemy strike didn’t have a face a flag or a nation, this time it came from the inside and it stroke the USA heavily, although during Bill Clinton they were already fighting against the ‘evil axes’, which was Usama Bin Laden, and our old enemy Mr.Saddam Hussein. It is sad but true but this accidental terrorism will be our new enemy, I don’t believe in world war III, but I realize this will be the last age of dictatorship and the first to attack to defend themselves was the second gulf war, but now Saddam is dead and Iraq is into a civil war, Bin Laden is dead, Gadhaffi is dead, so the storm troopers from the USA and Europe are fighting a battle without a clear face of the enemy. The biggest and most dangerous terrorists are white skinned blond haired and blue eyed, just like mr.Anders Breivik whom blown up the center of Oslo and who killed many innocent children, these kinds of enemy is more seldom and more rare than terrorists whom try to kill the economic system of the white blue eyed mankind. I, myself was under attack of terrorism on the 12th of September 2001, it was the “big “next day, I was so scared I even didn’t phone the local-police, the only thing I thought of was to defend myself by hiding behind a mirror whom stood against the window, I don’t really know why I was under fire, properly of the dark name I carry in my hometown, at least I knew my only true friends were the government of the US, it made me think for a longer period of time, even thou my 12th  September .counter-terror , ten years after 9/11 there did not happen any accidents on New York City.
Episode zero –United States of Amsterdam -chapter V-The Black Madonna.
I was a teenage Satanist and I praised the devil, I swallowed LSD and got an occult experience, I saw a woman in the sky(in heaven) with blue eyes, red lips, white skinned and she carried a black nuns cape, she looked deeply in my soul and I adored this black Madonna, it seems that she is named Melissa, I had never seen such beautiful  like her and this woman is my guardian-angel, in better and for  worse. I had performed a ritual, aged 18, together with a satanic priest whom was dressed in a black dress and he had a long black beard, it was in the evening and the priest let Vincent welcome in the satanic church, the dark force was heavily available and the evil spirits were dancing invisible in the darkness, the ritual of the black Madonna took a little while, when Vincent felt the ritual was finished he’d talked just a little with the satanic priest, the darkness which was inside the ritual chamber was indescribable, but Vincent felt satisfied because he had praised the black dressed nun. Vincent left the satanic church and walked through the darkness straight through the red-light-district, the prostitutes did not have had any influence on him, because this night was a holy one. A cross upon her bedroom wall, from grace she will fall. An image burning in her mind and between her thighs. A dying God-man full of pain When will you cum again? Before him beg to serve or please? On your back or knees there’s  no forgiveness for her sins prefers punishment? Would you suffer eternally or internally? For her lust she’ll burn in hell her soul done medium well all through mass manual stimulation salvation Corpus Christi-she needs the body of Christ. She’d like to know God Ooh love God feel her god inside of her deep inside of her, Jesus Christ looks like me…  Walking through the city he’d felt diabolic because the ritual was a very personal one, he came alone for the sculpture of Madonna who’s head was cut off, so he tried to put the head of the with skinned nun, Melissa, upon the image without a face of mother Mary and he felt like the black dressed nun fit straight upon the headless image. It all seems to close together, all things upon the right spot place. His Father was still waiting by Vincent’s Grandmother and when Vincent returned to his family he really felt like he had done something real special, something to remember, something of once in a life-time. The darkness possessed his mind, now there was no turning back no-more, he had to hold tight and he remained to  be strong, from  now on  he was a true Satanist 1stdegree, he was 18 and his life only just begun. He showed a big respect for the black dressed priest, the priest was to Vincent like a movie star was to a teenage-girl, the dark minded priest was fairly interested in the young wizard which Vincent had became, the only problem was thus the city of Amsterdam was quite a long distance towards the city of the Hellion, but Vincent went frequently to his Grandmother and there was nothing better than to meditate in front of the Church of Satan and to relax with the help of some ‘SKUNK’ he used to smoke, also he went mostly to a black-skinned prostitutes when he had finished his satanic-meditation, but as soon as he turned 19 years of age he deeply felt in love with Yashmine,their relationship was focused on SKUNK, Satanism & heavy-metal. They both loved the city of Amsterdam and their relationship went on until Vincent was 22 years of age(1993) at aged 23 things between Vincent and Jasmine went terribly wrong and it was Vincent’s first time in 1994 to get nursed inside the Brooklyn-hospital, it was only a short visit for about 3 weeks before he returned to his brother Bas and their home, in 1993 Vincent already had a weekly conversation within a psychiatrist because Vincent was traumatized by these phantom-noises between his ears which made him leave his successful punk rock act named’Bullshit Propaganda’, he had to leave his friends and wished them all the success they would get. The ears of Vincent were being damaged out of jealousy on Vincent’s his success, the big nigger Arnie had let explode a forbidden  fire-cracker beyond  Vincent’s his ears and so the damage was done, it was his upmost worst experience in his 21st first  years. of his young adult life in June 1992
Episode zero (the United States of Amsterdam) chapter 6-The M-animal (half animal, half man!.)       today it was ‘the ‘day, it was  national animal day the 4th of  October 2011, each animal day Father Jack Osbourne had a meeting with his client Mr.Vincent Blackwell, now Vincent was 15 years ago treated for a heil-bizarre psychose’  inside the Brooklyn-hospital. Father Jack Osbourne spoke towards his wife, ‘today, it’s again the day for a good conversation with mr.Vincent ’oh oh oh’ sighed his woman .’You mean the notorious client Mr. Vincent whom believes he turned into a werewolf?’, Yes Yes, my manic-depressed Mr.Vincent, God created the wicked!’,’Oh Jack?’,’ Yes darling,please tell me something I don’t know ’, ‘do not forget to remember that this day grand-mamma will visit us and stay to eat and sleep over our house, on 4 October you are always so busy with devil worship and  exorcism’. His wife continued ,’you are aware that our grand-mamma is a very descent Protestant lady, so please no discussion about werewolves if you don’t mind!’, it was .12.00 p.m. the sun stood strongly above, its warmth hits Jack Osbourne  his shaved face, the sweat dripped of his nose and he caught an old sock and blew his nose which was filled with green-gray slimy snot,’shall Mr.Vincent  tell me the truth concerning his psychosis about turning into a werewolf?, or is it a middle-aged ancient legend?’ rev.Jack Osbourne knew that there are Satanists whom call there selves a vampire and that there are satanic  festivals such as Halloween on 31 October where vampires drank warm blood, so why shouldn’t werewolves exist such alike Vincent whom could change in a wolf during full moon? Moreover why would Vincent lie? Many legends which tell concerning a wolf ritual which must be carried out at full-moon, Vincent says for already 15 years thus he had once been changing in a wolf during full moon in 1996 during of his state of mind whom was suffering schitzophrenic and a manic-depressed, but he continues to believe to be changed into a werewolf, perhaps as he is foolish, however, this fool might be right. Father J.Osbourne kissed his wife and picked up his coat within his pocket there was the 2000 year old book of the new testament, Jesus the Nazarea was spending most of its time casting out demons out of possessed and schitzophrenic people, but Jesus used the great Satan to cast out demons and evil spirits as a result of which Jesus was deter minded as a Satanist by the Jewish Rabbys , how could someone using the great Satan to expel evil spirits? Jesus was a wizzard and he knew that people would adore him forever as the son of Jehovah, as a saint, as a savior, as the chosen one and besides what many people don’t realize Jesus was born out of a Jewish woman, therefore Jesus were 100% Jewish, just like the twelve Jewish 12 disciples, one claims that even Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood,(Jesus Hitler, Adolf Christ, was it the Second Coming or the Third Reich?) Jesus knew that he would be betrayed by Judas Iscasrot and he knew judas would betray him, he would die on its 33 old age and to be adored indefinitely? Vincent believes he is a son of Satan or a satanic warlock. Jack Osbourne  drunk quietly in the restaurant bar where he and Vincent would meat each other, he drunk his coffee  while Vincent came in, “Hello Father!, it’s good to see you!, ‘Good to see you to Vincent!, come and sit over here at the table, do you want to drink anything?,’Oh, yes father indeed! I’d like a glass of tomatojuice’and Vincent sat at the table.  Father J.Osbourne ordered the red liquid ,they both sat at the table and stared to one and other. ‘I am happy today Father! It’s such a beautiful day, I love national animals day, the 4th of October is important to me I remember I was put under arrest by the police 15 years ago, I remember I was sent to the Brooklyn-hospital where I came in contact with dr.Nurmuhamed’spoke Vincent.”dr.Nurmuhamed is deceased’ spoke rev.Osbourne,”may the poor soul of the deceased doctor rest in heaven!’ , Vincent whispered” He wasn’t an evil doctor after all, sometimes I miss him, my friendly doc. I will remember all the good things he has said and done to me, may he rest in peace”, Father Osbourne was watching inside the eyes of Vincent, his blue eyes had a glance of light. So werewolf today it’s your day, national animals day, tell me Vincent do you still believe you chanced into a werewolf during full moon 15 years ago? Yes Father at least I have a believe, and you? Do you still believe in Adam and Eve? Father Jack Osbourne took a deep breath through his nose, Father Osbourne answered “sometimes I am losing my religion, I refer to the world of today, it’s a homicidal world, vampires,werewolf’s,satanists,serial killers,the mafia , extreme-terror-moslims and pedophile priests, I mean where does it end? Where do we go to?”, Vincent replied ‘in the end we will all burn in hell for our sins Father!,’No Vincent, Jesus the Nazarea died for our sins upon the cross”, Vincent replied again “no father Jesus died for his own sins, not mine”, they watched each other in the eyes and Father Osbourne murmured “my coffee is going cold”, father Osbourne spoke”, now tell me why did you became interested in the Church of Satan?”, Vincent answered: ‘I have had some evil experience within the Christian Church, I mean we used too live in a village where the Protestant-Church was very important and my parents  were no member of the protestant church, my father was disappointed in the strict protestant religion of my grandfather, my parents  were members of Amnesty-International, anyway I have been baptized in a protestant tiny church, as a child I was a a problem child and I have always liked heavy metal and rock n roll very much, the first record that I got from my mother when I was 9 years old was Highway to Hell from AC/DC,I already played the piano but I started to play electric guitar when we moved to the City of the Hellion, then my parents divorced and together with my brother and sister I stayed with my father, soon I was known  as the boy from the skulls because I heard that a company had dug up a sort of mass grave next  to a church, because a town hall was built there, I went to that place with a waste disposal bag and filled it with bones and some skulls. When my waste disposal bag was full, a priest , dressed in black, came up, then I took a skull and threw it against his church in front of his eyes and the skull smashed. The priest got angry and threatened with the Brooklyn police. Later they quickly closed the grave and covered it with cement. I buried the skulls in my father’s back garden and the bones and pelvic bones in the garden in the bushes. The household was done by a woman whom was a member of the Jehovah Witnesses and through her reading magazines like the watchtower, I soon found out what the extreme Jehovah’s exactly believe. Also a lot of occult and. or satanic metal records appeared and through this satanic heavy metal I was undoubtedly strongly influenced in my choice for the Satanic leftpath.My big hero was singer Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P., he sang about sex,death, the devil  and hell.After I met him in 1986 and did an interview with him I was so impressed that I was prepared to sell my soul to resemble Blackie as much as possible and to get as famous as he was.At this time I heard someone talk about the Kerk van Satan(C.o.S.), he claimed that he was a member of this satanic-church and he sounded very self-assured and so I got the idea, when I came to grandma in Amsterdam, to go and look for this Church or the Grotto Magistrates’ Amsterdam, so I was 16 years old and I walked to the Tourist Information Office inside the Leidseplein with a friend and I asked the woman behind the counter if she knew where the Church of Satan was. Because the answer was: We are not allowed to give information about the Church of Satan, we walked along in the direction of the Dam and in a randomly chosen street we walked into a dusty bookshop with the same question about the Church of Satan,”No, and I don’t want anything to do with it”,then after having walked around for a bit and having passed a canal inside the red-light-district, as if attracted by powers of darkness  I came to a standstill in front of the GMA,lamers Church of Satan. It was a very beautiful church with a painted black front and Baphomet-pentagrams beyond the windows and it made a deep and fairy-tale look-alike impression on me. I rang the bell and expected to have to do with a white men’s church, but the blackdoor was being opened by a very beautiful and friendly African lady whom was dressed in black. She looked at me and looked me deep in the eyes and she had to laugh at me and I was immediately in love with this woman and within this church. I asked if I could get some information; I found the people friendly with distinctive clothes, they spoke without accent and I decided to go on with it. I found the satanic church absolutely the most beautiful house of Amsterdam on the nicest spot, in the given information there was written:’ Satan is a god that is worth to be worshipped’, ‘a Satanist is freed of his fnords’,á Satanist lives a powerful and vital existence’, ‘Satan means opponent or the enemy’, ‘for a Satanist standing still is deterioration’, a true Satanist builds a wall around himself’, ‘Satanism found its origin 17.000 years ago on an island in South-America’, ‘we Satanists believes in counter-force’s of nature’’, we Satanists ,we get our forces from black holes in the cosmos”, ‘we Satanists learn how to influence society’, we Satanists we learn each other to believe in foresights”."Satan is a god whom is a good god to whoreship. Listen Father what especially attracted me in this church was the fact that you could ring at the door to speak to someone if they had time for you, also I hated hypocrisy of the most so-called Christians, and by the reading of the watchtower and the Awake! Made me anti-Jehovah. I’d like science-fiction a lot and in these films and according to some theories, people would, if they entered a black hole, in another dimension and come in another universe. So,if it was really true that Satanism found its origin 17.000 years ago, then maybe other entities have revealed Satanism to human mankind descended from black holes from outer space. This sounds to more logic than what the Jehovah’s claim or the roman cath’lick pope that the human couple Adam and Eve were created 6.000 years ago, Also Satanism is a way to let me think on another level and fantasize about the rest of the world. And so I was soon fascinated by the Church of Satan.Sometimes  I walked over there for a conversation or information, but then I saw Satanists walking along the red-light-district with their beautiful dresses and ritual attributes and then I knew that they did not have time for a 16 year old boy like me, because I knew that rituals were being executed. Sometime later, I was seventeen by then, I visited the same Satanist again and spoke to him. He had been a member of the Salvation Army for 20 years. He recognized me and let me enter into the ritual chamber of this Satanic church. I saw a desk with a skull on it ,black capes with a lining of red velvet were hanging on the wall, there was a Satanic calendar, which you could buy for nine guilders, and an enormous image of a Bathomet. I asked the man what is the meaning of this and he said” welcome evil spirit”, Father Osbourne spoke so than you became an evil spirit by yourself?, ‘let me tell you the rest of my story’, ‘I thought he meant me by welcome evil spirit, or that it was an experimental thesis. I said ‘okay’, and nodded with my head in the direction of the ritual chamber, okay you have caught me, let me see what the real meaning is of Satanism. We went into the ritual chamber. Everything was either red or black, the ceilling was low with rafters and there was a statue of Maria(the mother of God) of which the head was chopped off. We sat at a round table on beautiful classic chairs. Next to me I saw a bookcase with 300 books in it, We sat next to each other with folded hands and we didn’t speak much. I gave my name and address to be able to receive a magazine and He gave me an image of a red Baphomet with a rubber nun who had a devilish smile with roman cath’lick symbols with it and an address at the red-light-district. I also got an address at the right-light-district where he bought his ritual articles, because naturally my dear Father Osbourne, he felt that I was seriously interested and not only someone who gained informatica or a psychic  vampire. I also got the chance to fill in a form to become a first-degree Satanist, but therefore I had to be 18 years of age. It was s strong but somewhat extreme fantasy to lose my virginity with the occult rubber nuns and I was seriously contemplating this or even asking the people of the Satanic-church if they would not deflower me during a ‘ritual at the altar(by a beautiful woman, of course), but it never happened, because at the coast of Barcelona I lost my virginity with a girl, later I was sorry for this sexual contact and actually I did not like it. With my family we visited the church of the Black Madonna there. A spiritual experience for me, because if the beautiful surroundings and because there were all kinds of roman cath’lick nuns, walking around (though not in plastic or rubber outfit!) I began experimenting with drugs like speed and LSD.Somewhere in a clear-light LSD trip I saw a blue tunnel and then a white woman with red lips and blue eyes and a black nuns coiffures as big as the sky, whom looked deep in my soul. I observed her twice and since that time I call her my Satan  or my dark guardian angel. She also stands on the debut-album of the Satanic metal group called “Fatal portrait’, by King Diamond. I pray to her frequently. Regardless what other Satanists may think about this, She is and remains my personal satanic may believe what I find pleasant, her name seemed to be “Melissa”, Because all this reinforces my belief in the Church of Satan, I revisited it at the end of 1989.First I was frightened because the pentagrams were taken away as well as the name, but fortunately the door was being opened by the priest brother Judas, I asked if I could come in, but because I wasn’t a official member back than the priest Judas said ‘no , we are busy carrying out rituals’, after some pressure I was allowed to come in and I dashed in. Everything had gone in the church, the furniture, the office, the books , but also the statue of Maria, the mother of God, for which I had  especially come. Even so I went to stand where the statue of Maria with her head cut off had stand and I bowed my head to perform my ritual for my Satan, the black dressed nun whose head I placed on the beheaded statue of Maria in my thoughts while Priest Judas was watching in a corner with wearing a black dress.  The Satanic priest Judas and I had spoken a few words after the ritual was done and I left the Church. My choice for the Satanic left-path has resulted in lots of positive as well negative things. I think it is  positive that I have a completely different train of thoughts than most people, so I can distinguish myself easier from the great mass. What I also find easy is to find out where you are with people by confronting them with Satan. I never felt ashamed for my sexual experiments by Satanism. What is less positive is that I live in a village where not everyone is keen on my personality and my love for Satanism. People were afraid, jealous, suspicious or even aggressive or very interested with respect. After the Church of Satan was closed I had nobody as an example and no people in my surroundings whom called themselves Satanists, only my love of my life Yashmine was becoming a teenage black witch, or a Satanist. I made occult mistakes in the past, which I would not have made otherwise, which has undoubtedly led to the fact that I ended up in psychiatry where I was definitely treated wrongly, just because I talked about my visits towards the Satanic church. Some tried to make me psychotic on purpose, because they were paranoid themselves. To give an example: I had to defend myself before the Court of Justice with regard to my contacts within the Church of Satan, but because Freedom of Religion is in the constitution, they could not do anything, but I was accused of suicide and homicide, but I was innocent, they said that I was a pyromaniac, which I denied. The psychiatrist were just afraid of me, because I was angry with them and they knew that I was used to blood and sharp knives by my work as a slayer by my work at the slaughterhouse. In those years I was bothered by aggressive non-definable sounds between my ears. After my release I went to the red-light-district Amsterdam.-When I at midnight went passed the building of the Church of Satan I saw an enormous big evil flame coming from the church door that literally burnt down the aggressive sounds out of my head-After this I wasn’t bothered by this for 8 months. I found it difficult that I had to quiet down with Satanism through my symptoms. Also am I often bothered by magic thoughts, but fortunately I begin to control my fears and my frustrations and constraints in a better way. In 1996 I had  turned into a werewolf, I had a severe psychosis that still leaves a mark on my soul, but through which I was given a lot of practice. Sometimes I am still bothered by voices or hallucinations. For instance, I see visions through the tele-vision or hear occult voices on the radio or in my head of which I am sure that I am the only that can observe them. Once, I was  zapping on a Sunday on the tele-vision and suddenly I saw a ritual room with a black cross in the corner. Suddenly two naked men with a small naked boy in between them walked to the cross and tied the child with his head pushed to the cross and his pulses with ropes to the black cross, because I got scared I put the television off. I heard voices assembling about me or for  instance on the radio: ‘we shall watch Vincent from outer-space’, I also believed that Satan had selected me as the evil chosen one to make war against the Jehovah’s and the Pentecost parishes etc. I am sure that I have had personal meetings and conversations with extraterrestrial creatures. In spite of my illness it has had a positive effect, because I could speak about Satanism many times with my psychiatric and what it really contains. Many people are afraid of Satanism, while they do not or hardly know where they talk about. It is my opinion that you can enter too deeply into Satanism and in my case this can lead to schizophrenic symptoms like voices, hallucinations or in the worst case demonically possession or a split personality. However, there are also a lot of schizophrenic boys whom can better relatives their syndrome and as a schizophrenic you can, of course, withdraw your powers from evil and from the darkness
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the fatal portrait-1948
Windows Ding episode III- ‘the fatal portrait’ by Vincent van Tuijl dec.2007
Vincent Blackwell  was a little a bit  strange kid but nevertheless he had been particularly compared at the rest, actual he loved his friends but they  were jalous and Vincent had been treated very well by his father whom always did the best for him, they went thus regularly to grandma in Amsterdam.
Vincent were born as an angel on the 7th floor although he was still too young to be allowed as a member of the Kerk van Satan happily by these pleasant people he was fully accepted because it is correct to say that he was into a need of a church, love and a religion, he had need for tension and love and success and this was exactly what he had found inside the dark satanic church.
In 1984 his family moved to the city of the Hellion (
 Zeeland ) where Vincent F.Blackwell was the new kid in town, he went to a new high-school and made new friends with their neighbors whom were with 6 children, all boy’s, they were roman-cath’licks and two of them had the age as Vincent and his brother Bas so we were into the very same football-team over here he
became friends with the successful drummer named
 Bowie , in the year 1984 we became NR.1 in our football matches which was of course too good to be true and because of this all of us became close friends, especially with the talent-fully drummer Bowie whom was of course named after David Bowie by his parents whom were music-hippies.
 became a friend of the house for many many years, and Vincent created with the drummer Bowie the local successfully crossover punk act named Bullshit Propaganda we hit the lights, stage, camera and action in April 1992.
 During the spring of 1992 Bas and Vincent were out of their father’s house and went to live in a beautiful apartment sad but true they started without any income thus the family of them were teared out of each other this was the blame of an psychiatrist named Dr. Williams, whom advised the two young brothers to leave their fathers house and to start a new life together.
The local success of Bullshit Propaganda was growing much too fast properly because of the United States
 rockers Kurt D. Cobain’s punk-metal act named Nirvana whom were growing out of the underground into a world wide famous punk live act and Vincent Ferdinand never felt so happy on stage performing live the loudest European answer to Nirvana from the USA .
Because his mother went back to the north to grandma the father of the family searched forsomeone to keep clean the house and to look after the kids when we came back from school.
 So he put an advertisement in the local
 Brooklyn paper and he got answered by a woman, this to introduce herself, she spoke fairly thus this woman was a witness of Jehovah with all her family and she promised our father that she would never steal because of her religion this woman named Maria was fully accepted by my father so she got the job as a sort of replacement of the original mother of the family, and so it happened to be.
She, Maria, was a good woman always praying for good in the name of her religion, because she wanted to do well into the eyes of Jehovah and because of Vincents music, she brought with her the magazines such as the awake! To learn Vincent the differences between good and evil, looking back in time I must confess those magazines influenced me, it made me turn more and more into a true proud teen-aged Satanist, Maria was filled with Angst
to enter the bedroom of Vincent’s because of the evil spirits whom were suggested to be alive.
Since 1987, aged 16, Vincent went searching the
 Kerk van  Satan Amsterdam and so it happened he became a religious person, he took  the use of Black-Magick seriously and so until today he still remains an officially  member.
In the summer of 1988 he’d was using L.S.D. named ‘clear light’ it was almost pure L.S.D.,(Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds)
And within this trip he witnessed the black Madonna in outer space, for a while he was in the holy vision of the black Madonna dressed as a black nurse with blue eyes red lips and a white skin, thus this must have been an occult LSD experience because he was in heaven a while.
During this vision of the black Madonna, his friend Mr.Kuijpers knew Vincent swallowed LSD and he re-awake Vincent out of heaven and started to act as a fool to impress Vincent.
Vincent became evil he kicked Mr.Kuijpers back in the corner and thought: ‘once you willPay your price because of this action and I swear to Satan you will end up taking your life.
1948-episode III (the fatal portrait) chapter III-confused, abused & the accused.
 Vincent entered his flat and at first he took a look inside his postbox to the awaited Washington Post, it was the Saturday edition.
As he opened his postbox there lay down the Washington Post as well as strangely a letter, the letter was written by the signature of Dr.Harry Nurmuhamed, which was a bit odd to receive post from someone who had deceased.
‘Godverdomme!’ he wheezed, ‘Dr.Harry Nurmuhamed? What the hell is this? Post from the dead?’He’d put the newspaper under his left arm and helt the envelope in his right hand.Inside the elevator he watched the front page of the Washington Post, there stood Hillary Clinton in front of the stares and stripes flag she was smiling and looking strong and proud.
As he entered his house there was again a dirty smell in the hall-room, it was again the shit from the cats of his pedophilia neighbor Mr. Raymond van K.
‘Godverdomme!’, again and again there was always trouble within his pedophile neighbor.
As he opened his apartment he inhale ted the sweat smell of tabak and opium, he just smoked some tabak and heroin, there was still some heroin lying next to the television.
He watched the smiling Hillary on the front cover and laid it on the table, he sat back in his black leather chair holding the envelope in his hands and again he read the signature written by Harry Nurmuhamed.
It was a black envelope; it was a funeral envelope but dr.Nurmuhamed was already buried.
Slowly and careful Vincent Ferdinand opened the black envelope and pulled out a letter.
He looked at the signature of dr.Nurmuhamed and started to read this letter from the dead.
‘Dear Vincent, if you read this letter I’ve already been buried my niece put this envelope to your postbox address.
I write you this farewells letter to you because I know very well you are much more special than the average patient, you’re not crazy at all dear Vincent, you’re only suffer a manic depression instead of a paranoid schizophrenia but we are frightened of your membership and friends within the Church of Satan Amsterdam and thus this is the reason we’ve tried always to influence your state of mind by submitting schizophrenia to repeat it over and over again.
I am incurable sick and the pain in my brain is so heavily terrible that after finishing this letter
I am going to take my life with an injection of an overdose of heroin, express.
This letter is posted after my funeral by a family member and by these I ask you to forgive.
Look out for psychiatrists, don’t trust them too fast and do not tell them the truth because you will only be diagnosed as paranoid, sometimes its better to carry up a mask and to play like a game with the Brooklyn-hospital psychiatrists, at last I ask you to say hallo to Dr.Hans van der Ploeg.
Goodbye and farewell until we meet again my pleasant friend.
(Signature by) H.Nurmuhamud.
 Vincent read this letter two or three times before he closed it again into the black envelope.
He picked up a piece of tabak and lightened it with a Lucifer, he inhalated deeply while his brains-cells were dancing the Cha-Cha caused by a black envelope from the deceased.
Than he carefully picked up the little bit of Heroin and started to chase the dragon.
The brown sugar took his earache away for only a couple of hours, he didn’t smoke it everyday he bought once or twice a week a ten or five European dollar package.He hated his neighbors very much and sometimes he was filled with Angst because he felt ready to attack, kill and destroy the pedophilia living next door.Sick. Bloody Sick. If an adult person is cath’lick and a sexual-perverse he bloody sick.
Vincent was the black sheep of the family; everyone gave him the blame of everything. It’s true to say thus Vincent Ferdinand was indeed an angel of Satan he was no Mr. nice guy.
 But inside the satanic church he was always welcome and he truly loved this church.‘Keep on believing Vincent, use your qualities, use it or loose it’ he thought himself.
It must be said thus Vincent was an accepted witch and his magic trick was too read Tarot.
Episode III-the fatal portrait-chapter IV-‘BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU’(1948)
Through e-mail Vincent stood in contact with a white witch from
 Paris and she could see into the future she was teaching Vincent lessons in life l by her prophesy and she gave Vincent inspiration.
He reached a letter from her on therapy where stood some computers connected with internet.
It was a positive e-mail which made him feel beloved by someone special; he needed to be loved because he still suffered heartache from Yashmin.
Sometimes he visited a prostitute in
 Amsterdam , only once a year just to try to make love.
Love and sexuality are the up-most important emotions of each human being, only it’s a very thin line between love and hate, since a couple of years he felt in love with mistress Nikita.The voice of mistress Nikita sounded so sexy and she looked so beautiful on photographs. Sara Freder was a black-magick wonder-woman she was a goodhearted woman a sort of  a "big sister is watching you" she could see into the future and Vincent felt an ac/dc relation between him and Sara.
 She was like the big sister who’s watching Vincent: ‘Big sister is watching you!”As the next letter explains her thought between her and Vincent, now Vincent loved this wonder-woman named Sara.
Yours, my dear Vincent 
First of all, I wish to thank you for your e-mail,
And which I was very glad to read.I thank you for the confidence you continue to show me.
It is very important for you not to lose faith, faced with the problems around you.
I know that you are going through some new difficult times right now, but you must never lose sight of the goal that we are going to reach together, very soon.I know that you are in a hurry (as I am) to reach this goal as soon as possible!
I can assure you that we are very speedily, getting incredibly closer to it.
I am simply asking you to be a little more patient, and I am certain that you won’t regret.
Time is crucial in loosening a difficult situation such as yours,
especially considering the time that you wrote to me for the first time,
when you were bound up in failure.Since that day, you have recovered some strength in your emotional state.
You have probably noticed this yourself.
But you must be strong, and hold on tight to the principle of our common effort.We are going to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
I can feel it, I know it!That is why I am encouraging you to undertake whatever is necessary,you are a medium and you are  quite a strong one.I predict you as a successfully reader of  the Tarot-oracle , you are able to help your connections by the Tarot oracle
And I am sending you my best wishes for Success.
 With warmth and friendship,
Yours faithfully,
Sara Freder, la
 These e-mails were to Vincent F. Blackwell very important; it gave him a feeling of being loved which he needed so much so Sara Freder was like his big Sister watching him
 1948-episode III-chapter V-the summer of ‘89
  During the spring of 1989 Vincent passed his examinations of the high school of economy, thus the summer of ’89 was properly the best summer he until then ever had in his life.
In the spring of ’89 he performed his first satanic ritual inside the
 church of Satan together with a black dressed priest in the heart of Amsterdam during the evening of the last day thechurch of Satan was used by Satanists to perform rituals, and the ritual of the black Madonna was done by full he was a true and proud Satanist accepted by the elder generation of Warlocks.
After the ritual the church had never been open neither for members neither for tourists.Maria the Jehovah’s Witness whom had replaced his mother was praying thus Vincent would start to believe in a religion based upon goodness she also wanted Vincent to search work. First he wanted to work in Israel but the job was canceled by a sickness of his uncle and he didn’t had the guts to visit Israel alone, until today he still feels depressed he canceled Israel.
He’d had classical guitar lessons for two years and he learned enough to write his own songs.
Being 18 years of age he wanted to enjoy his youth as best as possible by studying tarot-cards whom were a gift from his classic guitar teacher and so Vincent started to study the miracle. He used to smoke a lot of pot and he took his first tattoo, it was a picture of Gene Simmons. Mr.kuijpers and he were behaving anti-social just because they were both 18 years and drunk.
Sad but true they fooled the police but the police found out they had arrested the wrong guy, and the two little devils must been the guilty ones, and so we were arrested for criminal activity the next day it was the first time mr.Kuijpers tried to commit suicide being home.
Vincent didn’t understand the reason why he tried to kill himself, he was found bleeding by his mother in his bedroom and of course the Brooklyn-police started a privet investigation.
Martin Bormann, the chief, was a close friend to the father of the young mr.Kuijpers, they decided that it was better for his son whom was still in the hospital no longer get influenced through evil Vinnie Vincent, and so it happened thus that Vincent Ferdinand wasn’t allowed to hang around with mr.Kuijpers no longer
After working as a slayer for a while he decided life is better without a dirty job and so he wished to become a good and loud guitarist and he hit his first success within a project what was named ‘detergent’, the demo was recorded on a Sunday in Rotterdam together with a vocalist whom also prepared the electronic drum-computer, we were as happy as we could.
During this summer our demo-tape hit the magazines and it was sanded out to all the 4 corners of our planet and even until 20 years later on some people/freaks still knew Vincent as the guitarist of ‘detergent’, which was originally only a joke but it turned into profession.He’d often went to
 Amsterdam and Rotterdam which were his favorites upon our planet.
Vincent was a money maker and he spent his money on soft-drugs prostitution and second-hand record discs he possessed a huge record collection which started as a child by getting records. Hard-rock, from the youngest brothers from his mother his favorites were KISS and the Beatles as a child there was always music in the house and he was allowed to turn the loudness and stereo as loud as possible listening to KISS especially alive II and Dynasty.Dynasty from KISS 1979 was to him the best rock album ever made, even almost 30 years after KISS ruled the world they were still Vincent’s favorite hard rock soldiers.When Vinnie Vincent replaced Ace as the lead guitarist, and the first photographs were in the magazine Vinnie Vincent looked like a high-priest of the pharaoh’s it made Vincent decide to learn playing the guitars instead of the base guitars, Bas was getting lessons on the piano while Vincent was taught how to play the guitar Bas were sitting behind an old piano playing and singing weird songs together.   
Episode III-1948-the fatal portrait chapter VI –‘Hotel California’
It was 1 April Fools Day and Vincent Ferdinand was sitting in front of the
 Kerk van  Satan,This beautiful black building was enormous big facing the other elder houses inAmsterdam .He’d had a small radio with him which stood beside him the prostitutes stood behind windows with red light he was watching the pretty almost naked females, mostly blacks.
The radio was playing hotel California from the eagles which were a song about the house of Satan in
 San Francisco next door there was a small hotel a young female was cleaning it up.Vincent felt like a fish in the waters as a proud Satanist he made a fool of the hospics.Strangely enough the doctors inside the Brooklyn-hospital were afraid of the Kerk van  Satan .The sun was shining and his tabak tasted very nice some people passed by in a hurry, he was thinking if he was horny enough to have sexual activities with an African prostitute.It was a ritual to him to meditate before the house of evil and to search a pretty female.
He felt often like an angel sitting in front of the black church, he knew the doctors looked down on this satanic church infect they were paranoid into having a patient with satanic knowledge they accused him for being a schitzophrenic but this was a false diagnose based
upon their own Angst, but today he was diagnosed as manic-depression because he never heard any voices speaking towards him he was only a traumatized young-man the Angst of these Brooklyn-hospics went out of control because Vincent, when he lived in the Brooklyn
 for about two years he was thinking to kill a female pretty (W.A.S.P. woman) nurse and to cut off her lips of her vagina and to eat it in the kitchen as a happy Ronald McDonald menu.
The pretty nurse was a new born Christian and still a virgin and she complained about the fact thus Vincent was writing letters by hand with the front woman of the
 Kerk van  Satan.But it was only a fantasy to eat the vagina-lips of a Protestant virgin whom had the looks of an angel.
 Vincent hated the
 Brooklyn-ill mental so deeply that he started to believe thus praising the Holy Satan was the only way to get out of this doomed hospital, and so he did praising Satan by writing letters towards a female Satanist whom always answered his letters which gave him the power to try to get a new house without the permission of the doctors and nurses, and so it happened that he got the keys of his new house while he was still writing with the satanic church Holland.For now Vincent already lived close to 20 years into his apartment, and his guitar was his wife named Nikita; it was a good American made guitar a Gibson millennium 2000.
 Vincent could express al his feelings inside music he was very creative.productive  and satisfied.
At therapy within the infamous-Brooklyn hospital, he wasn’t in the mood to study guitars he’d felt unease he felt abused, happily Vincent Blackwell was inspired by his American heroes of Motley Crue, the compact-disc named Generation Swine was Vincent’s best record from the 1990"s he listed to this melodic music every day, ‘’I am a sick motherfucker, aint no man tougher, I have got to find myself,
I have to got find myself some drugs, I gotta find myself some love , I gotta find myself satisfaction.I am a rock n roll disaster, aint nobody tougher”.
Generation swine is from 1997 and it’s a very good recording good musicians, rocking devil.Motley Creu was always one of his favorite metal guitar sounds, sleazy dirty schock rock,‘If you aint a KISS fan, you aint no friend of mine’ murmured Vincent Blackwell,.Rock n roll Music was the definitive first and last love during the rest of his life, he will die in 2043 because a succesful suicide.
Vincent went out of his small flat, the storm was cold and a little rain he went to therapy,Inside the therapy there was an atmosphere of peace it made him feel good and relaxed.
Vincent loved to spent money, whenever he possessed a few bucks he went to buy stuffwhich he found interesting, he loved to buy second hand records such as from J.Hendrix,  Misfits, Herman brood, Bowie, the Beatless, and van Halen. Hermanus Brood is  the great inspiration on Vincent.As a child he practiced the piano, first he wanted to become a baseplayer like Gene .Simmons. But it was Vinnie Vincent in the rock-pop magazines with his beautiful mask of the pharaoh  Thutankaomon, when Vincent saw him he decided at once to become a heavy-metal guitarist
Episode III-1948-the fatal portrait-chapter VII-‘DIOCIDE’
In the summer of 1984 Vincent just lived in the city of the Hellion, the city was connected with many war-battles from people like Michiel de Ruijter, and many monuments of world war II in the shape of bunkers built in 1940-1945, there was one bunker created in 1882 its called Fort Hearlem and over here Vincent possessed inside this huge bunker a cellar to be loud with a few projects and it happened very often he was alone at midnight, totally dark.
Vincent loves to write songs and to record them on a 4-track small studio in his house.This summer the city of war made a big mistake while building a giant office where all this stuff of socially, finding work, go back to school, a new passport all that sort of stuff.Next to this giant office there stood the
 Brooklyn- Protestant Church and here it comes;
Vincent Ferdinand came till ears thus there stood a mass-grave next to the church and so hetook a look with trash bags to fill them with skulls and bones and Vincent got 4 incomplete skulls, then suddenly there came a black dressed priest and Vincent shocked the priest by one action as this, Vincent Ferdinand threw one white skull into pieces against the wall of the Church ofcourse the priest was shocked and he went mad by calling sgt.Martin Bormann.But it was too late to turn back the clock Vincent took three skulls and many many bones.He’d showed them full pride to his momma but momma wasn’t happy with three skulls.These three skulls ended in the back garden beneath the ground, the bones etc. he threw them into the bushes, so the garden became hallowed ground for a long period after three years
beneath the ground he had no idea what to do with these skulls he became a bit superstitious.The skulls ended up in the class-room behind windows and the teacher locked them safely.
As years passed by Vincent Ferdinand knew because of smashing a skull into pieces he instinctively knew he had committed a crime called “DIO-CIDE”, into the ritual chamberof the Satanic Church Vincent was welcomed inside because the black dressed Satanistremembered Vincent’s his first visit but now he passed the satanic test they walked into the ritual chamber, in the middle of the dark room, black and red colored, stood a image of stone of a white Madonna with Jesus in her arms, only they cut off the head of Maria, DIO-CIDE!
There stood 6 chairs ancient ones the table was of ancient wood there were hundred books.
Vincent felt real proud to become an aspirant member because he was 17 and only adultswere allowed to enter the church and to talk, to mediate, to rethink these moments.
He felt so good inside the ritual chamber thus he gave an elder Satanist his address to send a magazine, and by giving his address to this elder Satanist and because of this action Vincent was allowed to speak in the name of Satan’s Church in the heart of the red-light-district.
 Church of Satan was perhaps the darkest place in history of Amsterdam , maybe  The Church of Satan San Francisco USA was no more it was broken down on 18 Oct.”01.
  The high priest`, Anton Szandor La Vey foretold while he was close till death he predictedthus holy black house was possibly broken down till the ground; Vincent was a member of this black house inc. the possession of the feared red-pass since ten years ago.Since the death of Szandor La Vey his woman madam Blance Barton became the high priest.Vincent got the status of being a Satanist 2
nd grade, which made him official a Warlock.
He thought of the black envelope of the deceased doctor Dr.Nurmuhamed. ‘Strangely this Black envelope, it could be thus this was the first and the lost one, whom spoke the truth,
Maybey, but why? What was his reason to write me after his suicide, right on time after? his funeral? “I think he felt guilty so he wrote me his final thoughts ‘murmured Vincent.
It’s true and just to understand he was treated three months because of suicide  But he got treated well this time, once the judge had to judge me caused by homicide.Doicide-suicide-homicide-genocide, why did the Lord let Satan take over the blue planet? We ought not to forget the Bible is only a book about lessens between good and evil.
‘Why did Dr.Nurmuhamed write me his reality based upon experiences? ‘ I think he knew very well he was dying and perhaps he is a true new born Christian, religion of good & evil’.

1948-episode III-the fatal portrait-chapter VIII-‘THE ELDER’
‘When the earth was young, they were already old….’
Since the dawn of time, the Elder have watched silently
Over a virgin world and all its creatures………
Now, they have assumed the form of mortals so that they
Might walk amongst men and guide them.
The elder are an ideal…..They embody the wisdom of the
Ages and the power of goodness and knowledge…..
But the Elder were not alone in the beginning and are not
Alone still….Another force has existed eternally
In every place, in every time, an evil is loosed whose
Sole purpose is to destroy all that is good
And in every time, and every place, it’s the task of the Elder to find
And train a warrior……a champion to conquer the evil.
As the looming clouds gather, the council of the Elder sits
At their ancient table under the sign of the Rose.
Once again they must combat the evil that is lurking in darkness and
Spreading throughout the world.
They await the word from Morphuis, the angel of hypnoses and of sleep, whether theChosen boy, Vincent F. Blackwell be deemed ready for the sacred rite of accession to theOrder of the rose….and for the pronouncement of his sacred duty….
The odyssey begins….                                                         
1948-episode III- ‘the fatal portrait’ Chapter II-‘Queensryche in Poland ’.
It was during the spring of 1994 it was April, and it was exactly ten years ago Vincent started to live with his family in the city of the Hellion during April 1984, what happened since 1984 what made him so depressed and sad? He was wondering the answers of those questions.
Since 1993 June, he was undergoing therapy as well through his first psychiatrist and by a Frenchman whom he came in contact with by a guitarist named Marty, and this Frenchman was into the possession of black-magick powers to heal the sick one’s by the use of the power within his both hands and it must be said thus the Frenchman was trying to help Vincent at his best he could and indeed he healed Vincent from his sleepless nights and he took away his headache and earache Vincent was suffering  a psychose since June 1992, and the psychiatrist gave his trust to Vincent for example Vince had to write his life story and the psychiatrist replayed his diagnose thus that Vincent was a traumatized young adult he commanded Vincent to stay in treatment within the Frenchman whom possessed true occult powers and knowledge.
But the trouble Vincent suffered was too strong mentally speaking to be cured for 100%.
There was another occult friend of the Frenchman and of Vincent himself now this man was a Canadian named Hank, the Frenchman was a white-witch now Hank the Canadian wizzard had won the trust of Vincent to undergo hypnoses to solve the basic of the identity problems of Vincent F. Blackwell and so it happened thus Vincenht underwent  a hypnose with the help of the dark occult Canadian.
It was April and Kurt Cobain had committed a successful suicide what made a huge impact on the Emotions of Vincent, earlier he was threatenth by the nigger Arnie and the large Hell Angel tattooist Jurgen, because Vincent put a black-magick voodoo  spell on Arnie which made Vincent succeeded in  his voo-doo practice.
And Jurgen whom was the tattoo artist of the city of the hellion and the new lover of Yashmin who was searching Vincent to cut him with a knife? Only because Vincent had a sexual relationship with his ex-loverYashmin, both of them scared Vincent down town by aggressive behavior, besides this new friend of Yashmin was befriended with the Hells Angels Friesland, but lateron Jurgen the tattoo-artist betrayed  the Hells Angels Friesland by telling secrets towards the local police,after the Angels found out by the slip of the tonque Jurgen wasn’t longer a Angels friend,indeed he had to leave the tattoo shop and kicked the bastard out of Friesland,Bas the brother of Vince let him smoke some dope to get rid of the emotion of his Angst.
While Vincent Ferdinand was visiting the Frenchman Aaron and the Canadian Hank Vincent tried to explain his Angst.
Hank than sacrificed the idea to take Vincent to a bedroom to undergo hypnoses to go back to the origin of his Angst and mental problematic situations and so Vincent agreed with Hank.As Vincent laid down on a bed, Hank started to talk with a monotone voice to relax Vincent.
“Vincent? We start to begin you must now relax your foot, they are becoming tired, now your knees are getting tired, and your stomach, your arms your hands and at last your heads asleep.
‘I am gong to count from five to zero very slowly and you’re sleeping deeper and deeper’.
 ‘Five, four, three, two, one, zero, now you’re under a deep sleep’, and indeed he seemed to felt asleep.
‘Vincent, you’re entering a Flat, and you step into the elevator and you’re going to the sixth floor, on the sixth floor you leave the elevator and enter a house whose door is wide open,
now you go inside and you sit down on the sofa, can you tell me what happened?”
‘I remember, I remember everything, I can remember how it started’ answered Vincent.
‘What happened?’
‘I was sitting on the sofa, I was lost in thoughts and I was relaxed watching the view from the sixth floor, my brother was sitting next to me, Arnie was in the possession of illegal firework from Germany’
‘Tell me what happened and what you felt” asked Hank.
‘I felt a giant exploding firework inside my brains, it imploded inside my brain, between my ears, I thought I was dying it felt like a sword though my heart, three swords infect’
‘Vincent? Are you able to forgive Arnie?’
‘Yes, I think I can forgive, but I can’t forget’,’ Vincent? I am going to count till five than you will slowly reawake and you will remember this session’, slowly Vincent reawake, he saw the dark minded Canadian and the innocent French Aaron
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the second spring-1948
Episode II-‘the second spring’: by Vincent Ferdinand van Tuijl ‘007-08-13
He was getting bored on therapy, always the same fools, always and the same stupid talks about nothing special or important nothing new or no new interesting fools nothing, it made him feel empty and depressed and  useless.
There came suddenly a kid he had known since April 1994 when both of them were in a state of confusing, both of them get treated within the same sort of medication both of them were sensed into suicide because they weren’t welcome at the Brooklyn anymore after smoking some pot, but it was too late, the damage was already been done by two evil doctors and the diagnose of paranoid-schizophrenia was already taken because of the damage of that cursed and dangerous overdoses of the evil drug Haldol, while they were at home both considered to suicide.
 This young man named Willem wasn’t schizophrenic at all was their conclusion after a very, very long period of diagnoses and therapy it seemed he only pretended as being a potential schizophrenic but he wasn’t sadly spoken for Willem he just had a too confused childhood, his mother was manic-depressed and she killed herself while he was only 16 years of age his father afterwards became an alcoholic and Willem? He was into smoking too much weed to be good which opened up some schizophrenic symptoms like running and screaming at night around his house, naked!
Meanwhile at the Brooklyn-hospital he became very interested in witchcraft etc. were he loved to talk about towards that evil doctor whom of course considered him as too foolish.
Anyway, years later he was a strong someone without mental illnesses and at least he was still alive and he never felt back into schizophrenic symptoms, neither into witchcraft or whatever.
Everyone at therapy was into a meal of hot broth except Vincent because he was out of cash, he was used too the fact of being empty so he drunk coffee instead of eating hot broth but still it didn’t felt right because he was hungry too.’Godverdomme!’ he wheezed.
On the radio there was a song about heaven, was there something like heaven? Well it’s hard too say but at least whenever I die and end up in Hell at least Hell is a better place than earth.
Today Vincent had an appointment with his new doctor. Dr.Hans v/d Ploeg for the first time since Dr.Nurmuhamed deceased, furthermore he’d tried to speak with rev.Jack Osbourne at the same place the infamous Brooklyn-hospital, meanwhile Vincent had his thoughts about his youth lover Yashmine whom was a super girl whom always spoke that everything would be all right she never cried because super girls don’t cry she screamed she’s doing fine, Yashmine was a true born Satanist whom married a German and no matter if it was war or not Yashmine remained a flower a red rose with thorns she became famous by the use of Tarot-cards.
There weren’t many true born female Satanists but as well as Yashmin K,Mistress Nikita, Monique K.,Natasja K.and pretty little Cindy the gypsy princess, and ofcourse his advocate Miss Sylvia K. all of them were true angels of God, only Vincent Ferdinand he remained an angelwitch from Satan.
Nowday’s there had been found a true angel from north-america, she was named Ysabellabrave and she had the true looks like she was a pretty Dutch young female, even a friend of Vince was under influence of Ysabella he said she had the looks of a girl from Zaandam or Haarlem or Amsterdam and Vincent agreed with his befriended Martien.
Dr.Hans v/d Ploeg he seemed fair and straight there was this young assistant named Natasja, she’s a pretty one..
But no girl was as good-looking as the gypsy princess Cindy whom went to study in the far Australia were except aboriginals also AC/DC came from with the deceased Bon Scott, which was an elder rock ‘n roll hero of Vincent because of his first bought record in 1979 called Highway to hell, Bonn Scott looked so happy and normal on the front cover.
Besides his song lyrics were a little dirty minded, Vincent got this record from his mother.
Episode II’-the second spring. Chapter II ‘The temple of Elvis 
All around the world of rock everyone was influenced of the deceased Elvis 30 years ago in 1977, Vince remembered very well driving his little bike aged 6 years that his mother told him that Elvis was found dead and Vincent’s first thought that there was something wrong.
Latterly he and his younger brother were invited to watch movies from Elvis at a friends house both his parents were totally Elvis minded all their house was filled with statues of the King of rock, and full pride the father of the house showed an Elvis movie both as Vincent and Bas were laughing about their temple of Elvis, which was real weird to experience.   .              
The BBC television asked Bon Scott (ac/dc) in 1979, ‘Do you consider yourself as a rock ‘n roll star?’       
Bon Scott answered,’No I don’t, I ain’t no star at all. When I look to heaven at midnight I see hundreds of stars shining from heaven, but me? I am just an ordinary rock ‘n roll singer!
That’s all. Nothing special, Ha Ha Ha Ha’.
While AC/DC toured through Scotland Bon Scott heard the Scottish Brian Johnson singing
in a local pub, and Bon told Angus Young after the music was over and out,” If I ever die and end up dead I want you Angus to take that Scottish vocalist Brian Johnson as the new vocalist of AC/DC’.
And it actually happened because during their Scottish tour of the ‘Highway to Hell’ record,
Bon Scott died because of an overdoses of Alcohol while he slept in the back of a car, he vomited but the vomit got stocked in his mouth, but Bonn was too drunk to awake so hecouldn’t get any air in his lungs because he had blacked out what was the reason he died.
AC/DC who sold in the USA one million copies of their first US success album in 1979.AC/DC, what stood for Anti Christ/Devils Child, or a person who was a Bi-Sexual?Angus Young took the last advice of Bon Scott serious and AC/DC decided to ask thatScottish vocalist Brian Johnson if he would like to become the new vocalist of AC/DC.There 1980 debut album with their new vocalist Brian Johnson named their newest released album ‘Back in Black’, what of course was a remembrance to Bon Scott(r.i.p.).
Back in Black’ hit the NR.1 position of the US Billboard top 100 and the album sold alone in the United States over 8 million copies.
This was AC/DC’s long awaited definitely breakthrough and the new Scottish lead singerBrian Johnson was immediately carried upon the hands of all world-wide AC/DC fans sothe growing number of their loyal AC/DC  fanatic fans all around the world created AC/DC the status of being ‘Monsters of Rock’ and ever since their concerts were sold out rapidly.Angus Young the lead guitarist of AC/DC married with a pretty long legged blue eyed Dutch.
They settled in the Dutch in a huge house in a small village close to the famous studios and well known recording sound from rock city Hilversum .
Their debut without the deceased Bonn Scott, ‘Back in Black’ also hit NR.1 in the United Kingdom and because of their rising successes the Zeitgeist was born for diverse Heavy Metal acts to start to sell copies of albums of over more than a million pieces all around the world.
In the U.K. 1980 was the start of an explosion of the N.W.O.B.H.M. which lasted until 1989.
The fire of the New Wave Of British Heavy-Metal was successfully welcomed by millions.
Since 1990, the US and U.K. top ten charts were filled with rock-monsters like Nirvana,Pearl Jam, Sound-garden, the Presidents of the USA , the Pixies and Metallica’s worldwide successfully top ten hit-single ‘Nothing Else Matters’ who sold millions of their 7 inch single.
Since the early 90’s, vinyl records faded out of the music industry and were replaced by thesmall Compact-Discs what was founded and created by the Dutch ‘Philips Industry’.
The very first small compact disc was released by Warner Bros as a try out copy of the NR.1 album ‘1984’ of Van Halen.
Episode II chapter III- ‘Beat it!’
Because of the success of their NR.1 hit video-clip ‘Jump’ from the two original Dutch born brothers Edward and Alex van Halen, Heavy-Metal had started to grown out of the under- ground and was fully accepted by all sort of music buying listeners.
Edward van Halen hit nr.1 US charts in 1983 by the Michael Jackson single ‘Beat it’ were Ed van Halen created the ultimate speedily Heavy-Metal guitar sound by his famous finger picking guitar solo on the 1983 nr.1 album ‘Thriller’, what made the whole western world dance on the up-most famous and breakthrough solo album of Michael Jackson which sold over more than 20 million copies in the western world, and ‘Wacko M. Jackson’ became a living superstar for the Afro-Americans of the U.S,A., sad but true M.Jackson couldn’t playthe press and because of his fame everywhere he appeared in the united states he’d started slowly sliding down close to insanity, today he looks more than a dead man walking than as the 1983 shining star he had became, he hit the world news as being a pedophilia, this
has never been proven by court & justice he’d had been into sexual activity’s with children.
Although judges of California tried to put him behind bars because he had been sleeping with several children under the age of 12, Wacko M. Jackson never saw a cell-block ofCalifornia .
Michael Jackson was pleaded innocent as a sexual predator of child molestation or sexualabusive behaviors with children under the age of 12 inside his own sort of Disneylandnamed Wonderland at the west-coast of the United States .This Wonderland of Jackson is a national playground for his youngest generation of fans.Michael Jackson confessed that he had been abused by his father while their Jackson 5 family were all members of the Jehovah witnesses, Michael remained an active member of the L.A.  Jehovah witnesses until he got kicked out of the Lords Kingdoms Houses because of his devilishness video-clip of ‘Thriller’, his parents remained active members of L.A. ’s Jehovah’s witnesses.Adolf Hitler spoke out loud before WWII thus the Jehovah’s witnesses were dangerous American money focused religious fanatics whom needed to be put in the Nazi-death camps.
During the Second World War a number of 30.000 German witnesses of Jehovah had beengassed by the use of  Zyklon-B inside these gas-chambers of Hitler’s death camps. .
The German SS Gestapo were surprised by the extreme strong religion of these German witnesses of Jehovah during 1940-1944, the German SS Gestapo tried those German witnesses of Jehovah to decide by themselves to choose between death or to be released and sent back to Germany under the only condition that all of the 30.000 prisoners showed to the SS Gestapo to say ‘Heil Hitler’ and to raise their right arm to show the Hitler greeting.
But not a single captured witness of Jehovah surrendered themselves to the SS Gestapo.According to their strong loyalty to Jehovah they refused to put Adolf Hitler’s position above their invisible Jehovah so the surprised SS Gestapo had no choose to treat them the same as all other prisoners of Hitler’s Nazi death camps.
Many people joined the witnesses of Jehovah after world war II because of their heroic activity of these 30.000 innocent Germans who were all gassed in Auschwitz because they all refused to praise Hitler above Jehovah.
The open anti-Hitler protests by 30.000 Germans grew to be the up-most German heroic anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler’s attitude to support the German born Jewish population till death.
Yiddish Rabbi’s (Jewish Priests) named the only true God of Judea  Y.H.W.H.’ which is supposed to be spoken as ‘Jehovah’.Ancient Jews of Jerusalem were strictly forbidden to speak out loud in public the full name of ‘Y.H.W.H.’, whenever someone accidentally rebelled and screamed ‘Jehovah!’ he’d been brought to court and pleaded guilty of Blasphemy and was stoned by bricks till death in public were the citizens of ancient Judeapicked up bricks to stone this criminal in public till death.
Jesus of Nazareth once witnessed someone whom was guilty of Blasphemy and was ready to be stoned by a number of people, than Jesus stood up in front of these people and because Jesus had already built up a certain reputation among the citizens of Judea the people listened to the famous words of Jesus, he’d spoke out loud,’ Let him whom is 100% innocent throw the first rock’, and the story still been told until today that nobody of the listeners of Jesus of Nazareth threw a single rock to that person whom was sentenced by court to die.Even in the 21st century or the third Millennium people, mostly woman, still be stoned till death in nations such as Iran , Iraq , and Afghanistan etc.When a woman is caught because of prostitution or because of her addiction of Opium or even worse when an ex-Muslim woman turned into Christianity because of her lover, vice-versa when an ex-Christian woman turned into the religion of her Arabian lover and turned herself into the religion of Allah these victims of sadism still got stoned till death by a number of evil fanatics without any court or justice or the possibility of self-defense by any advocate.
In face with the heroic action of these 30.000 German witnesses of Jehovah, the famous Japanese Kamikaze pilots praised their emperor above any God because the Japanese emperor was praised by the Japanese as being God himself and to show their loyalty these pilot suicides with success by attacking the american navy, now this was according to the Christian soldiers of the united states a new and true evil dangerous enemy because the surprised Americans didn’t knew how to defend themselves against these Kamikaze suicides and it must be said that the Japanese possessed a weapon which was so enormous effective that they almost won the war against the united states, if the soldiers of Hitler had the same attitude as the Japanese Kamikaze pilots the war would have ended a bit different, at December the 7th 1941 the peaceful soldiers of the United States were surprised for the first time in history about the effective terrorism of suicidal Japanese soldiers, Hitler commanded his troops never to surrender , but they weren’t trained like the Japanese to use suicide as the up-most dangerous and up-most effective weapon ever used to attack or to defense, Hitler felt betrayed by his own soldiers because they surrended themselves to the allied forces which had the effect that the battle of Europe was ended but Hitler refused to surrender so he suicide with success while the Russians were only 5 minutes too late to capture Hitler alive, the most weird rum-ours  were spread around the world and even today the death of Hitler is still an unsolved myth.
Vincent praised Wodan, the original Dutch God who was the original German God named Wotan.
Heil Wodan! I carry proudly all your names as if they are my own! I praise you holy Wodan!
And again he was falling in love at sight by a strong animal magnetism to Mistress Nikita.
She made the world go open wide and free like a reborn black rose who’s living like his second life in a sort of ‘second spring’ of the ever lasted youth of the devil himself.
Episode II chapter IV-‘In search of Ysabella-brave’
Recently in front of his altar of Satan, he cursed an enemy by a voodoo doll, he tried to inject all his hatred emotions by the use of three needles straight into the heart of the voodoo doll.
After he finished his satanic ritual, he watched his photographs of Mistress Nikita and thought how to earn money to pay her price, ‘maybe I should become a smooth criminal, a business of selling street-dopa-mine, dangerous but financial worth the risk!’
But his problem was because of the suffering of schizophrenia he used to smoke his pain away by smoking Tabak or ‘chasing the dragon’ within smoking heroin, he praised the Lord for Gods creation of dark Opium from Iran which was reproduced in Barcelona as heroin.
The price of one little package of European reproduced Opium into ‘brown sugar’ was at least 5 Eurodollar, when Vincent Blackwell bought himself a 10 Eurodollar package it was enough to smoke until his twisted mind finally found the peace he needed so heavily, whenever he possessed 20 Euro-dollars he was smoking all night long until the sun rose which made him sleepy.
Whenever all alone in his bed he was always dreaming about woman such like Ysabella-brave.
 Frankly speaking, Vincent Ferdinand never felt totally lonely the reason was he was infect the flesh and blood of the Blair-witch original from Maryland she moved to Zeeland to contact Vincent and the evil-witch from the west succeeded by calling him by the exact same strange noises from the 20th century documentary ‘In search for the Blair-witch in Burkitsville,u.s.a.’
All around the world fortunetellers, foreseers, witches, priests and everyone who was a little supernatural minded foretold on tele-vision, in magazines, the radio, local-newspapers etc.
Thus within the third millennium there must have been a magical divine ancient return of an fallen angel whom was the fatal omen to warn mankind as a sign of the beginning of the end.
It is written in the first millennium in the books of revelation noticed by Johannes, he wrote, ‘All nations shall rise against all other nations’; now economical those words were reality.
Our common blue mother planet earth had started a new area, some foreseers predicted the third millennium as the new age of Aquarius, Vincent witnessed it as the return of the dark witches.
Laying in bed he mostly listened to the famous independent British BBC from London.Last night they were discussing the well known fact thus each year 800.000 schizophrenics committed suicide with success, many schizophrenic friends of Vincent   suicided express
Once in a while he recorded a self written song on guitars and he wrote his lyrics to record.
                                                ‘SMACK KILLS!’
Legs and hands so thin as ice,
Smack and crack are dirty lies.
Love yourself so stay away,
Love yourself so hear me say!
Crack kills, but it thrills and that’s why Crack kills!
  Abuse your friend, your only friend to you it makes no difference in the end
Smoke today, shoot tomorrow
Shoot smack, doomed till death! 
 Smack kills but it thrills and that’s why smack kills!
Poisened minds , empty heads,dirty needles aids it spreads
Love yourself so stay away!
Love yourself so hear me say!
Episode II chapter V-‘methamphetamine’
 Now day’s there was a new hard-drugs spreading like a disease around the world, it was nicknamed as ‘Ice’ or ‘methamphetamine’, which was according to his brother a sort of combination between heroin and speed, after smoking just a little the food tasted better,
The music sounded better, sexuality was better, and using ‘Ice’ people were filled with energy enough to work twice as hard so society became positively influenced by the hard workings.
Now according to Vincent this wasn’t new at all, when he was a young man aged 18 he was doing the dirty job as a slayer in the slaughterhouse of screaming pigs, and all among us were addicted or under the influence of heroin, cocaine, or amphetamine while the boss knew we were but he didn’t mind at all as long as we blood-suckers from hell did our dirty jobs.
After finishing the high-school of economy he didn’t went to study because he wanted to work to be able to buy his favorite electric guitar and marshal amp so he passed through his examinations as a forklift-driver and started to work at night at the Shell from 7 o’clock till 7 o’clock next morning, hereby he earned good money and his father gave him all the freedom he wanted to explore the big evil world, either he started to work in a factory to burn hospital-garbage, thousands of all sort of drugs and thousands of used dirty needles, then Vincent thought , ‘Always try to avoid to get addicted to any hospital drugs, always’.
Sadly spoken since June 1992 Vincent Ferdinand suffered phantom-noises, earaches, headaches, heartaches because of Yashmine, and an enormous deep depression, so even until today he was into the use of painkillers such like methadone, Tramadol and Valium to ease his pain.
To love and to receive love was his biggest mental problem, he was in love with Cindy the gypsy princess but she moved to the other side of the world, so he had no choose than to find love and female attention inside the studio of mistress Nikita’s, he was thinking about how he would ever be able to pay her price even if it would be only once a month, sexual speaking he suffered impotency but he just wanted to held Nikita in his arms and to bite into her flesh and to kiss her softly all around her strong Romanian female beautiful body of a divine goddess.
I am not an ugly person’, he thought, ‘I posses white skin, blond hair and blue eye’s!’, so once even if I need to search a female out of Africa I must get married otherwise I remain an unhappy person for the rest of my life and I refuse that, I mean when I was younger than today I could get all the woman I desired because most girls desired to possess me too!.
Only thinking of this made him depressed, not a single schizophrenic seemed to have luck within love, most of them weren’t searching for love, they seemed to be satisfied alone with their insanity, because most schizophrenics were goodhearted people he treated them the same way, but some days as today he started to hate all these stupid fools because there wasn’t a single person to have a intelligent conversation with it made him feel even more alone.Thinking back of his true love and befriended affair with Yashmine it made him almost cry, he was such a happy person by loving this pretty young woman and she loved him in return.
Today he had an appointment with Dr. Simon to talk about his heterosexual frustrations, Dr.Simon was a very descent foreign man they knew each other since 1984 and they always had a good relationship within each other.
Vincent knew he was emotional and sexual living with a broken heart, would Nikita be able to fix my heart again?By the way, both of as well as Nikita’s studio as Vincent Ferdinand Blackwell himself was living on NR .237A, Nikita’s studio was close to the SintFransiscus Hospital in the north of the city of Rotterdam .
recently out of frustration and of hateful emotions he drunk too much vodka what made him entered to the Sint Fransiscus Hospital brought by ambulance after the police was warned by neighbors that he had blacked out, he was lucky, no real damages bodily speaking, but it was already the third time he’d been brought by ambulance to Intensive Care inside this hospital of Rotterdam.
Episode II chapter VI-‘EDDIE TERROR!’
The first time because of an overdoses medications, the second time because of overdoses of drugs, all three times he ended up awake at the intensive-care, heavily-depressed.It isn’t a feeling of happiness as an adult to sleep without a pretty true loving wife.The last girl he ever kissed was Yashmine, the last woman he had been sleeping with was the best friend of Yashmine,named Mira, ever since he had never been sleeping with a true woman not a single night, it made him even to consider to commit suicide, serious.‘Stay strong’, were the written words of the high-priestess of Satan, Madam Blanche Barton.He’d had no single choice than to hold on tight to his religion of Satanism and Blasphemy
Recently the BBC radio warned everyone for Mr. EDDIE TERROR! Who the hell is Eddie terror? I don’t know, all I know its close to 11th September . people don’t seemed to remember that it was the infamous ‘Black September’ the 11th in 1974 during the Olympic games in Deutschland, were terrorists killed surprised the Israeli-an sportive members of the Olympic games in Deutschland which was a very important one for Israel because they wanted to prove themselves after the holocaust during 1933 till 1945, sadly spoken it were the Palestinians.But the MOS-SAD the secret agency from Israel caught all these terrorists one by one, but it is not any coincidence that New York City was under attack on 11thSeptember 2001.
Because to a lot of Muslims the U.S.A. were named ‘American Jews’, because of their support to Israel, but it was an attack on the whole western society, inc.Europe..
Vincent was now day’s very angry on the British couple Mac Cane (insane), because he had no doubt  the both parents were to blame by themselves for the death and missing of their baby ‘Madeleine’, besides they hit Portugal very deeply to blame it on the police but the police from Portugal is always very kind and friendly for their tourists, but these police got fooled deep in the heart and these parents were fooling all the vast-eland of Europe, they betrayed even the pope from Rome, most worse is that  these friendly Portuguese police were very sensitive for their national income of tourism which was now heavenly tortured.The British stabbed the Portuguese in their back, because the Mac Cane’s were both doctors they knew what they were doing, they both knew very well to keep silence until they turned back to Britannia, I hate these detectives like Sherlock Holmes, 007, and all others, why didn’t they possessed the knowledge to arrest the Mac Cane’s and put them in jail for murder and betrayal?
No, I prefer the Criminal Polizei from Germany like Derrick Und Der Alte, if I was the Portuguese police I would without any doubt started a war with Britannia, a financial war.
The queen of London should pay 10 million pounds to the society of Portugal , if not this means war! War fucking war! I hate you so much you Mac Cane’s! Go home and fuck you!
Now it must be said that Vincent Ferdinand could look into the future, he was ashamed he didn’t took actions to support the friendly police of Portugal, besides the police of Portugal had more than enough prove that the Mac Can’s were guilty, so why did they let them go home? I don’t know, I really don’t.
Finally he’d spoke with father .Jack  Osbourne he asked ‘Father, do you believe that in the near future I might posses a female robot priest?’
A female robot priest?”, ‘No I don’t think you will, besides she will only worry when you will plug out her batteries!’                 
Father, what about the British Mac Cane? I mean I strongly believe they are guilty in the first degree, agree? They fooled the whole of Europe inc. the pope besides both of them are doctors so they are aware about how to poison somebody and they are well known about how  keep their mouth shut, they even raised money for their own safety, do you disagree?”
Well, frankly speaking I believe you are right, but as you say yourself as long as both of them keep silence there is no hard proof to put them in prison, but I agree with you Vincent”
Thanks Father I appreciate you’re fairness’
 ‘It’s a British shame these Mac Cane’ confessed father Jack Osbourne.
Father? Whenever I confess my sins to you you do keep your mouth shut towards the F.B.I.?’Asked Vincent Ferdinand fairly.
 ‘Ofcourse kid, your sins you confess are secrets between you, me and the holy Lord”
 ‘Okay, now suppose I am guilty of killing a Muslim, would you still shut your mouth?”
Sure, as I said before, you’re innocent until it’s been proven you’re guilty by the F.B.I.,
 if they can’t prove you’re not innocent I’ll stand beside you until I die!”
Good. Good point. Well taken Father! Very nice indeed”
 ‘Unless I am sure you’re going to plug out my batteries, or when I have no doubt you will commit suicide because of your confession, than its my duty to save my life or yours! Okay?’
I surrender father, so whenever I want to pull out you’re batteries or I am about to suicide, its me who’s the one who needs to shut my mouth, I don’t want to get arrested by the F.B.I. because you tell them that I confessed in front of you’re altar I might be Mr. Eddie Terror!”    
Eddie Terror?, no Vincent you are not Eddie Terror, you’re nothing but a schizophrenic Satanist, believe me a schizophrenic Satanist is only a confused child of our holy Father Y.H.W.H.”.
Okay, so you guess I am a confused Satanist, I’ll buy that; I’ll drink on that tonight Father!’
.’You should taste a glass of red wine Vince, that’s because red wine is infect symbolic the blood of Christ, and eat a peace of white bread which is symbolic Christ’s flesh!”
 “Hmm, I’ll buy that and I’ll eat and drink on that tonight rev. Ossie!’
Father? I’ve got one more question’
Tell me, what is on your mind kid”
Its about my neighbor, he’s suffering A.D.H.D., besides he’s into criminal activity’s because he is a pedophile-bi-sexual! He’d showed me some dirty child abusive sex-crimes the most worst is that he Mr. Raymond van K, my neighbor, calls himself a Cath’lick Roman-churchgoer, and he calls me a stranger!’
I am ready to inform my befriended skinheads to solve this inhumanity!’, ‘Understood Father?’
Okay, I trust you on your words, I  believe in you Vincent”           
 ‘Listen to me father’, and Vincent Ferdinand pulled out a piece of the Sunday edition of the Washington post, nobody wishes to miss a Sunday edition, not if you’re a sane person.
Here it comes Father! Just listen okay?’
 ‘I am one and all ears’ wheezed rev. Jack Osbourne
 ‘Jerusalem , Sunday, Canadian documentary makers have localized the sepulcher of Jesus of Nazareth, they base themselves on many, many years research of archaeologists, historians, book experts and DNA specialists. The sepulcher is according to them in a cave in the current district Talpiot of Jerusalem, in the small cave experts found ten rests of sepulcher lay in a coffin on which several names stood engraved on lay in a coffin stand among them’ Jesus son of Jozef’, ‘Judah, son of Jesus’ and two coffins of Maria. It would concern Maria Magdalena and Maria, mother of Jesus, Judah might be the only child of Jesus, according the Israeli-an  newspaper Yediot Ahronot” spoke Vincent Ferdinand out loud filled with Jewish pride. ‘Now tell me Father, what’s your religion named again?  Christianity? HaHaHaHa’
You are a little devil yourself!’ answered Father Jack Osbourne a bit frustrated.
.’Vincent? Besides I don’t believe anything what the Washington post says, I personal wish to see before I believe such stories, it could be anti-Christian  propaganda!’
I surrender Father’
Another example Vince, I don’t even believe anything what is written in the 2 holy books’(testaments)
You don’t?’
No I don’t’
Why not?’
 ‘Look, the words of Johannes for example, I don’t know for sure if Johannes was suffering schizophrenia or if he was supernatural, further I don’t read the holy book as if it is reality, I read it symbolic, just as the garden of Eden it’s all symbolic Vince, the holy book taught us the difference between good and evil and our language is based upon the holy book further,
our society and justice system is since 1000 years based upon the scriptures’
I understand Father, there remains only a few subjects which you need to explain to me’
Such as?’
 ‘Judas Iscarot, I mean all Christians called him an evil disciple, but were he really that evil?’
  Father Osbourne touched his left ear and pulled it than he pushed his nose and put his right index finger inside and started to zig-zag.
Judas Iscarot? Hmm, interesting question and difficult to answer Vince’
And Father Ossie took a deep breath and slowly breathed out of his nose while he was watching the falling rain through the window.
My grandmother would say thus the angels are urinating from heaven Father!’
Urinating? God! I never heard that before, is she your Jewish grandmother?’
No she’s a Dutch protestant whom refuses to die,  she was married after the war with my Jewish grandfather, Original he was a Romanian Jew’
I see’
There was a peaceful atmosphere inside Father Osbourne’s office, the only sound was the falling rain outside, and Vincent used to love the rain he loved to get wet while he was walking towards the Brooklyn-hospital or towards the Brooklyn therapy center.
Another question Father, what about sexual predators, are they God’s creation?’
Sexual predators? No, God never created sexual predators; they are created by today’s society, mostly such roman cath’lick priests are abused themselves besides because priests are only human they are sexual humans too, they are mostly homosexuals but because they are raised as teenagers whom were strictly forbidden to masturbate or have sexuality experiences before they got married and found out they prefer to love their own sexe instead of the other sexe they went to the cath’lick university were they met other homosexuals whom were trying to push down their sexual emotions by becoming a priest, but you can’t change someone’s sexual animal magnetism so once they cant get a grip on themselves and because they have power over the goodhearted children they abuse them for their own lust because they know very well thus the children are too goodhearted and too afraid because of Angst to confess those sex crimes towards their parents, only once they get adults and get married with a woman because they fear they would be homosexuals themselves just as their priests they realize they have been abused by these roman cath’lick priests, the problem is they found out they are no homosexuals at all, but they are raised as roman cath’licks so they have a religious personal identity problem, and I fear that’s the reason why kids like you Vince become members of the Church of Satan nor less worse they become agnostic, or a new born-christian maybe even a Jehovah’s witness, or as you Vince a schizophrenic or Manic depressed, in the worst case they end up as sexual predators themselves’
Hmm, good explanation Father, would you let a sexual predator enter your church?’
Yes I would, sexual predators are humans too and all humans are welcome in my church, besides with a bit luck by the powers of Christ and because of a confession and prayers they might even start to realize its wrong and evil too abuse children, so to answer your question, yes sexual predators are also welcome on Sunday but God himself said clearly in the holy book,’ What thou do unto my little ones thou do unto me’, in other words whenever you help a crying child you help a crying God’
Where have you learned such wisdom Father? I must confess you are a goodhearted religios Father’
Episode II- chapter VII –‘God’s gonna cut you down’               
If I was a woman, I’d guess I’d become a lesbian’, wheezed Vincent while he was watching Ysabellabrave’s ‘God’s gonna cut you down’, ‘you see Father from hell, I’d love to worship such perfect god’s creation, besides I can sing like Ysabellabrave as well, okay it took me a couple of piano lessons but wasted and wounded singing behind the old piano together with my brother Bas, we used to love to write and sing our own songs such stupidity as ‘feelings, nothing more than fee-ee-eelings’, anyway father from hell when I visit you in your darkroom, I’d do pray there remains an old piano and a bottle of red wine, p.s. don’t forget about my brother, you can’t blame him for having the looks of butt-head, at least we sing you ‘God’s gonna cut you down’, perhaps together with Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Josef Mengele,  ,Josif Stalin,Pol Pot,Aliester Crowly, Raspoetin and Napoleon Bon-Apart? ,  could you please keep a room in your deluxe Motel Hell? And an old piano?’                             
Many priests were predicting over a period of hundreds of years about the three anti-Christ’s.
According to the 16
th century Michelle Le Not-re Dame he predicted that little Napoleon would be the first to terror Europe with blood, death and destruction, the second one the infamous Adolf Hitler living near the river the Histler created his evil fantasies would be the second, according to myself Adolf Hitler is supposed to be the only true Anti-Christ in history, but Michelle le Not-re Dame predicted Usama Bin Laden as the third and final anti-Christ.
Other priests predicted as anti-Christ’s, today’s Roman cath’lick Pope, and the USSR Gorbachev, and some priests pronounced the president of the United States whom would abuse religion to fight the innocent Saddam (innocent?), some Christians predict that the last and final anti-Christ according to the books of revelation that he would be the future president of Israel whom seems to create peace with a fatal war in his evil future plans.
Well, I shall be fair, I don’t believe anything about the three anti-Christians at all, I mean the list of historic anti-Christs world wide in history I rather talk and predict about the 10thanti-Christs, don’t you put your finger my way because I speak the truth.Okay? Good point. Well taken. Thank you, thank you very much indeed
Now, I have to agree within the 16th century Michelle Le Not-re dame thus Usama Bin Laden is definitely a huge anti-Christ, I fear and predict that the war what started on 11thSeptember and the United States hit the evil back because to attack is the best self-defense, is going to be a long, very long never ending conflict which will be a religious war, a holy war or a Jihad.
Of course according to fanatic Muslims, Bin Laden and Saddam are heroes and G.W, Bush is the ultimate anti-Muslim, let me explain in other words, in ancient times in Australia, were the aboriginal Indians used to fight each other, now here it comes, if an Indian put his Voodoo on his enemy they called it white magic, vice versa if the same enemy strikes back with the very same Voodoo, the Indian priest suddenly calls this attack Black magic! Who made who?       
That same old black magic!’, many Afro-Americans such as Jimi  Hendrix and Fats Domino, they all were into the religion of voodoo learned from west-Africa brought to America , It is spoken that African voodoo truly exists, ex-slaves from Africa brought to America by the Dutch brought with them the infamous voodoo-religion and many of them believe that the voodoo put the souls free at first in Canada, later after the civil-war of the states voodoo put free the Afro-Americans as well, it is spoken that upon the island St. Vincent and the Grenadines it were the ancient Dutch with slaves whom ended up across the Atlantic Ocean on a lonely-island, South-America, that the Flying Dutch with their west-African slaves saved their selves upon St.Vincent mixing up the Dutch blood with the African, of course they mixed their religion too, Protestantism with Voodoo, infect the first shape of true Satanism.In Amsterdam in 1987 when Vincent Ferdinand visited the Kerk van Satan (aka the C.o.S). the first time he felt in love with a dark priestess whom had the looks of Monique Klemann
    Episode II-chapter VIII-‘Black Magick Woman’
It was the summer of 1987 and Vincent F. was 16 years of age, he’d never visited the red light district but this summer he incidentally crossed the monument of war and walked further into the City of Sodom,  he knew what he was searching for but he didn’t knew where to find it.
The pretty female of Amsterdam where smiling and winking but he was still a virgin, love,sexuality wasn’t the drive to visit the heart of the city; it was pure Satanism, 100% pure evil.I didn’t knew much about the church of Satan but I knew enough to realize it was my church.Some people say Satan is a black prostitute and God himself a white visitor, schizophrenic?
There he stood in front of the black house of Satan; it was a beautiful church, painted black.Powerful and dark the church stood strong in the middle of Sodom of Amsterdam, he walked down the stairs and a child with his white index finger ringed the bell, it was the Hells Bells.
Waiting whom would open wide the black door his heart was pounding and there the up-most important moment of his childhood the door went slowly open and there she stood, was it real or a fantasy? Was he dreaming?        The adult black dressed dark skinned pretty female looked him into his blue eyes and her eyes caught him like a hypnosis, she had such big brown eyes.
He had never felt such strong love for any adult female and he felt himself falling into the arms of this black magic woman, he’d never had sexual teachings by anyone but he realized that this wonder woman was the one he would obey forever, for a moment he couldn’t believe his eye’s until she started to smile, she had such beautiful white teeth, infect everything about her was as beautiful as a black diamond, he’d nearly didn’t dared too ask her a question, but he found what he had been searching for since he was a wild child, realizing being a white Jew perhaps because he was just a boy and she was somebody you didn’t dare not to obey.
Of course, without any doubt he sold his soul to Satan in her own person, and I must confess the influence of this black magic woman is unstoppable,the legend of Satan lives on forever.
Yes, I do believe in Satan, I’ve always had and yes, I obey the legend of the church of Satan. No matter when, where, how, or anything else, I obey and I sacrificed myself to this church. Of course without any doubt I wasn’t aware of the danger-side of true Satanism aged 16, but it might took a couple of years before I realized what on earth I tried to convince myself.
Even until today,25 years later, I am still in love with all woman whom have the looks of Monique Klemann, sometimes I wonder to get out of this possessed place and to start a new life in Iran with a true and loving wife, dressed in black with black long hair, dark skinned,
Beautiful white teeth, big brown eye’s, a smooth sensual female friendly voice, pretty legs, pretty big ass, in other words the woman of my dreams, I know very well that even in Iran there are citizens whom are Jewish/Protestant or supernatural and white, blue eyes, blond haired.         
Now it is fair to admit that Vincent Ferdinand although he was mostly innocent, he possessed  many enemy’s in our society whom where evil towards him only and just because of his befriended adults of the church of Satan, infect it happened quite often that judges and doctors blamed all evil on Vincent himself just because of his friends of the satanic church.
Sometimes things got so Godverdomme worse in face with justice that he, Vincent Ferdinand, felt like he was a true criminal and an UN-treatable person only because of his experiences with true Satanism, now its fair to confess that this story about Satanism and today’s society takes a long, long time to tell and to understand by others, it made him feel tired and sick.
During his teenage years he was constantly living with teenage difficulties, only natural, only human subjects, it would take another episode to write it all down on paper on the internet.
The black magic woman whom introduced him within the satanic church made a huge impact on him, perhaps she was the only reason he never let the church down and went through it until the very bitter end, even until today he remained a loyal member of the satanic black house in the heart of the city of Amsterdam, in between all pretty woman from all around the world, most of these female were dark skinned with black African hair, so finally when he reached the infamous age of 18 he couldn’t say ‘Nee’, to these burning black magic females.
Episode II-chapter IX- ‘There ain’t no business like dope business
(Angeldust business is my business and business is good!)
It was the year 1999 a.c., Vincent Ferdinand was living in his new apartment, a small flat, only 5 minutes from the Brooklyn-hospital, it was just big enough for a single person, too small to raise a family, but on the other side exactly huge enough for himself, good.very nice.
In the year 1996 he suffered a psycho, a heavily one afterwards he got a treatment by Dr. Nurmuhamed
In 1997, the president of the Brooklyn-hospital gave his permit-ion that he found it okay to give it a try to let Vincent Blackwell start his life again in a new area in his town, west.
Although the doctors protested the president who accidentally was passing by gave his final
agreement after he asked Vincent a few questions such as his hobbies like playing guitars.
Still, after the summer of 1992 he kept on suffering earache, his ears were damaged by an evil jealous Arnie whom committed a sick joke by damaging the ears of Vincent Ferdinand by the use of forbidden firework from Deutschland, a sort of small piece of T.N.T.named a ‘Stryker’.
Even until today this incident made him feel so sick he could vomit each moment of the day, and it must be said he infect tried to vomit each morning because of a heavy depression, not  because he didn’t smoke any heroine, sad but true smoking heroin seemed the best solution to avoid the feeling of the need to vomit, and that’s why he smoked, if possible, ‘Brown sugar’.
During 1998 he used to work at the local graveyards close to his home, he felt good during his work at least he didn’t felt useless, he knew feeling useless was one of the up-most negative and depressive emotions, he experienced this feeling during his treatment 1997/1998 .
Was there a special reason why Vincent F. worked aged 27 years on the local graveyard?
Yes, there was a single understandable special reason.
In 1995 his befriended Mr .Kuipers suicides successfully, therefore Vincent F. felt guilty because of the dead of a friend, and he might have been guilty but Vincent F. didn’t push his friend from a bridge unto the frozen water of the winter during 1995 were his dead body was finally pulled out the waters by the local Brooklyn-police after a golden-tip by the F.B.I.
During this black funeral Vincent F. went away with a friend to Rotterdam to smoke dope, he knew the people of the city of the Hellion would blame it all on him just because he wasn’t present on this fatal black suicidal funeral of mr.Kuipers, his Tarot-cards explained Vincent why he was the one to blame, the cards spoke’ You’re the one to blame because you’re the shining absent starlight during a black funeral’, and as always the holy tarot-cards were right.
The police officer in the neighborhood Mr. Martin Bormann whom had the true looks of a true ancient dutch police-man was of course as always interested in the ups and downs of his neighborhood plus in the ups and downs of Vincent whom was according to Mr. Martin Bormann a little bit a weirdo, but through the age of times he had no other choice than to accept Vincent. as a friendly and trust-able person whenever man tries to understand any stranger upon the world, and Martin Bormann knew very well thus the whole world was filled with strangers, some such as the criminally insane’s.
Of-course it was even after ten years still a cold- case to the Brooklyn-police what-about all informatica there existed about the suicide case of mr.Kuipers, and to speak of the devil, Martin Bormann knew the father of his dead friend and as a good police-man Martin Bormann couldn’t forget the deceased with his huge Dutch mustache beneath his nose what gave Vincent  always the feeling of living in the year 1948.
Now it must be said that for a privet reason he owned the looks of Fidel Castro, or according to others the looks of Che, his father recently named his oldest son ‘a German soldier’ , true,It was pleasurable according to Vincent to be named as written as above, and he didn’t really felt ashamed to carry proudly his German-soldier winter jacket.
Above his apartment lived a police family, Rotterdam-police, this family were true circle jerks
because of their unholiness of their privet behavior, now this family was tipped by his ex-dealer whom betrayed Vincent F. through his informatica about his angel-dust addiction.   
Episode II-part X – ‘Rotterdam ; six-hundred and sixty-six years’
All Hallow e’en 31 oktober’
He felt so guilty in face within mistress Nikita he’d smoked all his money down the drain,because of that he had to undergo another punishment at the infamous Brooklyn-hospital.But it seemed already so long ago, facing the judge in Rotterdam again and again, in the end he was home again chasing the dragon this was pure out of sleepless nights, ‘We ought to give this man heroin!, I guess that’s my only solution!’, were the spoken out loud words out of the mouth of the one and only true Buddhist inside the Brooklyn-cold-turkey center.The Buddhist was laughing towards a nurse and Vincent was laughing together with the red dressed bold Buddhist, and so it happened that Buddha in owns person gave his agreement.
Tonight, I am going getting laid, Oh Judas! Please forgive me for not been a true sinner!’Indeed, once he possessed enough cash to visit the Romanian Nikita, she was his mistress,At least it was Vincent F. whom loved to believe fairy-tales with Satan’s Mistress, once, once.
Was he too late? Something must been definitely going wrong, Satan’s Mistress had escaped!
 Help! Mamma! Oma! Help! Opa? Satan? Hitler? Heeeeelp!!!! Allah, please have mercy, it is only me! , just me! Nothing special or whatever, but this time it ain’t me who is breaking our sacred holy oath.On the table lay down the Sunday-edition of der Deutsche das Bild, ‘Geheime Auschwitz-photos, Aufgetaucht!, und ‘So frohlich feierten die SS-morder!’.
Gruss Gott! Nein, Ich habe es auch nicht gewusht!’ 
And so it happened on 31 oct. on All Halloweens eve, that he was filled with Angst  to die, he was even scared for children to be eaten alive but happily he survived 12,00 past midnight and he was a happy man to fall asleep after being satisfied by the BBC, he thought:’BBC, Let me be free’
But Vincent F. was a little too happy because he got drunk mitt ein freund aus Deutschland, and than it happened, Vincent lost all contact with space and time and he must have been real drunk, really drunk, o.k. so far, what happened? Near the shops he took a 15 year old girl inside his arms and he started to lick all over her face! Of course he got arrested and brought to the local Brooklyn-police but this time, Martin Bormann was of duty, but happily the Brooklyn police- woman knew Vincent Ferdinand in own person, because according to a golden tip by Vincent F. himself she was the one whom arrested with the help from Vincent F. himself the computer of his neighbor because of sex-crimes with children under the age of 12 years.
So she didn’t understand! But what could I say? Should I’ve said:’Guess I’ am a love hungry man! , ought you not to think like that!
O.k. I didn’t hurt the young woman, besides it’s not my nature to act like that, it is against my religion, but that police-officer seen my house while arresting the computer of my neighbor
You know what she say’s? ‘Have you painted that satanic pentagram? ‘What could I say?’
Its true Vincent Ferdinand Blackwell was sad because Mistress Nikita had left him, and he was so in love with mistress Nikita, he felt desperate, no future, nothing to live for, nothing.
Oh God, I need a woman oh so bad!’
I wish I was a cowboy in America, than I would rob a bank and visit the prettiest White Anglo-Saxon Prostitute’
Vincent was unhappy; he was a cold hear-ted man although he strongly believed in sexual healings, but as times passes by all the girls’ down-town and went away to the big city’s, only a few like himself never tried out to get out of the city of the Hellion, it was very easy to become dope-addicted in town, but it is very hard to stay alive during a mans addiction, besides the addresses to buy heroin, angel-dust, etc. was very miserable to try to buy, doomed.Each day he used to inject himself 3 or 4 times with a needle filled with angeldust, it’s true, Vincent Ferdinand used to be an old friend of the rock ‘n roll of Holland , Herman Brood.
 Episode II-part XI-“Herman Brood & his rock n roll suicide”
In the third millennium the worst thing happened in July 2001, it was a sad day because Herman Brood suicides with success by jumping down from the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam.
Herman Brood was the only true Dutch rock ‘n roll star, he owned many fans in Deutschland, Belgium and Holland , with x-mass 2000 an Uncle from Vincent whom was a sort of professor In Antrax etc. gave Vincent Ferdinand two records from ‘Herman Brood & his wild romance’ the first and second, both of them were printed in the U.S.A. and his uncle used to work and study in the United States where he bought these two records, only the second one did have a different front-cover in face with the European one which according to Vincent wich was a very special gift, because nobody’s owns records from the wild romance from the other-side of the Atlantic Ocean .
Because we were in the heart of Amsterdam my nephew say’s he knows where the house stands from Herman Brood, but Vincent  was feeling too depressed to say goodbye to Herman Brood, because Vincent knew very well that Herman Brood was into a cold-turkey
This time Herman Brood was serious about suicide and Vincent  knew how Herman Brood,
was speaking too serious about his death this time, this time he didn’t ask any attention, this time Herman Brood spoke too serious about dying and this was the up-most reason for Vincent not to visit Herman Brood, of-course after his death Vincent was very depressed and he started to inject with help from a friend to shoot up angel-dust, now its fair to say that Herman Brood was innocent facing the injections of Vincent himself, he felt so sad that he didn’t went to the house of Herman to ask to sign his American versions of his first two albums, o.k. it’s true,
the first time Vincent ever witnessed angel-dust and needles to inject was during a friendly interview in the summer of 1986, it was real funny to speak with Herman Brood under 4 eyes.
The wild romance was a real good rock ‘n roll band, only Herman Brood thought he was a sort of Elvis which of course was funny in the beginning but it ended into a rock ‘n roll suicide
So the wild romance became Dutch-famous in the late 70’s, and indeed they possessed true good hard-rock albums, they owned a world-wide hit single with Saturday Night, and they even performed live on stage in the united states where they almost became famous, but America isn’t created for rock ‘n roll junkies such as Herman Brood guess it was too hard.
In 1994 the suicide year of Kurt Cobain it was the last time Vincent  saw the wild romance.
1994 wasn’t an easy year to Vincent, it started going wrong after the suicide of the lead-guitarist of Nirvana hereby I need to explain a true happened story once in April 1994 Vincent was inside his home, it was evening and he shook his Tarot-cards questioning about the privet
life of Kurt Cobain so the cards explained ‘bad luck, accident or death’, While he rethought it he went to sleep, at midnight he got a nightmare about Kurt Cobain committing suicide with a riot gun he sat on the floor with a white t-shirt blue jeans and red sneakers, he’d put the dubble riot-gun and put it in his mouth and shot himself Vincent could see all the blood shattering against the wall
Vincent woke up out of this evil dream and felt shocked, so the next day he enters together with his brother a Chinese restaurant where the TV. Was set upon MTV Europe, it was late.
The restaurant was filled with all Blondie’s with blue eye’s boy’s and girls, the Chinese was the only nun-Blondie and suddenly there came the news of the 90’s, Lead-guitarist Nirvana committed a successful suicide.
Vincent immediately dropped his head on the table and he felt sick, the other youngsters were laughing about the news of 1994, than Vincent became angry towards the others and all knew that Vincent was a lead-guitarist as well so they vanished rapidly out of the restaurant, only he and his brother and two young girls kept on watching MTV Europe April 1994.
Now what happened? Vincent realized his unhappiness and went to a Brooklyn-psychiatrist and he was asked the reason for his confusion but Vincent  couldn’t answer fairly, anyway not about the influence of Kurt Cobain because what should I have said? I didn’t know.
But strangely enough according to that doctor I was suffering schizophrenia because I’ve been an aspirant member of the Church of Satan the red-light district Amsterdam .
Episode II-part XII-F.B.I. Female Body Inspector (warning!)   
He was sad and depressed, for a long time he’d been in love with mistress Nikita, the pretty red-haired prostitute she made him happy again because of her beautyness and female voice.Too late, no change to be loved by Nikki, without love, what’s the reason to live?  He was an ex addicted in face with shooting up angel-dust, it cost him too much money it was a slow suicide if he didn’t quit shooting in his veins, so there was no choice left, he was alone.
In his mind he saw the beginning, the middle and the end in front of his eye’s his life was like a b- movie in a cheap theater, nothing to be proud of, without a woman in his life like he once used too when he was younger, as a teenager, he was happy for the first time in his life and yes, I know she was happy too, we loved each other but she broke his heart by leaving him.
He couldn’t think of something else in this world, she was such a pretty young woman, God.And when they made love during the winter the summer the spring on the beach with full moon like they were witches, now it’s true to say that she Yashmin was a talent full witch.He had never touched such beauty in his life, so soft and female, so warmth and sexual.
Since the year 2000 life went so fast, so many changes, so many mixed up emotions inside.What the hell does Satan wants from me? Didn’t I do anything for my dark lord? Anything? Of course, he believed in the good lord as well, he was a deep religious personality, a rare.In the 80’s it was the church of Satan and his guitar studying which made him believe in God.
Since the 90’s it was Yashmin whom tormented him with love and loneliness and painkillers.In the 70‘s he was only a child, but in those 90’s he supposed to handle and act as an adult.He was suffering a headache, a giant one, he felt future-less, useless and loveless, and his blue eyes were watching the world passing by like he wasn’t actually a part of this modern world.
Recently Martin Bormann, the police-officer, called Vincent Ferdinand to his office in town.
Vincent F. committed a sexual assault on a 15 year old young female, but he was too drunk to remember any detail about the assault, so Martin Bormann warned Vincent F. for the very last time during his duty that such events can’t happen in the center of town!, besides next time he would put him into jail, so they flicked the switch and decided that Vincent F. wouldn’t ever drink Vodka from Russia no-longer because the Vodka creates a maniac of Vincent Blackwell
And it must be told Vincent F. was armed and ready to attack, happily Martin Bormann was the first to enter the scene of the crime before Vincent was pulling his deadly knife to destroy.
But why? Well frankly speaking because his neighbors were circle jerks such as pedophilia, and anti-social terror police marriage from Rotterdam above him he felt threatened his savity because of these circle jerks around him, and at last his hospital-drugs seemed to react wrong on all alcohol,’o.k., no alcohol, no dope, no sexuality, no love, no understanding, no nothing.
The only love he owned was an American black Gibson explorer guitar out of the year 2000.
He owned a 200 watt Peavey-amp, a distortion and a wah-wah pedal, which made him the noisiest guitarist in the area, since 1989 he was a little famous in Rotterdam because of a demo-tape he created with a freak, we even hit the national metal magazines like Aardschok.
 Although it was a successful demo-tape we’ve never created a second one, shame on me, shame, shame, shame, but I didn’t cared too much because I felt in love within Yashmin K.
 Furthermore I found out another rock ‘n roll band to play AC/DC, the Stones, Beastie boys,.and weirdo’s such as Ziggy Pop, and it must be said we’ve sounded like a bit as guns ‘n roses.
Only I hated all the dope and alcohol during creating good songs because the rest wasn’t as talent full as me in own person, but o.k. a good guitarist is half the job and I owned the best electric guitar I have had ever in my hands, it was Dutch-made by Roberts and they were the most expensive electric guitars in the Dutch, Vincent bought him incidentally with his father.
Vincent always loved his father very much, although they didn’t always agree they were like Father and son, even today Vincent F. loves his father but he became such a stranger, weirdo.His father played the piano everyday after work before dinner; it gave an atmosphere of peace among the giant living room, which was always very clean and enough space to talk business.
Episode II-chapter XIII-nothing new beneath the sun.
Inside the infamous Brooklyn-hospital Vincent Ferdinand was reading a book, no it wasn’t the holy book, no it was just an ordinary book from the Brooklyn library in down-town.
Silent and slowly breathing through his nose he hold the book closer to his eyes, ‘what am I reading? A book of the ups and downs of Freddy Mercury the famous lead-singer of Queen. Freddy seemed unhappy while he was among the dead he owned so much talent but sad but true in heaven ex-musicians are not singing the blues about our earthly paradise, and if they would they would constantly sing the blues!
Imagine Bonn Scott singing ‘Highway to hell!’ what would it sound like?Jimi  Hendrix on guitars?
Anyway, Freddy Mercury was told by an angel not to feel depressed because he had a golden life, true, he was suffering A.I.D.S. until he died, but the angel told him fairly thus others were less lucky upon paradise so the angel tried to relax the ex-Queen lead-vocalist, ‘so let it be’.
What’s God’s reason for people among us whom are suffering? Necessary Evil? Ask a priest!
A situation or act considered evil but necessary to ensure good in other areas or to prevent greater wrong, wherein the ends justify the means’ (Hiroshima atomic bomb attack 1945)                     
Vincent Ferdinand was incidentally involved within child-porno-abusive behavior, thus this made such a huge impact on Vincent  that he felt forced to tip the local police and so he did.
It was infect his neighbor whom was into pedophilia of course nobody wishes to be pushed to tip the police about his neighbor but the child-exportation felt too heavily on his depression.On one fine day while he was on his bicycle he crossed Martin Bormann the true dutch police officer with his giant mustache and as always Martin Bormann was one and all ears about his neighborhood where Vincent Ferdinand lived, and so it happened that the police arrested the home computer of his neighbor Mr. Raymond van K.
At the therapy-center he was drinking his cold coffee while he listened to a protestant church choir it sounded like the female angels whom where singing out of heaven upon our planet.
Cold coffee? Yes, as always Vincent drunk his coffee cold which was a little bit a weird habit,
Why weird? Because other people always pointed towards his coffee and put their right index finger to his coffee and spoke aloud about his coffee which was of course getting colder, but he, Vincent F. Blackwell, always needed to defend himself by the explanation about this habit.
Big Willem was shouting, towards anyone around it was clear to all thus Big Willem was a bit deaf.
Didn’t he realize he was shouting? Properly he didn’t, being deaf creates a lot of trouble with
communication just as Big Willem tried to behave himself but to others whom aren’t deaf the shouting can be very irritating Vince knew very well because he was suffering a deaf-tone in between his ears caused by a post-traumatically incident by forbidden firework by a nigger.
Than the irritating pain started to torment Vincent heavily which made him feel suicidal or/ and homicidal because he planned to kill the black bastard whom wasted his younger years Even more worse was the reason why the black bastard tormented Vincent with a sick joke,the reason infect was thus Vincent . was too successful as an electric guitarist, as an artist.
Being a young person with success creates many new friends and many new enemies, it made Vincent feel so sick it made him loosing his religion; he realized very well he was damaged.It wasn’t a sort of necessary evil, no it was pure evil it was pure Judas-ism it was evil jealousy.Everyone close to him realized he was changing because of the suffering and his lost in love.
The few people whom were his true friends understood very well the damage was UN-treatable.
And these my dear readers were the main reason why Vincent ended up suffering paranoia schitzophrenia and suffering a life which is named ‘Thanatos’ (self-destructive)
Yes, he could only sing the self-destructive blues on his beautiful and handmade Dutch guitar.
Anyway, it changed his life forever back since 1992 aged 21, according to his tarot-cards he was loosing a couple of extra years as an adolescent to be an adult, and he knew his cards very well because they always spoke the truth,  reading tarot-cards is like reading the bible                                                   
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(Vincent van Tuijl)” the Blair-Witch documentary part III( ground-zero, beating around George W. Bush)
                                             the  11th of September 2001 New York City-U.S.A. (09.00 A.M.)
                               ‘the morning after’
 In the beginning God always overpowered all evil of all man’ s sins ,But in time the nations grew weak and our cities fell to slums,while the beast stood strong.In the dusts of hell,lurked the blackest of hates for he whom they feared Awaited them, now many many lifetimes later Lay destroyed, beaten, beaten down, Only the corpses of rebels Ashes of dreams And blood stained streets,It has been writtenThose whom have the youth have the future.So come on now, children of Israel Be strong! and shout at all that is evil on the devils playground! whom are the creatures of the night!(= Islamic-State)
(You ain’t much, if you ain’t Dutch)
(Episode 1 -the morning after)
The morning was peaceful; the sun appeared through the window of his bedroom what gave him a pleasant feeling.He slept well and had been dreaming about Iraq, his thoughts were filled about the dream of Iraq, he wrote it down on a typewriter of what he remembered of this dream.Sudden I was a priest in a small village of Iraq, dressed in a black suite entering a house built of stones and bricks in a dessert surrounding, there was a family in this house and the father was unsatisfied and looked as a man whom reached the end of his future career.There was a young boy and he wished to show me something unusual outside the house.We entered unto an open hole in the dessert, this was created as a cubes in the open hole of the dessert , he took a tabak lightened it with a Lucifer and strongly inhale-ted the smoke, kept it in his lungs for a while and finally blew it out of his nose above the typewriter and looked at an almost empty note,. He wrote just a few words, he tried to concentrate himself on the further part of that of what he has dreamt before he woke up this sunny morning in the winter of this new year 2004 a.c.(5764),, afterwards he put on a t-shirt which read Female Body Inspector It last finished dressing up he continued to smoke his tabak and sat back again beside his typewriter to write a few more details before he forgot his dream about Iraqi’s dessert imaginations inside his brain cells, but he seemed to be too sleepy to write any further, yet.It was the lust for a shot of Angel-Dust which made Vincent enter the living room, just one fix. He whispered, in silence.His birthday had just been one week ago from today, so he saved a little money to pay the price of this morning fix, as finishing the injection he at last felt a warmth and easy feeling streaming through his brain cells and blood circulation, as he laid down on his leather chair he felt into a deep sleep.When Vincent finally awoke he put on the stereo-set and took the re-release of the best-ever speed metal-group out of West-Germany, called Living Death  their 1984 debut album ‘Vengeance from hell’, he loved this noise of thunder and lightning. The original L.P. Of this album was always one of his favorites.While this speed-metal music was pounding into the air, he returned to his bedroom to continue his writings of his dream.Vince set behind his typewriter and wrote these next lines.  The boy let me see the cubes within several Iraqi’s into this pit, they seemed to study secret objects, we both went into the pit and the boy let me take a look towards a labyrinth in this cubes, I took a closer look to observe it but I didn’t understood what it might tell me. His father gave his eldest pretty black dressed daughter to be the partner of Vince, as long as he would live in Iraq.Side by side while they were walking and talking this woman of Iraqstarted to discuss the subject of love and sexuality, she would give me her love freely and Fatima didn’t have a problem by being his wife for a certain period of time. Fatima was a good hear-ted dark woman, and I loved her very much with all my soul. We went to this mystery cubes in the sand, beneath the ground. Others white dressed Iraqi’s watched and discussed the information, they understood what those labyrinths seemed to be, they were reading the future of their nation in these labyrinths which was impossible for a white man to analyze and understand.Vincent went back in the living room, fired a tabak and surrounded by the music of the compact disc from Living Death with new songs, the extra songs are powerful versions of maxi-singles like ‘Watch out’, and ‘Riding a virgin’.Vincent had bought the original album in 1984 in Amsterdam together with his mother in the Jordaan.  These songs reminded him of this year 1984, twenty years ago.Back than Vincent was 13 years of age and this was a special age, doubtless caused by the musical influences of heavy-metal.There were all these great bands such as W.A.S.P., Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and van Halen with their best recordings on the album ’1984′, but not only the music made this year special, he was a high school kid in the first year of the class of 1984, over here he met his one and only  youth-lover Yashmine K. whom was sitting at his back in the class-room, she already teased him at school.The summer of 1984 was wonderful he had been through some exciting events like his school-vacation, he went to the U. K. close to Londontogether with his mother father brother and sister, and we traveled by ship Uber Das Kanal. At the ship Vincent and his mother felt a sense of confusion, realizing being Jewish, and the historic facts that all these, Angst-full, British young man also traveled Uber Das Kanal to save the Benelux, Europe, and the life’s of many many others, but you cant get something for nothing, you wont find freedom for free. Here we paid a big price being the British, life’s of 20 year old sons whom gave their freedom for the freedom of others. Wondering of what all had happened with the citizens of London and of Rotterdam, the Yiddish victims of hate and destruction, and the spilled blood from all the British soldiers whom died full of Angst at their invasion at the beaches of Northern-France at ages of 18 years and beyond.Vincent had witnessed al these thousands of white crosses in Northern-France, all Americans, Canadian, British and Germans, while he stared at all these graves he stared at the green grass imagining dead soldiers still in uniform buried beneath the ground, but he knew because of (these soldiers it was clear to him that he had to be thankful with respect everlasting.Without those soldiers he wouldn’t been born at all 26 years after the battle of France, thanks to Sgt. Marshall.Marshall from America., the nations of the Benelux and ex-Nazi nation West Germany were able to recover themselves and re- built up a strong democratic society, besides without WW II the chance was realistic that the nation of Israel wouldn’t exists today.Was it worth it? The death of many? Genocide. Josif Stalin would have un-doubtless conqueredEurope just as Adolf Hitler had.During the holocaust had been 6, 66 million European victims abused and murdered. But why 6, 66 million? It’s the number of the beast, which is a human (Adolf Hitler) number, and after a dozen years of North-American Democracy, with several acknowledgements created in Nazi-Germany  during World War II, It became realized in the name of peace and of human evolution that the Institution of the NASA, put a men’s feet upon the moon, alive and back.
Chapter  II-’United States of Amsterdam”
At his Date of Birth on the 31st of December he went recently to visit the capital Dutch city Of Amsterdam, frequently it was mostly a pleasure to walk through the Jordaan and watch all the ancient buildings, he had taken some photographs such like the only Jewish Synagogue, the Western-Tower-Church with Anne Frank in front shaped out of iron as an everlasting memory of the goodhearted Jews during the evil Holocaust of WWII inside the city of ancient  Amsterdam.Before, during and after the war in Amsterdam was the grandfather of Vincent were a head-teacher on the Christian Lyceum High School in the German language from his career of the age of 18 until he was 62 .He was a protestant. Not a SS or NSB supporter.Sadly spoken, his elder brother and wife and eldest son were Dutch Nazi’s of the NSB Amsterdam. Both his brother ,wife & son, were sentenced to prison for two years in the city of Den Haag, because of traitory and of crimes against the Dutch Jewish population during the Second World War.The difficult subject of his family was the mother of Vincent F. whom had a Jewish father, a Nazi-camp survivor with a Jewish family name  of the side of his father .He ended his live 30 years after the war by committing suicide by a bullet.Family secrets. The father of Vincent Blackwell. was born close towards the hiding attic of the house of Anne Frank’s family nearby the Famous White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Church, the Western-Tower-Church which was built inside the 16th century by Rich Dutch Businessman and Rich Protestant priests 
(The mission of the Anne Frank House is to preserve Anne Frank’s hiding place and to propagate her ideals. By visiting this museum you are contributing to our educational projects, which encourage responsibility, tolerance and mutual respecting society, Prinsengracht 267 Amsterdam))
What a mess on the television again. Only suffering and misery! Murmured he.‘Murders, rapists, abductions and one terrorist in the south of France with a napalm bomb whom had been caught and put under arrested by the  American C.I.A..’Vincent Ferdinand  looked full of suspicion to the evening news.He thought: what kind of a mess can we expect by tomorrow? Neo-Nazi acquitted in Hannoverafter his attack on a Jewish synagogue? Nazi-Bastard!’Vincent Blackwell looked out from the window, lost in thoughts.He rubbed his eyes with his hands, and because of a remained boredom a huge yawn was visible at his expression on his face.The tele-vision went further with the 8 o’clock news, but he didn’t watch or listen.He looked to a design of his real beloved one, Cindy the pretty gypsy princess.Then he put the Spider-man compact disc and turned the stereo full of loudness by listening to his favorite song ‘Hate to say I told you so’, from the Hivers. He was dreaming with his minds-eye that Vincent himself was Spiderman whom was trying to save the life of his beloved Cindy, out of the hands of the dirty minded Chad Kroeger.He bought a Spider-man-Mask with two sound making leather gloves.For a moment while wearing the mask, he truly believed it was him, whom was the hero, but infect he had the looks of a fool.The Hells-Angels Amsterdam were also on the tele-vision news.They had chosen a new president, one of the only not-white Hells-Angels world-wide.Once Vincent had read in a book about the Hells-Angels: I am a Jewish Hells-Angel,but we of the Hells-Angels we’ve never said  we are a fascist organization.Of course there hangs in some club-houses a Nazi-swastika on the wall.But look, I tell you that the Hells-Angels never been a fascist motor-club.According to this (Jewish) Hells-Angel from the United States. Amsterdam always been a weird city within all past ages, famous because of legal-prostitution and of diamonds and of today’s legalized drugs are well-known all around the globe.Walking through the Jordaan on old years day he of course had to see the “Kerk van Satan” (Church of Satan) in the red-light district which re-opened again since it closed in 1989, he took a few photographs of this devilishes- church which made him satisfied again, here he started his career as a teenage black witch, “Welcome to the Church of Satan, Such a lovely place, such a pretty face, you  can check out every time you like, but you cant ever leave, you wont wake up in the Church of Satan, such a lovely place, such a pretty face.”(Hotel California is infect this Satanic-Church!!!’Vincent Ferdinand was aged 16 when he visited this black painted devils-church which was love at first sight, not only with this devils-church, no, it was the pretty dark-skinned adult woman whom lead him into the religion of Satan  he never ever forget this black-skinned Magick-Woman, she stole his heart even today she is still in his entire soul of black-magick, infect it was the first time he felt a deep beloved emotion for an adult woman whom was a kind of Monique Klemann look-a-like, of course, she undoubtless sensed his pounding heart within this devils-church of the dark side of the multi-universes.He had quiet a large sum of memories out of his teenage years towards this blackenth place hidden in the heart of the city, he still loved it each time he passed by the “Kerk van Satan”(C.o.S.)
Chapter III-under attack
11 September 2001. Tuesday morning, eleven o’clock.Vincent Ferdinand Blackwell visited Romeo at the Brooklyn Psycho-Suite.Vincent and Romeo were together over two years in 1997/1998 locked up in the Psycho-Suite.Unfortunately Romeo was kept inside for the rest of his life.Hearing voices. Dead people.As always they discussed the picture of the first Exorcist(1973 a.c.).Romeo claimed to see ghosts since he watched this Exorcist’s picture in 1973 a.c.,very often it isn’t the cause of demons that exorcisitsm must take place.Many Brooklyn-patients be nursed because of possession of body and mind by evil-entities of death.In these cases shouldn’t only the possessed clients must be cured, either also the evil-restless entities of death must be helped to find their rust in peace. Many of these schizophrenic clients of the Brooklyn-hospital are not consists to me being mental-ill, but they are possessed by evil-entities of death.These evil-entities of death are drifting around in a state of restless confusion.It must be told there exists a life after death, the so called ‘here-after, or the ‘afterlife’.Karl Jaspers, a German psychiatrist whom believed that schizophrenia the creative talents sometimes of someone gets above. As like with Vincent van Gogh ,the poetrist Holderin,and the violinist Paganini, One maintains even that Billy and Hillary Clinton suffer  a schizophrenic creative-minded sex-life.After they finished their coffee, they smoked  tabak and continued to talk.Meanwhile Vincent Blackwell opened a letter which he had received this morning. He was pleased to receive this letter from a front-woman of the Churchof Satan, this morning of the 11th of September 2001  He left Romeo and slowly moved out of the open-psycho-suite, into the garden.He looked at the sky and suddenly saw a Rainbow. Nice .unique. Peaceful.It reminded him of the song ‘over the Rainbow’A second or two later by appeared a second Rainbow beyond the first.‘What’s this for a symbol sign?Amazed he stared at the sky above him, and believed in the sign of God at man.There remains double-hope on peace’. Vincent Ferdinand walked slowly to his house, only ten minutes away from the Psycho-Suite, where he lives in a small apartment.  Precisely large enough for one or two  persons, too small to start a family.‘Two Rainbows, thought  Vincent F.Blackwell. Inside the living room he once again read the letter of the (C.o.S.)”Kerk van of Satan”.Deep sleep felt over him and he passed away on the leather chair, tired of his visit to Romeo.Not suspecting that he in his sleep would become woken up through a phone call by his mother around 15.00 hour.North-America was under attack, and both twin towers, Manhattan, stood in fire. Filled with disbelief he watched  the television, and set the incident on a video-tape. History of the modern-society of our planet .Now became the vision of one 100 years ago come out, the same prediction Mr. Kuipers doubtless and strongly believed in short period before he was found dead in 1995 by the Brooklyn-police in the city of the Hellion.Vincent Blackwell  rung his father who lived in east-Siberia.‘We will see what happens next said his father inRussia.‘According to me, this means war!’“We will see spoke his father calm.The next evening on the 12th of September 2001, Vincent Blackwell was under attack by a laser-infrared – gun, used by a group of adult-Muslims.They also hit his neighbors and shot  a friend’s house Vincent Blackwell himself tried to hide behind a mirror, so thus the infra red-light couldn’t hit and damage his eyes.After a couple of hours, there stood a car on the back of his home, and the infra-red gun hit his bedroom.Blackwell went suspicious and thought that if a terror-world-war would begin, that these Muslims would hold a loaded gun by a sniper on him and fire real bullets to the living room of Vincent F.Blackwell. Only why? Just because he had a dark and satanic nick-name in the City of the Hellion?  mad Muslims, strange boy’s these Arabs!  
over a longer period of time he was able to hear, by the use of a tape into a cassette-player,voices whom were singing a strange kind of slow hip-hop, they sung regular changing religious texts often reflected upon to him because these messages were different each time. The lead singing’s were done by an angry young man and a young woman, for example they sung: Even God got scared.Now they sang that Vincent Ferdinand was a Christian in a Christian area, and Yeah, I live in a ghetto, coke in my nose, who do you think you are to walk upon the moon?, you tried to rule the universe, I cant breath no more, forever, what does that means?, always, what does that means? Always and forever, you and me forever and always what does that means? Don’t push me, cause I Am close to the edge, you want me to be famous?, well guess what’s my name is, you call me a nigger? I will pull the trigger !, she’s the one, I count on it ,I stay on it, and pray on it, You’re able to take away the life of a child, but are you able to take care of one child’s life? you call me a nigger? I will pule the trigger!
Get a real to reel tape recorder, one with control for rapid play with a radio inside, plug in the earphones, the volume control to maximum and the speed at low.Push ‘record and ‘listen’ to what you’re going to ‘hear, static at an uncomfortable level and amp-flier this.Then listen to the sound of voices until you’re sure that you know whats being said.Listen again to the recording after this set the speed at double and repeat the procedure.You will be able to ask questions but these voices can’t pronounce the future, but they do know more than your knowledge will.The music was however inspiring, these gave many ideas to compose such hip-hop.Really it felt often well frightening an inner self conflict between two Angels of God,and  life in an occult atmosphere.The existence of life on earth is dependent on a certain pressure of the atmosphere.This pressure, in turn, is dependent on the constant operation of physical forces.Which in turn is dependent upon the earth’s position in space.Which in turn is dependent upon a certain constitution of the universe.But what was it that sustained the universe? Is the universe the cause of its own constitution?Would it matter if the links in the chain of causation were extended indefinitely?Zero times infinity equaled zero.The principle of causality derived from observation of the material universe,a particle kind of stuff.Why not another kind of stuff altogether, a stuff outside of time and of space and of matter?Vincent Ferdinand sat easily in his leather chair, which once belonged to his friend from the Brooklyn-hospital Mr. Krueger, He committed suicide on a Sunday, jumped downstairs from the third floor,his head was completely turned around, one 180 degrees.The black funeral of Mr. Krueger was a shocking one for all the other clients of the Brooklyn-hospital; the Cath”lick Church performed a ritual in a local church before he got buried beneath the earth.Most Cathlick priests praised that he whom committed suicide will burn in hell eternal, Vincent Ferdinand hated this doctrine of the Vatican. ’Judas priest! godverdomme!, he wheezed
(Chapter 4-Life on Mars?)
Vincent Ferdinand wondered, and walked unto the bathroom to watch his eyes and to keep his body and soul together.When he came round the door and hung his face before the mirror, he was glorious to see his dead friend Mr. Krueger in the mirror of the bathroom and though the spirits eyes were clear and kind, he was in a shock of disbelieve and he went back to the living room and sat down on the leather chair.The very same whom once belonged to this Living Death, he made up his mind,and as skeptical as he was Vincent  Ferdinand told his dead friend a  story to satisfy Mr. Krueger.
A Belgium E.S.A. astronaut Mr. Luuk de Keyzer, lands on Mars, and on this surface the Benelux astronaut discovers a camera.He might think that his landing had not been the first, the astronaut guessed.Not the British, It’s a Nikon. Too expensive.But perhaps there had been a landing by the Republic of China, or even, conceivably, Alien beings who had first made a visit to the planet Earth and taken the camera aboard for study on Mars.He might think that the E.S.A. had lied to him, and the NASA sanded other American astronauts before him.He might even conclude that he was hallucinating, or dreaming the entire event.The thing the astronaut wouldn’t do was to think that since Mars had been bombarded by meteorites and churned by volcanic eruptions, it was reasonable that over many billions of years almost any imaginable arrangement of its materials could have happened, and the Nikon-camera was one of those chance combinations.There has been found a face on the planet of Mars, discovered by the Viking (NASA). Infect the face is the one of Tutankhamen, only without the sacred beard. The colors of the pharaoh’ s face isn’t made of gold and precious steel, like those of the famous photographs, it has the color of the red sand and bricks of Mars.The planet of the Gods, there is also suggestived there had been found a human brain,   a human eye, and an entire human body on the red planet.A few men like Michel Le Notre-damme and St. Vincent predicted by the use of the kabbalah from the second book of the original Torah(bible) that humanity will land on the planet of Mars in the year 5764(2004 a.c.) , mankind shall be able to travel to Moon ,Mars ,Venus,Saturn-us, Jupiter and Pluto without any limitation, humanity need to explore other worlds because of the destructive nature of our mother planet which has to recover over a longer period of time, caused by evil-damage of the human-race.The most difficult facts to save planet earth are the seven seas and the rivers; they will cause problematically situations for nations as Japan(Kagoshima) and other Asian(Thailand) nations, also for Nieuw-Zeeland.The animals of the seas might vanish in the long run, which is a bad case for the natural balance of the fish such like the blue-whale fish whom are today hunted by Japan and Norway with the use of helicopters, they hunt without mercy on sea at these per-historic fish while these ancient blue-whale fishes are trying to escape from the noise of the helicopters, because they know out of their evolution what this Angst-full noise from the helicopters is all about, bleeding till death.
 ’And the oceans shall be colored by blood’
Things that supposedly have no consciousness are behaving as if they do so. He thought about these dumb little dizzy spells he lately suffered.Vincent Ferdinand guessed it was because of the medication, Leponex .he spoke to doc” Nurmuhamed and he wants some scientific co-information.Dr. Harry Nurmuhamed discussed diagnoses, while Vincent moved through the hall, and heard Dr. Harry the psychiatrist talk:’407. Was 54, problems began six months before he’d undergone a brain operation foe epilepsy; the surgeon had removed certain portions of the temporal lobes.He could not form memories that were new.408. 20 years, Case of Cocci meningitis.409. A housewife, named Sharon Oswald, aged 44, complained of chronic, throbbing headache, with attendance, anorexia and vomiting.The worst possibility was of a lesion, but the pain was confined to one side of the head as was also Terpsichore , a temporary blindness, caused by the appearance in the visual field of luminous area.That was bounded by zigzag lines. Cardinally,  sympathized migraine, more-over she came from a family that emphasized and had rigid standards of behavior that denied or punished any expression with agressivity. The history of a classic migraine patient. Depressed hostility gradually built to unconscious rage, and the rage attacked the patient in form of disorder.Dr. Harry looked at her gently, stroked the region of her sacrum, she screwed and cursed violently. 410. His history was studded with incinerate seizures, auras, of unpleasant tastes or smells.client Martin Molenkamp gave descriptions of a chocolate bar tasting, metallic, and a smell of rotten fish.without apparent source.There were also fugues of deja VU, as well as it opposite, jam’ais VU, a sense of strangeness in familiar surroundings .These episodes were often preceded by a peculiar smacking of the lips.The consumption of Alcohol/ Cocaine often triggered them.Further, there were visual hallucinations among them smaller than the objects are, and Levitation a sensation in the air, unsupported.This patient had also one brief episode of a phenomenal known as ‘the double’.   He”d seen mimicking his every word and action.The E.E.G. had been especially ominous tumors of this nature, if such it was, worked slowly and insidiously for many months, putting upward pressure on the brain steam. But at last it would gather a sudden death momentum in a matter of weeks.411. A 86 year old Nazi-camp survivor, Mr.Davide Lewinsky, Auschwitz-survivor, witnessed Nazi-Dr. Josiph Mengele with his twin brother, whom died two years ago.Can’t sleep with the lights out. Doesn’t speak to the other clients, and so now and then he suddenly starts to talk some polish.Mr.Lewinsky started to speaks polish again since his twin brother died, further he is afraid to show his eye’s to anyone unknown.He forgot how to speak Dutch, except Polish; at least he still understands a command.No movements, no contact outside its bedroom.Vincent abruptly went home, only five minutes away from the Brooklyn-hospital.There arrived a new patient at the Brooklyn hospital.A nurse asked friendly, ‘Hallo, what was the name again?‘Vincent C. Carpentier!’ answered the man proudly.Vincent! is that with a C? Or a K?’ asked the nurse gently.‘With A C! screamed the man insulted’.‘Okay, Vincent C. Carpentier ‘ spoke the young nurse.C is for Curry! spoke the man angry.‘Okay”, sighted the hos-pic nurse. Vincent Curry Carpentier”.‘I will bring you to your room nr.412 and there you will see the doc.’Strangely enough this man was dressed as a look-a-like soldier.His nickname was Sergeant Vinnie c.c.Together with his mother the stranger went to room nr.412, uncommonly with several books of Star-Wars and some high-school books such like  Chemistry etc. under his arms, his mother walked smiling as it was like the most common usual appearance. Was he a child or a man? it didn’t actual matter anything towards the hos-pic. She thought, this is a problem for dr. Harry, Happily not mine!   The doc. will arrive in a second, “‘Okay, thank you’, spoke the mother still smiling.“Oh Christ! I hate those false thank you’s and schitzophrenic  patients, a soldier? Bah! cursed the blond nurse,She walked upon dr .Nurmuhamed whom stood still talking next door to the polish patient nr.411 with a look of wondering dr.Harry saw the new nr.412
Flowers growing wild in the blazing wind, like the love of 13 angels massed before the Statue of the 16th year aged virgin Maria.The doc. turned in a common living room, to do his consultation with some patients by a visit at the open division.In the square and simple organized living room sat his patient on a chair smoking tabak and watching TV.It was mr.Merchant whom looked with hollowed eyes to the tele-vision, As the world burns was put on the station.Nurmuhamed walked calm from beyond closer to him, ‘allo mr.Merchant!’, ‘Ah doc..Harry, Bonjour!’, spoke the 55 years aged person spontaneously  ,Nurmuhamed looked at him tightly and asked serious at the ex-carpenter, whom had been during his work involved into an accident and lost his entire arm, how he felt today.Oh doc., still the same, the medicines have no influence on the pain signals in my hand.Strangely enough he meant his hand of his right arm that had been amputated. Phantom pain.Thus your hand does still pain? same as always?’Indeed doc, Indeed! sighed the man with relief 
(Chapter 5)-Ministry of Defense (M.O.D.)
The night was fallen, the television was put unto the BBC, and the subject was the threat of the 45 minutes of Saddam’s nuclear weapons.It did not seem to be realistic after the investigations of the Ministry of Defense.      The story went further about the suicide case of Dr.Kelly, more-over was the question for what reasons did Dr.Kelly killed himself.Only a little group of people seemed to have acknowledgements of his possible reason of his suicidal tendencies facing the difficulties of the Mass Weapons Possessions of Iraq.There was clearly some false information being thrown around. Dr .Kelly’s Status-Quo was one of great importance acknowledgement. Wasn’t it Downing Street no.10 whom were feared by a terror-attack on the city of London itself?Since the war was over the BBC-radio  and the holy light of BBC”s-televisions channels came close towards the so called truth, if there was any truth at all.Mr  .Kelly felt guilty that his informatica was not the correct he believed it might had been, and this subject was the cause of guiltiness of misunderstood or false informatica based upon his own conclusions, which in the end the feeling of shame and unjustified war-victims made him commit suicide.But why would the BBC get all the blame for his death?  Dr.Kelly felt betrayed by slipping secret informatica towards the BBC, he was feeling sick and suffered a headache caused by Angst and lost his state of mind.And Dr. Kelly lost all hope on that starry starry night he took his life.Dr. Kelly was caught in-between the crossfire of Downing Street no.10 and the independent BBC.It was well known that dr. .Kelly was a religious man whom visited friends to study and analyze all sort of religious science from all around the world.But there is not a single religious scripture what preaches to commit suicide if someone for whatever reasons need to commit suicide, mostly it’s strictly forbidden and there is a punishment in the afterlife, Dr. .Kelly should have known doubtless these theorems of religions and of faith.Life is for each man, animal, insect and plants in nearly each area a difficult problem to survive.These giant numbers of insects will rule Africa as the so called ‘Black Death’.Eruptions with fire and burning bricks will attack heavily, more than the last thousands of years have ever done, and in America it will be a plaque at the west-coast, the east-coast thrilled by earth shocks which will tear huge parts of the stateNebraska into pieces.In the year 2050, the republic of China will be economically and within their red army have a communistic republic which shall have the exact equal power as America will have in 2050.The end of the 20th century until the end of the 21st century will be the age of civil-wars.Hereby the knowledge that each man will end up dead, sooner or later.Not one single body escapes from facing “Yahweh Mehaweh” (angel of death).  Men gather wisdom to simplify theirs situations.Through hereby a man is more conscious of danger  in our paradisaical earthly existence which men have the knowledge to survive over a longer period of time.On later age, one gets the humane need to share his gathered knowledge by giving it mostly towards a younger generation. Like a dying father to his younger son.The man is paradoxical, a physician such like DrHarry hamed that experienced enjoyments at the mistreating of an unstable patient can act opposite to his other patient very humanely.Opposite its wife, he carried himself as a minister only meanwhile he rapes rapes a 16 year aged  prostitute against a too low price, meanwhile the physician also has children in their teen -years, which he brings up with the behavior of a father that curse to them with screams and shouting, and sees in this a form of father love.
Lost in thoughts Vincent Blackwell sat behind his type writer, wondering how he could express himself in words.There was an expression on his face of sadness, like he suffered as he was imprisoned by a metal-chain.His house was the only place where he could breath.The evil world  outside him was the world  he rejected.The immense headaches which he sufferred was like rat-poison which  made his life like a living hell.He felt like a bewitched  victim of all the injustice he had been through.He could not concentrate, he felt dull, like his eye’s were almost asleep, but the suffering was to strong to ease his state of mind.All sort of images were filtering his minds eye, evil flashbacks of the isolation cells of the Brooklyn psycho-ward.In those isolation-cells where he felt more than once was heavily tortured by  ho-spics. Infect, he was locked up alone and isolated too much to be good.Injustice.The medication and doctors had been trying to take his identity away and tried to change it into a homicidal schitzophrenic  forever patient. Pigs from hell!  and a pig remains a pig and pigs stink!.V.Blackwell knew that by all his hateful emotions and devilishness wishes he turned into a medium of occult forces, he wanted revenge. Merciless.The situation he was captured within was close to tear apart a person’s body and soul into pieces.He stroke a Lucifer and hit his tabak. Vincent took a look outside of the bedroom window.All people seemed to be asleep in the City of the Hellion.He feared daylight more and more, luckily he was a loner. and single.The sweat taste of Angel-dust filled his lips and mouth; this was his emotional rescue of being single. Blackwell was no Mr. nice guy; the forces of the darkside had let him evaluated into a were-wolf. A (m)animal .half beast, half man.A white wolf, always awake at midnight. Always aware of the danger of other “human”-beasts.   ‘Oh, Hell how I do hate all doctors one by one. Blood lust!  for revenge.  “Diocide” he cursed, ‘Let me give them hellfire! Vengeance would become his goal of victory.Still sitting behind his type writer he fellt almost asleep, Vincent picked up another tabak which lied upon the table against the wall of his bedroom, he stared at the sun whom was coming up and stroke a Lucifer to hit his tabak and smoked like a beast from the east. It didn’t matter he didn’t slept, his house wasn’t a mess, finally it was cleaned up.Against the wall upon the table in front stood his altar of the art of voodoo and of  black magick, witchcraft, the table was exact directed unto the western wall,because the west is best.Upon the table was a oui-ja board abc-xyz and 0, 1, 2, 3-7, 8, 9, yes, goodbye and no, with a magickal plastic hand-board, a set of Tarot-cards, 5 black candle at the left and one white at the right (a total number  of 6).Above the altar hung a five-pointed Baphomet with the goat and a giant photograph of Albert Einstein, Mistress Nikita’s photographs and of Gene Simmons.A steel sword, a mask of Darth Vader another poster at the top of this wall of Herman Brood together mit fraulein Nina Hagen und Herr Adolf Brouwers, in a church in the rock n roll movie “Cha-Cha” of 1979.Now Vincent  Blackwell had the same age as Herman Brood in the “Cha-Cha” movie, exact 33 years, the age of the Christ named Jesus.Vincent Blackwell was proud on having reached the age of 33, the mystic age of life of each man.Under the table he’d hided all kind of precious coins, silver and of goldish, some writings and all his other cards of the holy Tarot-desks bought in Paris, France.
Chapter-6-”The king of the world”
The sound of singing birds outside made Vincent  wonder what he had been reading,  he had reading a book written by Roman Cath”lick theologians.Birds were flying and the blue sky looked friendly which filled his horizon.These animals, so peaceful, beautiful, unique, perfect and innocence, what would life be as being like a free bird flying?Such perfect flying birds were certain not a coincidence of the creation.The evolution theorem of Mr. Darwin just didn’t fix the puzzle of life.Darwin was perhaps getting close, but there consists no single proof as the ‘missing-link  Mr. Darwin was a confused  teacher; I think he was mentally insane .My forefathers didn’t evolve from a fish to a rat that banana’s began to eat of the tree’s ending up as a monkey! And this monkey turned into Dr. Darwin himself? If we ought to believe his fiction, then men will have over hundreds thousands of years have wings,with ein Einstein brein?  Satan’s beauty and perfection were described as breathtaking, bearer of light,the morning star.YHWH, must once loved him very much, then how could he have Satan damned for all eternity? Why did Jesus the Nazarea called  the fallen angel Lucifer the prince of the world? ‘What a life!’ nice to start this Sunday with Hells Bells of AC/DC (1980)on the stereo-set.A cup of coffee was at his lips, and he let the black liquid taste his tongue. Very good.Very nice.Well done. Nothing else matters.
In every man hides a murderer’, it’s true. A fact. Facts stinks, never trust a fact. facts hates us!‘In the year 2525, if man is still alive, will Elvis Presley still be the king of Rock n roll?’ This thought was a confusing and dreamy one, at least he didn’t know. Vince was hungry and was thinking of eating a human-brain. Vincent got up and put on his black Dracula suite, to perform a devilishness ritual.With a Lucifer he lightened the black and white candle on his satanic-altar, and took a deep breath before he spoke the next words aloud. 
In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsil” 
In the name of Satan,The ruler of the earth,The king of the world. I  command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon me!Open wide the gates of hell and come forth from the abyss to greet me as your brother and your friend!Grant me the indulgences of which I speak! I have taken thy name as a part of myself! I live as the beasts of the field, rejoicing in the fleshly life! I favor the just and curse the rotten! By all the gods of the pit, I command that these things of which I speak shall come to pass! Come forth and answer to your name by manifesting my desires!
By the powers of the east, Which have ably mastered all adversity
By the powers of the west,Where there are no obstacles to my will.
By the powers of the north,Where luck smiles upon me everyday of the year.
By the powers of the south,Where all my desires are immediately granted!        Oh, hear your name…, Nosferatu!!!
Vincent Ferdinand himself was baptized as a Dutch-Protestant, named after Vincent van Gogh.‘Vincent Ferdinand Blackwell will either go mad or he will outstrip us all’, the predicted for Vincent van Gogh,a struggling artist ,possibly suffering of schitzophrenic symptons, he was to prove right on both counts, all his life ,however , he remained a solitary and despairing figure, and his self-destructive nature drove him, in his later years, to brink of madness. Alone with himself and the world, his only true friend and source of moral and financial support was his brother Theo, who attended to his welfare all his life and who would ultimately follow him until the grave. The recognition and admiration for which V.van.Gogh fought so bitterly would only be granted after the self-inflicted revolver shot which ended his tragic life. Today, Vincent is the greatest artist of modern times. Vincent isn’t simply considered the up-most important pioneer of 20th-century art, but is widely regarded as the most significant and best-loved painters in the entire history of art world-wide.Vincent  Blackwell was baptized into a  white anglo-saxon  protestant church close to the erea of Amsterdam, Van Gogh was born near Breda, the eldest son of a Dutch priest. The mind of Vincent  Blackwell was dancing the Cha-Cha and analyzed the thoughts how he could survive  this homicidal world. (Remember December the 7Th 1941, hail to the United States!) Kate Bush the female music artist sells a lot of bootlegged recordings now day’s, radio-propaganda to justify the gulf-war and to give the citizens of Baghdad the freedom they have always desired so strong, freedom of thought and of politics and of  religion, no more torture of  innocent  children, not again, nevermore! Kate Bush literally sings “I wish I was a Prostitute in the City  of Baghdad at midnight!” Again the freedom of democratic has over won a terror dictatorship; this is a good turn in the history of the modern world of today. Thank the Lord and praise him! .In the human eye, there are tens of millions of electrical connections that could handle two millions simultaneous messages, yet see the light of just one photon.A Microsoft ware/ macros hardware random-computer that could handle all of its functions, would cover the surface of  the Earth.The human brain, three pounds of tissue, held more than a hundred of billions brain-cells and five hundred trillion synaptic connections.The brain could detect one unit of metrication amid fifty billions of air, and if the human ear were more sensitive it would hear air molecules colliding  Some couple of years ago he visited the city of Paris by the Thalys, which is a train traveling on high speed.From Amsterdam to Gard  du Nord is only a three hours travel.He went frequently because his father lived in Paris next to the river the Seine, it was a beautiful part of the city, St. Germain-En-Laye , and he knew that the water of the Seine was holy water because of its history, the castle of Lodewijk the 15th was straight at the opposite of my father’s house. I am still able to smell Lazy Lodewijk the 15th.On La Gard du Nord the French police took me among with them, one of them wanted to arrest me because of my medication, after I showed the gendarmes my documents for my medication signed by a signature of Dr. Hans v/d Ploeg but the two French police officers didn’t trust the document of (neo-nazi)dr.Hans v/d Ploeg, and so they wanted to take me to the office of the police ofParis.But I didnt master the frenche language, and these police man didnt spoke any English,then quickly there was an Frenche-Arab  who knew and felt I was into a problematic position, sudden he takes out of his pocket a giant Magnum .44 gun, with bullets, loaded. This Muslim men gave his huge gun to the two police-officers so they had to arrest the hero of my day, and they let me walk further with my medication and with the document of dr.H.v/d Ploeg still in my hands, rapidly I vanished into the crowd, thank you my Arabian friend! And I was into the acknowledgements that the police of Paris were Nazi-bastards, certainly into their  16Th century stinking jailhouse , I started to wonder why this Arabian-man rescued me out of being imprisoned by these Paris Neo-Nazi-bastards, the Paris gendarme. I had to do something in return I decided, and I did.
Chapter 7-Amnesty (for everybody!)
The Humanity of Amnesty International World-Wide: 1999
You’re Excellency, Please allow me to draw your attention to the following: Karim Latifi was allegedly abused and physically assaulted by police officers in February to the extent that he was unable to return to work for 15 days. His car was stopped by several police officers who asked him for his Identity-Papers.One of the officers called him a dirty Arab and afterwards he and his colleagues hit him with truncheons, punched and kicked him in the teeth. Badly injured, Karim Latifi was then handcuffed and driven to the central police station.15 minutes later he was released without charge by an officer not involved in the assault.I call on you to investigation and to bring those responsible to justice.I am confident of your good will and sense of justice.
Yours sincerely, Vincent Ferdinand Blackwell, les-pays-Bas.
Ministre de l’Interieur M.Nicolas Sarkozy, de la Securite et des Libertes Locales Paris.
Vincent put on his stereo set and let the music of Dorothees La Pesh”ës second album ‘Hell-bound’ sound like his whole-heart beating each tune, the song called ‘Wrath-child’ sung by Dorothee La Pesh made him feel a hero-schitzo caused by the lyrics of it, and he believed Dorothee sung this war song for him alone, it was he whom remained the Wrath-child.He loved Dorothee La Pesh just as YHWH once must have loved The first Angel in heaven named “Lucifer”, before the war in Heaven was started in flames between the never-ending-battle between the forces of good and of the forces of evil.Blood-cells lined up at a certain time when faced with the constructions of a tiny vein, and the cells of the heart beat beat different rhythms until they came in touch with another cell at a time when faced with the constructions of another tiny vein, when they touched they began to beat as one.The hundred millions of years of evolution from paramecium to man isn’t the mystery, the mystery is life itself.The fundamental tendency of matter was towards a total disorganization, toward a final state of utter randomness from which the universe wouldn’t ever recover.Each moment its connections were coming unthread, and it flung itself headlong into the void in a reckless scattering of it self, impatient for the death of cooling suns.And yet here is evolution, a hurricane piling up straws that denied the very nature of their own stuff.Evolution is a theorem written upon a leaf that is floating against the direction of the river, a designer is at work.God exists. No doubts. I know. I can tell.Science gives many facts but only very little knowledge, any fat Billie Turf who says ‘Antrax is “cold-fire” these days is automatically considered a genius.A limited God?, God the father of the orbits and the spinning nebulae and the shepherding moons of Saturn, the author of gravity and the brain, the lurker in the genes and the subatomic particles?.And the Lord himself couldn’t handle cancer, aids, crack-addicted born baby’s or even an antraxed victim?  Someone must have created our world, why? And why did God create such feelings such as Angst, Hate, Jealousy and Vengeance?It seemed the world can’t pronounce without. Vincent”s breathtaking was emphysema: white vapor wiped at his lips.The child’s question haunted the nebulae, a thought in search of its unable that read reason in a dead end maze and made him certain the materialistic universe was the greatest superstition of its age.I believe, but not in an infinite regression in contingencies, or that acts of love and kindness were reducible to neurons dancing the Cha-Cha in the firing brain.Man is not a nerve net; man had a soul, fore how matter reflects upon itself?And confession of sin could cure mental or bodily illness and the atom of its body were continually changeling, yet each morning man awakened and was still himself!Without a life after death, the so called ‘afterlife’‘, what is the value of work?, what is the point of evolution?Electronics traveled from point to point without ever traversing the space between.
I shall be there as who I Am shall I be there’, Amen .Whispered Vincent softly.
 Humans knew right from wrong, to feel outrage at all that was monstrous and evil: yet the scheme of evolution itself was outrageous, for the law of life of feeding in a universe crammed from space to space with exploding stars.Imaging the universe and everything in it were merely thoughts in the mind of the creator, or that the world of external reality existed no where except in men’s mind.So that nothing outside him actually suffered. Sometimes this thought works, sometimes it does not.I think: not the evil that we choose or inflict the horror was the evil in the fabric of creation.The tiny ichneumonoids fed the alive bodies of caterpillars underneath the pretty lilacs and the lawns and the black throat-ed honey guide bird chattered gaily, but it laid its eggs in an alien nest and when the baby honey guide hatched it immediately killed its Foster brethren with a hard sharp hook near the tip of its beak which it promptly shed upon completion of the slaughter, what immortal living being?Vince grimaced at an awful recollection of the Brooklyn-hospital psycho ward for children, could the glory and beauty of creation justify the suffering of one such child?The human is a walking thrift shop, and the blue eye’s caught a photograph here and there, but this much had always been human, nothing unusual thereby, nor in the physical state of being. And his blue eyes which draped at the corners still seemed to be starling into times passing by.As ever his manner and his movements suggested a wrath child perpetually engaged in the arranging of flowers.There was nothing keener, than a child’s sense of justice, or what was fair, or how things should be. Where did it come from? Later on they learn to hoard it for themselves.It is no power that corrupted; it was the jostling and unfairness of the world and of all kind of experiences.Children came into this world without baggage except for their innocence.Their goodness was not  imitated, it wasn’t learned and its not enlightened self-interest and here lay the paradox.Physical evil and moral goodness intertwined like the strands of a double helix embedded in the DNA code of the cosmos.The broken bodies Vincent had witnessed in the Brooklyn hospital through the years had impaled him with a sense of man’s fealty and loneliness’.Men were tiny candle flames apart and adrift in a void that was endless and terrifying and black.This perception brought humanity into his embrace.Yet God eluded men he ‘d found his cryptic testes in the brain, but the Gods held him out at arms length; and at last, there was nothing to embrace but faith.’Save my soul for  heaven, Hallelujah, amen’prayed Vincent Blackwell firmly.It was two minutes to midnight and he was tired of all the thoughts he had throughout this day, as he closed his eye’s he slept inside a minute and there was this dream this night he did not forgot.
This dream he was together with Anne Frank and a few other Jews, we stood narrow in an Auschwitz  gas chamber, we all felt betrayed and abused, all of us stood desperately to look outside through a small window where actual was nothing to see.Anne Frank went as first of us whom went inside a gas shower cabin and she turned the gas crane open, a little later I went to take a look and there she lay naked, fallen  on the floor, dead.I decided that it was my time to enter a shower to die, naked I stood in a shower-cabin and on the moment that I tried to turn open the gas-crane, the door went suddenly re-opened.There were men in SS Gestapo uniforms, these men with entire green eyes commanded me to come with them, for they said these Aliens had a mission for me.This was my first contact with Extra-Terrestrial- Intelligence, it was 1996 and it was the first but not the last meeting with E.T.’s.He made up his mind, ‘Never trust in fact’s, he wheezed.‘Facts hate us. Facts stink, that is true, good point, well taken, abruptly he turned, wadded away.He knew in the 16th century witchcraft or bewitched were in the 21st century called schitzophrenia, thought  mr. Blackwell. What does Lucifer means? Light bearer’,And what’s the stuff of the universe? ‘Energy’What is the energy’s comment form? ‘Light’.And with that he went away to the office of dor. Harry Nurmuhamed to ask  a Valium recipe, 80 mg each day he suffered migraine, after the doc.made some notions of his client mr.Vincent.Again in touch with normality, he went home. He ached for his bed.Dr.Harry should thank Allah thus the Pharaoh’s aren’t here; they will be laughing in his face this minute.   I should thank Allah to be a Satanic- warlock to be alive in a world where even a deaf student could be a psychiatrist.
Chapter VIII- “90.000.000 miles away (from home sweet home”)

Vincent  wondered if it were possible for a man to be a man without pain, or without the possibility of pain.A God who was good could not help even intervene upon hearing the cry of one suffering child, yet he didn’t, he looked on.But there is something, thought Vince.Its close it needed a final startling leap to make it all made sense and preserve Gods goodness.He was certain he was close to etching it down.If everything had a cause of existence, why not the existence of God? He felt abandoned.Design and causality, he thought. God exists know. But what could he be thinking of?     ‘I shall be there as who I am shall I be there?    ’God a joker?’A nuts’? It couldn’t be.The leap of his mind from God to perfection had no transmission.It wasn’t a motionless Identity.The notion of a God who is less than all-powerful is every bit as frightening as none at all.But who knows what a God who was flawed might do?If less than all-powerful, why wouldn’t he also be less than all good?Like the vain, capricious, or the cruel God of Anne Frank?
Wonder God is Alien and cruel, remember Ludwig van Beethoven, Ed,&Jan van Halen, Prince Claus (van Oranje-Nassau), Theo van Gogh, Siegfried von Niederlande, Maarten Tromp, Michiel de Ruyter, Piet Hein, Baroness Sissy van Tuijl van Serooskercke, Johan Cruijff, Simon Tahamata and kindness.Jesus the Nazarea asked the fool his name, and the man answered, ‘Legion, for we are many’ (MARK 5:9) Vincent watched towards the cross of the suffering King of the Jews and wondered, who are you? The son of God? , no you know I don’t believe that.In the meantime, I don’t know who you are, but you must be someone. But who?.Doesn’t matter, never mind, no hard feelings, who cares?When I read ‘Forgive your enemy’, I can feel something that feels like it was there the whole time, something floating.It is if my very own being for just those few moments consisted of the total recognition of a truth and then realize that you have risen from the dead?Is that something! When I think of it I glow! “Whenever I die because of one of your father’s experiments, I wish to receive all the money of all the banks of Johnny Cash!’ spoke Vincent talking with Christ Jesus.It isn’t some goyischer holy story full of reverence and stiffness and lies.It isn’t some myth, thought Vincent; I cannot believe it didn’t happen.Its sounds so human, so surprising, and so real at once, ‘Legion, for we are many’.  by  the way, what is it that you ask from me? ,To suffer like you did on the cross?Well I’m doing it! , Vincent Ferdinand looked venomously and bite his lips, it’s a homicide world!.How many people get killed while Im asleep? A thousand? A Legion!Everyone knows a thought is a thought and not some brain cells dancing the Cha-Cha in the brain, it’s really all bullshit saying mind is brain, sure my hand is in my pocket, but is my pocket in my hand? There is a secret written in doctrine: ‘that man who has no right to open a door and runs away remains a prisoner for the rest of mans live,  In September 1996 the holy Graves of the fathers of Arafat were stupidly and secretly re-opened by the soldiers of Jerusalem.These Israeli soldiers re-opened these graves only to take a look if the forefather’s corpses of the Palestinian people were larger or smaller than the holy fathers of the corpses of the Israeli’s.It was September 1996 and Vincent Ferdinand was over a longer period in love with little pretty Cindy whom was too young to fall in love, so he found love at the vocalist Monique Klemann whom was the big sister of the pretty young gypsy-princess Cindy,  in his fantasy.But he knew unconscious that the chance was very little of being beloved by little Cindy or Monique, unto his largest nightmare he read in a magazine thus she, Monique Klemann. was highly pregnant, jealousy made him an anger young- men.Angrily he hung around at the shops-center were most of the youth hung around to talk, sell and to do nothing but smoke some pot. A Turk sold him a golden Hexagramm for only one 1.000 cent, Vincent conjured 1.000 cents forth and bought the 5 pointed David-Star,The Turk didn’t knew that Vincent Ferdinand himself was a European Jew. How strange, a golden Hexagramm? , a yellow six pointed Jude symbol bought from a Turk?   But for only 1.000 cents he had something worth to get hold on, only no kisses from Monique or Cindy.Who is unfortunate in love, has luck in the gambling game, thought Vincent Ferdinand with mixed emotions.But what’s more valuable? A golden Hexagram or being kissed by Monique  klemann?     And lost in thoughts about love and precious steel he abruptly went home. He was 90.000.000 miles away from the sun in September ’96 he had seen Arafat on television, Arafat was angry because of the soldiers of Israel had opened the Graves of the saints of the Islam.Arafat called it unholy, and Vincent agreed with Arafat thus the tunnels under the ground were holy of the saints of the fore-fathers of the people of Palestinia. Without hesitation he walked in black clothes into his demonic ritual room, where several occult objects stood, as first he took his golden Hexagramm in his hands, held him in the direction of the east, pointed toIsrael.He commanded the six-pointed star symbol to protect these Graves in the tunnels of Jerusalem and the Hexagramm vanished out of his hands, never to return.He grasped his dead alligator, which was the beast, held him in his arms pointed to the east; he commanded this beast to go to the centre of the tunnels of the disaster in Israel and to fight a war that of the beast, and thus the alligator disappeared into the void. To start a war and when he had finished doing so, he returned approximately two minutes after he disappeared.Since this moment there again was a fight between the people of Palestinia and between the soldiers ofJerusalem.Arafat yet even came hurried to Europe to have a conversation with President Wim Kok, but despite Arafat’s prayers to finally get the support of the Europeans into this civil-war conflict, the fight in Israel became more violently, a civil-war that is still going on today.The walls of Jericho are rebuilt after thousands of years which have to hold the Palestinians outside Jerusalem, history repeats itself.Vincent feared that his Abracadabra not by himself, neither through Bill Clinton, was able to get turned back, so let the Gods give it a try!   t was 1 April(fools day), and around the cemetery there hung a peaceful atmosphere.He walked through the paths between the ancient tombstones; the cemetery was from 1870, until the Second World War it was used to burry the dead.Certainly, it is a bit unusual for a man to find his rust & peace on an ancient cemetery, and to pray.There was one special tomb where he came for, the tomb of three little brothers.All these three brothers died after each other at the age of nearly only one year old.The first born was Vincent Ferdinand December 1870, the second Lodewijk 1873 and the third again Vincent Ferdinand 1876.Vincent himself was born in December 1970, his brother in 1973 and his sister 1976.After all he lived over 30 years in the area of this little ancient cemetery.There couldn’t be a doubt, he was the soul relative of Vincent Ferdinand.Incidentally he heard over a certain period of time some kind of screaming and shouting, the same as in the movie ‘the Blair witch project’ from the bushes ofMaryland. (oct.1994)     Was it perhaps the Blair-witch from Maryland who called him by those shouts like a bat? He, once in the end of 2002 followed these signs, he walked straight to the cemetery and opened the iron gates, he contacted the dead whenever it arranged him.And death gave many answers as many questions that remained unanswered. This was a second coming of the Blair-Witch III aka Kelly Edwards(r.i.p.), and this original American evil-witch from Maryland turned into the personal Goddes of Vincent himself, perhaps a Jewish rabbi would take it serious, but sober rational modern man such as dr.Harry would declare him for a fool, but Vincent Ferdinand knew quite certain that Dr.Harry himself wasn’t a total hundred percent either himself.
(Chapter 9-long live the fool)
There are many explanations for the fool.He is like god that plays a game with himself, the fallen one that decided to go on adventure with himself.   He doesn’t remember that he is a falling angel.This fool, this God, revealed the seven Basic colors (the seven day’s) by which the creation had been composed.He is like the prince from other worlds on a journey through ours.The fool is the witness and the dreamer in all of us, he is the beginning, the middle and the end.He is the enlighten one.In the eyes of the world he is a fool that has no past and no future.He is completely free of mind and prepared to take risks, because the fool he is a fallen one, this solitary God. Yes, me too believe that the Gods are our guardians, and that men are possession of theirs.So the fool begins his trip, and he meets the magician that learns magical tricks to the fool.’As above, so beneath’ speaks the magician.He opens the door with a wizard-spell, the door between these and the other world.The magician teaches to the fool how to use this wizard-spell.The fool now learns ‘my will, is Gods will’, they are in unity, the fool and his heavenly father.The magician opens the sleeping bag of the fool and puts inside the bag, fire, water, air and earth.These are the soul, the heart, the mind and the body, the four seasons, east west north and the south.   The fool now realize that he exists, and he is a happy man to go further with his filled sleeping bag on his journey, the adventure of his life had  been started.Our fool meets on his journey a high Priestess, a woman that teaches the fool to realize he is only a solitary male-fool, and that she is a female.  He is hereby only the male aspect of mankind, and the fool experiences this as a humiliating truth.The Priestess gave the fool warmth and rest at heart while she looks strict and straight to the fool.She is into the possession of the key from the door to the world of the balance of the forces of nature, and she gave the fool a chance to see her world, that of man and woman, day and night, good and evil, black and white, right and left, birth and death, and that of space and that of time.The fool is now a wiser fool and the priestess that still was a virgin, gets pregnant of the fool, the fool felt in love for her temptation and beauty.Only the Priestess knows the secrets of being a virgin, she is the only one who knows the laws of the divine creation of being pregnant, of this new life of an unborn child (fool).Please fool! Don’t try to touch the beast (priestess) too close! Perhaps she does not let you go back no more!The fool tried to fly to the sun and burnt his self-made wings.So the fool lost all light and beauty and he became like a little devil.he fool is now the lost sheep, which is going completely unto the highway to hell.Every fool has a past and every fool has a future. Our fool is running with the devil, the fool only witness the darkness, and he realizes that he always been a fool without wings.The fool loves sexuality, money and black magick. Our hero had been gone much too close to the beast, now all roads lead straight to hell.Angst and pain is written to read on the fools face, he is like a clown with love-sorrow.The fool knows that he must go on further on his journey, his adventure.His past been destroyed because of his sorrow and of his pain.The fool has no chance to change the past, it’s too late.
When he falls asleep in the night his dreams became like a nightmare, the God of thunder strikes the fool with flames from grace.When the fool awakes from his nightmare, the morning sunlight shines all over him.When the fool opens his eyes again and sees the divine sunlight, the fool knows he alone is able to choose which direction he will continue on his journey with his sleeping-bag filled with acknowledgements from his adventure he is into.Meanwhile the sunlight filled the horizon with warmth and love.Our fool has the eye’s of a happy child, infect, our hero becomes like an innocent child whom is acting foolish.
Vincent Ferdinand bought in Paris a set of Tarot-cards, the Hermetic Tarot, re-wrote by Sir Godfrey Dowson in 1888.The small Tarot-shop on 29, rue St.-Andre-des-Arts 75006 Paris, livres des strategy.The symbolism and the explanation of these Tarot-cards were re-constructed in the year 1888.The cards were based on elder Jewish writings.The 22 Jewish names for the 10 roads that lead the fool to the Tree of Life of the Garden of Eden were names of Hebrew’s angels.
These names are ‘Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth,Heh,Vau,Zain,Cheth,Yod,Caph and Qoph etc.Our fool has the number O, which is also the number of God.   as by the following the fool is described according to the writings of Sir Godfrey Dowson.
The spirit of Ether.  Aleph. Ox. Pluto.the sun indicates a bright spring morning.The two-part triangle in the upper right of the card represents air.The symbol of Pluto appears in the mist to the front of the fool.The Foolish Man stands with his worldly belongings at the edge of a precipice, ignorant of the lashing waves and the alligator with open jaws.The Fool holds in his right hand the rose of joy, signifying perfect innocence and he holds a fierce wolf in check by a leash.Behind him sprouts the follower of silence.The higher significance of this card suggests that the foolish Man’s perfect innocence is holding the wolf, thus the danger of worldly wisdom is held in check by perfect innocence.Thought. Sensitivity The flesh. Eternal life. Initiative. Spirituality. Folly.Foolishness. Bad decision Indecision. Apathy. Hesitation.(Persons reading the cards should bear in mind that the various meanings presented in this in this booklet are suggestive and not meant to be conclusive.During a reading, the diviner of the cards should freely permit his own conscious and subconscious thought processes to assign expanded meanings to each card in a manner which feels most comfortable and responsive.)
All the fools sailed away; we have nothing, nothing more to say.’  We are the innocent, we are the damned.Were caught up in the middle of the madness, Hunted by the bastards of the land.Thou takes our diamonds, thou gives us steel   Thee Kings and Queens steal away our dreams.we are the suffering, we’re caught, and we bleed.We’re sailing to the end of the universe, never to return.All the fools sailed away to the promised land, taken by the Lord his hands.
Diamonds are girls’ best friends!
Our sun is a burning fireball created out of Helinium and Hydrogen, from todayof there remains for yet 1500 Million years of sufficient Hydrogen in the Sun.Without Hydrogen there is no life, no energy, to be possible for mankind to survive.Our mother Earth is six Billion years of age.In the beginning the Earth was cold, lifeless and amorphous.Allah created the planet round of shape, Inc. A North and a South-pool, Allah said,’There is  light!’Allah created an atmosphere that exists out of nitrogen and oxygen, now Allah was finally relieved to take a breath.Allah stared to the Sun, Mercurius, Venus, the Moon, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, Pluto and planet-X, which are a total number of 12.12 months a year.2×12 hour each day.12 tunes on a guitar/piano/violin.He saw thus that it all was good and named it Heaven; he named the blue planet ‘Earth’ or‘Paradise’.   By the light of the stars Allah saw that its creation was perfect, and he named the planet Venus the twin sister of planet Earth (paradise).    In the Garden of Eden between the Eufra and the Tigris, where trees grew, fish swam and birds flew, Allah was satisfied but he was solitary.He than created a fool and a priestess, and he named them Adam and Eve.Out of the A of Adam he removed the rib (-), turned the A without the rib (-) around so that the V was created, and this ‘V”  is spoken as Eve.Allah now finally found that the Garden of Eden was completed, and thought that it was perfectly created.On the seventh day, Allah took a day of rest to enjoy the creation; he called the seventh day a Shabbath.Allah was satisfied and saw that all of his creations were perfect.The fool (Adam) and the priestess (Eve) were both naked and they didn’t felt ashamed for each other.This was the last day of creation by the seven Basic colours by which Allah painted the Heavens and our earthly paradise.The fool became a strong believer in the creator and in all his creations.Before the fall from heaven, the Big-Bang, there were already the souls of Allah and the Fool whom were one.Even before the creation of time and space they were one.This fool contained all there is in space.He started to burn in a trillion of a second, thus hereby was created time and space.The fire was enormously hot and space had the size of the heart of an ant.It grew bigger and within only a quark of a second it grew bigger and getting hotter.Time was running closer towards one second and the heat was ready to explode.Before this quark evaluated into the first second, there was born space and grew more giant like the eye of a human, still black, the heat turned from the inside to reflect itself visible and the first second was there and grew larger like the shape of a foetus.   The Alpha gave light and it shone strong like starlight.Time started to exits and the foetus grew and filled itself with more heat than imaginable.  The foetus grew to a size of a man.It was complete but lonely, it grew and finally it tore itself apart and it explodes.It was forced to multiply.And this was the BIG-BANG, the fall from heaven; the one became many and thus was the Alpha all which exists was there were it all begun.No limits. The mind of the creator was perfect and its explosion created heat, light and dust.Time and more space than before, and it went faster and faster, fire, explosions and heat.Since that little time and trillions of years later, the creation was still itself.Burning stars and our limited human brain.And so the mind of the creator is the centre of space, time and materialism.This double Helix of our cosmos code DNA was entering into the darkness and yet,all was still in touch with each one.  
(Chapter 10-the paradox of god)
Another source of conviction in the existence of God connected with reason and not with feelings, is the extreme difficulty or rather impossibility of conceiving this immense and wonderful universe as the result of blind change of necessity. If God created mental illnesses, why? , would God tap his finger against someone’s forehead and say; nobody home?  Their medication of the clients of the Brooklyn-hospital, they get it everyday, Lithium, Therozine, Haldol, Xanax, Tremblex, Ritalin.Valium,Methadon.Leponex.Orap.Sizordinol.Paracetamol etc.   It tense to make them even more spacier than they already are. A schitzo is someone who is more neurotic than his doctor, Vincent often felt hatred. , "Godverdomme,‘Nazi-bastards. Always blame it on the Jews. ‘Godverdomme’ he wheezed.But how can this be? Was there a spoiler at large in the universe?Satan left the paradox intact, a bleeding wound in the mind that wouldn’t ever recover.    Think of God; were there shadows in his nature? Were he brilliant and sensitive? After all was said and done was the answer to the mystery, no more than God was really Batman and Robin? Or could it be that he was closer to being a nuts than anyone here to fore had imagined, a being of superior but limited power? I envisioned such a God in court pleading; Guilty with explanation, your Honor, this theory had appeal it was rational and obvious and certainly the simplest that suited all the facts, but I rejected it out of hand and subordinated logic to this situation.
Be wise, thy heroes, submit thyself unto (music from) the Elder (KISS)  Beware, all of thee be heroes one to another, and be clothed with self-believe: for the Lord resisteth the darklight, and giveth faith to the chosen boy.Humble thyself therefore under the judgments hands of thy Lord that God may summon the boy with the lights in his blue eye’s of a real, real champion’ 1 Pet 5:5-6.
I didn’t come to the world to sell the ‘Awake!’ magazine from the Jehovah door to door witnesses.And I felt that anyway now about the problem of evil, something whispered to his soul.That the truth was staggering and somehow connected to the original sin,but only analogy and dimly.Hilary asked Bill in the Garden of Eden on a Sunny day: Do you still love me?” , and Bill answered: ‘Do I have a choice? There is nobody else!’, and the snake whom lived like the beast of the field was sleeping beneath the forbidden tree.YHWH commanded to Hilary: ‘Innocence is no excuse’.The Jewish legend tells that Lillith was the first wife of Adam in the Garden of Eden.During their sexual activity’s Lillith sat on the top of Adam, and refused to lay on her back.Adam became angry and she escaped from the Garden of Eden and made love with the angels whom saw that she was pretty.She gave birth to 100 demonic-children each day, where the giant ones came forward from.God pleased Adam by the creation of an innocent Eve from his rib, Lillith returned to the Garden and she seduced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and of evil.lillith became the snake, the evil-beast inside this paradise. Pain had its uses, and the brain could shut it off at any time, but how?The Gods in the sky hasn’t told me, the Secret Orphan Annie Pain issued, some heads are gonna roll. Vincent suffered a headache, he thought: So you at last do feel something, after all these years of mutilations and violent endings and there is still something with in you that feels emotional .Good. This is a very good point. Well taken.He ached for his bed, the tiredness sank to the bones of his legs and then into the earth beneath him, heavily.He reminded of a monk, medieval kind, the kind that you see in the movies, their expressions unsmiling, earnest and dumb.If man behind the deadpan mask, did something bright and strong that hummed, something wonderful and fair that he did not from deviousness, but because of a certain gentility of soul, ‘Dutifully ‘ Vincent looked at the plate before him, his stomach was empty but he could not eat.Vince Amfortis had lost his appetite; outside a bird was singing, in this weather? It’s too cold!  ’This bird ought to be put in an institution, he’s sick, he needs help, and so do I’.Then the bird fell silent and the only Sunday sound was a clock on the wall. Tick-tack-tick-tock-tick., and suddenly the clock stopped tikking, ‘And may it over come all children o’ Israel an everlasting healing, Amen’, praised Vincent fairly.Vincent felt a strangeness in his room, what was it? The Blair witch? Pazzazu? It is nothing, you are tired!The possessed young Tony Blair of The Exorcist had unsaveroury acquaintances of one habit, an oui-ja board to whom he spoke with a demon called Pazzazu, the demon, an ancient Demon from South-Africa, listened to the name ‘Captain Nemo ‘.   His sculpture was found in northern Iraq, by an elder cath’lick priest, this image of Pazzazu was well known in the religion of ancient Babylonia, Persia. Father Kerry and Father Kluiver both died during the performance of the exorcism ritual on the young Tony Blair.farther  Kluiver died of a third heart attack caused by a shock during the exorcism ritual, Father Kerry whom had lost his faith became possessed by the demon himself and felt down through the window on the stairs and died, his head was completely turned around, one 180 degrees.Father.Osbourne did not go upstairs because of Angst. But Tony Blair was still alive and he was released of possession of the demon and he was not aware of what happened, left the house and drove straight into the streets of Washington D.C.,  after he gave FatherJack  Osbourne a kiss and thanked him very much.While Vincent watched the child drive abruptly away, the child looked at Vincent Ferdinand real evil, he looked much, much longer in his face as usual, at the end of the movie, recreate in 2000.This time it was Vincent whom became filled with Angst, was it a sign? A mark of Satan?A warning? He thought over and became very sick all over his body, shakin and cold as ice.A few day’s passed and nothing unusual had happened, except his sick stomach, and a lot of cold-sweat. But it had started somewhere else where Pazzazu was among the living. There were in this month of November 2002 children getting shot to death by a sniper, round Washington D.C., Vince was sure it was Pazzazu whom was involved into these killings.Vincent started to analyze whom and why? Why was some sick head killing the innocent? Vincent Ferdinand imagined himself as a F.B.I. sergeant. , he had to find it out and to make it stop. The sniper kept on killing in the area of Washington D.C., was it an ex-sniper such as a Vietnam one? Or a first gulf-war sniper whom wanted to start the second out of hate because this men might be a Muslim/ Jesuit but an ex-believer? It was clear he hated everything and everybody, without a feeling of guilty or being ashamed, but stupidly and dumb on the same level as the killings were done.It was six o’clock midnight and Vince was wild awake and searched for some radio voices, he might could try to influence such subject as often.This time it was President Bush of the United States whom spoke anger on the radio; the subject was the Washington D.C. Snipers and their possible terror protectors from another nation.The President spoke that they had to surrender themselves to the government because they knew who they were, then came these spoken words: we will not fear to use a mushroom to protect ourselves! When the voice of war ended, Vincent Ferdinand witnessed the most exciting vision he had ever seen or heard of. It would change his life for ever.An enormous huge red Hiroshima-bomb exploded one block away from his living room while he watched outside, it grew larger and the red light was shining like lightning.He couldn’t believe his eyes but this was more than just a hallucinated brain Cha-Cha.At the top of this red colored Nagasaki Mushroom whose size was as it was reality, it suddenly changed into a huge blue colored light shining U.F.O. with yellow windows above and under the middle of the U.F.O., it was made of lightning and shone into the darkness of this November night of 2002. Than it flew to the apartment of Vincents and with a strange Zoom- Zoom sound it flew above with high speed like it was the one you witness in the star-trek movies, he sensed the Zoom-Zoom sounds flying above his apartment and he had to hold strong not to drop on the floor.The darkness was there again, the stars at the heaven above must have had doubtless witnessed this incident by themselves.He sat down on the floor and closed his blue eyes.Inside the next two weeks both of the Washington D.C. snipers(mr.Muhamed) were caught and put under arrest by the F.B.I.
(Chapter 11- AngelwitchVincent)
Vincent Ferdinand himself had an oui-ja board on his ritual altar in his bedroom; he used it so now and then.The demon he spoke with was an ancient living death fromMaryland,Burkutsville, it answered to the name Kelly Edwards, the spirit seemed to be alive and he was aware of the danger of it when things would go wrong, the Angel witch whom moved from Maryland u.s.a. to Zeeland (the dutch), he was sure. No doubts, Spirits exists, he knew, he could tell. Vince had to go out, to get moving and went outside.Outside, he stood with his hands on the doorknob, troubled and thoughtful and undecided.The wind blew a Styrofoam cup down the drive-way and listened to its thin and forlom impacts, then it was still, abruptly he went away, walked through a little park that traversed a canal.He followed the death steps of one of his friend Mr. Kuipers, already, back then, the curious gathered and were milling about and chattering, although no one seemed to know just exactly what had happened, Mr. Kuipers were found in the canal after being missed six weeks, after research of the F.B.I. , it seemed he missed his left index-finger.In 1995 when Mr. Kuipers often visited the apartment of Vincent, they both made studies of the occult and of religion; there was one black book which described the subject of the U.S. Future seen by one man.There was only one page of a vision from this man out of the beginning of the 20th century, whom had seen in a vision thus Manhattan New York would be a war zone on fire, buildings burning while airplanes crashed. This all would have taken place inside the 21st century, there shall be a fire of the world, and all the nations would have problems because of this world fire.This story made a huge impact on Mr. Kuipers, because there was a science-fiction painting made of this Manhatten-Warzone, he was sure it would happen, he even made Vince convinced of the reality of this vision of one hundred years ago.The very same week Mr. Kuipers suddenly disappeared, and being put on the list of the file of most wanted people by the local Brooklyn police.This book is still in the possession of the occult books from Vincent in his apartment.Vincent passed by the water and sat down on a bank, he reached into his pocket of his coat, there was a novel inside, the holy Quo’ ran.He, pulled out the book and started to read, he was aware of the danger of reading a novel over and over again, he pretended to be an old man who was passing his elder day by the canal, but the holy Quo’ ran held the danger that he might unwittingly actually read it and perhaps allow the Gemini killers to elude his scrutiny.He slipped it back inside the pocket of his coat, he stayed until noon, hearing something suspicious, something was nagging at him, but what? , he stayed for a while but could not identify it, he sighed with relief and left.Vincent got home and moved back to his apartment, back home he moved to the window, he looked out.He felt uneasy; some darkness was stirring that he could not comprehend: yet he sensed its movements, but what was it? it was alive and evil he thought.Slowly he took his suitcase within all his needs for another injection of angeldust, and prepared himself to be ready for another hotshot, which he desired so strong.After he pulled the blood out of his veins into the needle he injected it back mixed with his angeldust and careful shot the liquid into his right arm. Again it hit his brain and muscles like a hammer which hit the anvil on full power, these were those moments he was able to forget his loneliness and felt the warmth of a beloved Yashmine, it was a matter of the heart what made him into those injections of angeldust, he couldn’t live with the knowledge of the missing emotions to love and to beloved, like he was used to with Yashmine  A world in which neutrinos were said to be ghosts,and electronics were able to go backwards in time.
(Chapter 12-among the dead)
Again in touch with normality, Vince ached for his bed.Only animals like a wasp from L.A.were clean looking.Wasps aren’t as bad as they say; they are very pretty colored, yellow and black.Vincent  felt asleep at once, and as usual he dreamed away from reality.He was flying above a city, which he could not describe.This city looked like science-fiction, he went down.  He, entered a huge building, it walls were smooth and of a deep bleu colour. And they melted to a ceiling of breathtaking height.He had the feeling of being in a vast cathedral.An immense expanse was filled with beds of the kind find in a mental-hospital, narrow and white; there were hundreds of people, possibly more engaged in various quiet activities.Most were reading or talking, though a group of five of them near Vince was gathered at a table and radio transmitter of some sort, someone was reading tarot-cards on a table.Their faces were intent and he could hear a female voice saying ‘can you hear me?’Odd’ beings walked around, winged men like angels wearing the uniforms of doctors.They moved among the beds and the columns of sunlight that were shafting through circular stained-glass windows.They seemed to be dispensing medication or engaging in quiet conversations.The general atmosphere was of peace.  Vince walked along rows of beds that stretched as far as he could see. Nobody noticed him, perhaps, for an angel who turned his head and gazed at him pleasantly, as he passed and returned to work.Sudden, Vincent witnessed his dead friend from the Brooklyn-hospital Mr. Krueger whom died in 1998, suicide.As in ordinary dreams, where the dead are not ever perceived as such, he walked to Mr.Krueger unhurriedly and sat down with him on the bed. I Am glad to see you Krueger’, he said.                                                                    
 Then Vincent added, ‘Now both of you and I are dreaming’. Krueger whispered in silence: ‘No, I am not dreaming Vince’,                        
So Vincent now realized himself that he was among the dead.Along with this the sudden realization came an absolute certainty that his friend was not an illusion.Vince peppered him with questions about the hereafter, this life after death.
Are all these people dead?’ asked Vincent surprised. Krueger nodded, What a mystery’, whispered Vince , where are we? He asked  Krueger shrugged, I don’t know, I’m not sure but we come here first. ‘It looks like a hospital’, Vincent Ferdinand deserved. ‘Yes, all of us are treated here’, said Krueger ‘Do you know were you going after this? ‘.  Krueger said “No”  They continued to talk, and finally Vincent Ferdinand asked him bluntly, Does Jehovah exist? ‘Not in the dream world’, ‘Which is the dream world? Is this the one?’ “This is the world where we meditate ourselves’  When Vincent  pressed him to explain his answer, Kruegers statement grew vague and diffuse.     “”one point”, he said, “we have two souls”, and then he again grew dubious and uncertain, and the dream began melting around the edge, growing more flat and insubstantial until finally his friend was a phantom talking gibberish. Vincent  awakened and lifted his head.Through a crack in the drapes in front of the window his blue-eyes watched into the cobalt light of dawn.He let his head drop back into the pillow and thought of the dream.What did it meant? , “Doctor Angels” he murmured aloud.Vincent quietly eased himself out of bed and went to the bathroom and urinated.He made some Tea and sat back in the leather chair, lost in thoughts.Was the dream his future, an augury of his death? No, this dream didn”t have a certain texture. This is the one who was unlike any dream he ever had. It affected him profoundly.”Not in the dream world”, he murmured, “two souls”, “its the world were we mediate ourselves”.Was the dream his unconscious providing him with clues to the pain he suffered?Mentally disturbed? Maybe, he wondered.A dream tells you whom you really are, what was this for a vision? mr.Krueger, his dead friend, at least he seemed to be healed from his suicide wounds.They even smoked cocaine two days before he committed suicide and passed away.Vincent picked up another Tabak and started to smoke easily, he felt no pain, he felt nothing.
(Chapter 13-The free will of God)
I shall pass through this world but once.  Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any Human-being, let me do it now, let me not defer or neglect it.  For I shall not pass this way again. Was the three-dimensional universe an artificial construction designed to be entered for the working out of specific problems that could be solved in no other way?Was the problem of evil in the world by design?Did the soul put on a body as men put on diving suits in order to enter the ocean and work in the depths of an Alien-water world in a yellow submarine?Did we choose the pain that we innocently suffered?If everything had a cause of existence why not the existence of a God?Or Lucifer the Satan or the cause of pain and of death?”One more thing about evolution”, wheezed Vincent, a fish takes a little breath of air, a try out, and returns back into the ocean.And keeps on practicing this and he breaths a little longer each time he did before.After all this practice, he is able to breathe long enough to lay some eggs on the land, and before she dies she leaves a will saying how her children should trying breathing on the land and they do it.And on and on it goes, maybe hundreds of millions of years they keep trying,each generation getting better and better because all of this practice is getting into their DNA-genes.And then finally one of them breathes the air and keeps on breathing, on the land.All her children have no trouble breathing air all the time, their only problem is walking.As regarding this theory about these fish, it has one little problem, they have no feet.So God should evaluate them so it would make the whole thing, these walking and breathing fish, theorem possible.These fish changes through the evolution of nature in the history of reptiles.They come up on dry land and they lay their eggs including food and water inside the shell of these eggs.There is need now some kind of deadly tool so the little embryos should be able to get out of its hard, tough shell.All these changes in the egg from fish to the reptile has taken maybe, millions of years of evolution. Every change would be exchanged right on the spot before the other one ever got to make this appearance.In the meantime we have reptiles in our cities Zoo”s, and fish as well.But how could this come possibly to be so?All these changes in the embryo have happened through thousands of years, or all at once by incredible coincidence?Vince felt abandoned, design, creation and causality, he thought.Yehovah God exists I know. Free will. Very nice, we should keep it! Good point. Well taken! No limits to the tolerance of the divine creating of life by God , let there be light, let there be sound, let there be guitars, let there be drums, let there be rock.  on the Eighth day God created rock ‘n roll, ! And as  finishing touch God created the Dutch!    The leap of mans mind from Jehovah  to perfection had no transition.Jehovah  was a motionless identity; death was an ending, at least without an emotional God.With all of eternity at his disposal, what fiendish new tortures might he not device?Vincent snatched a red colored book and quickly opened it.  I had to come across it accidentally, its in here, in this book called ‘Satan by Baron Vladimir van Tuijl van Serooskercke”.He began to read, ‘An angels knowledge is perfect, because of this, the fire of an angels love isn’t built up slowly.No matter if the angel is immediately a Holocaustic, a roaring conflagration, a flame with love that will never lesson.It also say”s that this situation never changes, fallen angels, Satan’s angels,Hells Angels, whatever-angels.And so why is the devil always schmutzing up and down and all around making trouble? Jesuits always blames it on Satan.Its a joke, it couldn”t be, not according to this book.Vincent was entering the Brooklyn-hospital to visit dr. Harry for a conversation.The doctor looked very serious and made Vincent Ferdinand wondering if there wasn”t a smile behind his eyes .He saw the doc. writing on a clipboard.The doc. flicked a glance of appraisal at his client. What is he thinking of? dr.Nurmuhamed asked himself. Do I read a smile beyond those eyes? The contact was monumentary, and dr..Harry turned away and left the room. He turned left in the hallway and vanished from view.A laugh riot, this doctor?” murmured Vincent  aloud. The doctor returned:I”ve been thinking about your problem, the problem of evil’  Is this evil only my  problem ?” said Vincent astounded.’What do they teach you at school? This is everybody’s problem’.                
I understand’, said the doctor.  the unconsciousness “What is it? Who is it?’  dr.  Nurmuhamed looked away and made a gesture of impatience.    ‘Oh, that again” he murmured.  Yes, you’re eaten up with jealousy that I the patient, is on the verge of now cracking this problem of evil’, spoke Vince loudly.‘My Giant brain is like a surgeon surrounded by mirrors’.   ‘Where did you come up with these ideas?” asked dr.Harry   ‘Gospels tells you to forgive and forget, but God cant?  ‘Okay, what”s your theory’ dr.Harry insisted.                                                 
 ’I am still working on it doc., my unconsciousness is smacking it together.  ‘I’ll give you another little hint’ offered Vince Blackwell. Its from your gospels, “what you do unto the least of these, my little ones, you do unto me”, Vince paraphrased.  He saw dr.Harry Nurmuhamed writing on a clipboard.  Was he smiling? Or what, who knew? He is a tough, tough case, thought Vincent Blackwell .‘What is it that you want?” asked dr..Harry. ‘You forgive me? I want to pick up your mind,  ‘What about?’   ‘Pain, it drives me crazy, you’re an expert’.                                                              
You have a recurring pain?’  ‘Use my brain for experiment, and find out why this happens, then I at least have some peace whenever I die, when I have the answers, it drives me insane for over ten years’.  In the doctors eye’s there was a ghost of a smile.  ‘You were mentioning pain’ dr.Harry spoke ‘True, look you know that I am suffering phantom noises, they hurt a lot’. ‘My question has to do with God’s goodness . ‘Its all speculation’, the doc. reminded him. ‘Please doc. speculate, its eating me up’. ‘You’re fully conscious and actually aware of it, your adrenaline is pumping, I may have misled you’.‘One thing that I did not mention is that when the pain gets too unbearable, the nervous system overloads’,  ‘Then why couldn’t my body have been made impervious to injure? asked Vince.  ‘Ask God’ answered the doc. ‘I am asking you! the doc.spoke softly ‘I don’t know the answer’.  ‘Its a wonder you believe in a God at all’ replayed Vincent.‘Within all that knowledge of the working of the brain, don’t you think its all neurons all this stuff we call pain or a soul?’  dr.Harry checked his watch, ‘I ought to be going spoke the doctor. ‘Be honest’ asked Vincent ,A dark expression came over dr.Harry’s face; he relaxed and asked ‘what is it I can help you with? ‘Its the brain versus mind’, ‘hocus pocus’,for years I have been meaning to consult some neurologists about it.He asked the doctor skeptical,: ‘Are the things we call feelings and thoughts nothing more than brain neurons that are dancing the cha-cha in the brain? ‘What do you think? ‘asked Vincent friendly.Dr.Harry looked serious and nodded, ‘I think they are the same’ he said sternly. ‘Why is that?’asked Vincent   ‘Why not? answered the doc. the doctor bites his lips. ‘I mean, are they the very Same fact as those neurons?, whom needs to search out for this thing called a soul when the brain is clearly doing all these things, suppose that you’re looking at the sky and you see a great homogeneous expanse, is that the very same fact as a pattern of electrical discharges that run between wires in the brain?’, he asked his doctor. the doctor wondered a moment, and before he answered he looked dark eyed at his patient and finally spoke; ‘You look at a grapefruit’, he said slowly and continued, ‘It produces a circular image in your sense field, but the cortical projection of this circle in your occipital lobe isn’t circular, it occupies a space that’s ellipsoidal’, the white haired doctor spoke aloud. ‘So how can these things be the very same fact?, when I think of the universe, how do you contain it in your brain?’ the doctor was surprised by this question.  Dr.Nurmuhamed turned around in his chair, and looked outside.  Then he said: ‘There are several other mysteries to consider’, he murmured. ‘One is the executive connected with thought, every second a man’s mind is bombarded with thought’, Vince looked at his doctor and realized he finally spoke some true words, not lies, not this time.  Then dr.Harry spoke; ‘Bombarded with hundreds, thousands of sense impressions’,he took a deep breath and tried to continue.   ‘But you filter out all but those immediately necessary to accomplish your ends of the moment, and those countless decisions are made every second and in less than a fraction of a second’. ‘Who’s making those decisions? Vince asked and again, ‘who’s making the decision to make that decisions?   Dr.Harry waited a second before he answered any question, ‘what’s behind these questions?’.   Okay, I have to tell you a little secret, don’t blame me or my answers, I haven’t told you before, the secret is that mostly the brain cells of schizophrenics are often better put together structurally than the brains of  people without mental problems, and some people with most of their brain removed continue to function as themselves’.Dr.Harry scrabbled his nose while he gave this informatica to Vincent, whom he always had found an unusual personality. ‘The scientist with his electrodes touches a certain brain cell and the patient hears a voice from long ago, or he experiences a certain emotion’.but his subjects always said that whatever he produced in them with the electrodes was not a part of them, it was something done to them’  Vincent’s eyebrows rose ‘Is that so?’ , ‘Yes it is so’.and if mind is brain, then the brain has some capacities totally unnecessary for the physical survival of the body’, he spoke with a cracking tune in his voice and with a dark forced light out of his brown eye’s.’  ‘Things like wonder and self-awareness, and some of us go so far as to believe that consciousness itself isn’t centered in the brain, for some reason to suspect that the whole human body, including the brain as well as the external world itself, is all spatially situated inside consciousness’, the doctor looked straight towards his client and awaited.   Vincent thought deeply and whispered, ‘So we might believe that consciousness itself isn’t centered in the brain, so for some reason we suspect that the whole human body as well as the external world itself is all spatially situated inside consciousness’?. ‘You’re very close towards that what I try to explain’, spoke dr.Nurmuhamed. He continued ‘if the mass of the mind is the mass of the brain and the mass of the brain is the mass of the mind the Taliban would shoot me from behind’.  ‘My sentiments exactly’, spoke Vincent. ‘Nu?’ spoke Nurmu and stared at him. ‘I was playing the devils advocate a little, I agree with you, mind is not brain. Sure, my hand is in my pocket, but is my pocket in my hand?  ‘You’re a very strange men’, said the doc, ‘any other questions?’ Asked dr.Nurmuhamed,he was drilling his client with his eyes.  ‘Sweetness and innocence, these day’s its gone, what a life’ sighted Vincent. ‘It is a preparation of death; we must speak of these things another time?’ Dr.Harry nodded and once again he was surprised by his client, he appraised him warmly.Vincent searched his tragic eyes; they were brimming with something, but what? What is it?’   ‘I have some questions for you, especially about the subject of sexuality, ‘Are you still impotent Vincent? Still suffering these singing and guitars in your ears? ,Yes, I suffer quiet a lot, even though I have to admit that the drugs shuts it off but often it returns very heavily”.  We will meet again next Thursday, and if you wish we will discuss this subject, okay?’ , ‘Alright doc.’ spoke Vincent with anger in his voice.  ‘Are you through with your coffee? asked the doc. friendly.  ’Yes doc. I Am’  Then they both walked out of his office. ‘A female patient asked me once, what can I do about those headaches when I have sex?,’you know what I told her? Why don’t you stop fucking?’ ,HaHaHa!, They shook hands and both left another side, dr.Harry turned around. Suddenly he felt a cold draft against his face.It seemed to flow through him, and then it-ebbed.He took a look at the windows, all closed.He had an odd feeling and disappeared into the open-ward.Too much mystical discussion gave him a headache; he opened and closed the door.Vincent went home , and stared with open eyes, glittering eyes.  Think about the autonomic system, it does all of these seemingly intelligent things to keep your body functioning and alive, but it has not got intelligence of its own.Your conscious mind is not directing it, so whats directs it? You’re unconscious.And don’t forget the collective unconscious. A man decided to move his hand; his motor responses were triggered by neurons, which were triggered by others that lead to the brain.But what neuron decided to make that decision, assuming that the chain in the firing of neurons could be lengthened by the billions of neurons in the brain.  When you came to the end of them what remained that had triggered ‘A mans free will?’.Could a neuron decide?Prime neuron untriggered?  First decider undecided? Or perhaps the entire brain decided?Would that give to its whole what none of its single parts possessed?And what made the decision for the brain as a whole to make a decision? At least he got some answers on some important questions. All people of all kind walked through the doorway and he felt their sadness & emotionless faces, others looked depressed without the possibility to show any feeling of joy or happiness or whatever.This hospital reminded him of a sort of horror-house at the circus in town.He tried not to be depressed again just because of the atmosphere of this disturbed madhouse, he went out fast, thinking of what was said.   ‘I believe in the world and men and pitied both, hoping for the best.
(Chapter 14-father Jack Osbourne)
Frank, the therapy manager was there together with other visitors.   ‘Any plans today, Vincent?, asked Frank, ‘You’ll be around?’.  ’You want me to show me your porno collection, or what?’, murmured Vincent.          
Vincent watched with fascination how Frank was snorking his soup and hot broth from its plate.  I’ll stay for an hour or so, and then I go home to see the Exorcist, I love this movie! Seen it 20th times! Can do no evil!’.‘You look down’ insisted Frank.‘No I ‘ m fine, and you?’, ” I am okay!’, ‘You are lying, said Vincent!’,” You too!’, spoke Frank. True! spoke Vincent in return. Frank gazed flicked over the face of Vince, with concern he looked at his therapy client, with exhausted concern and deeply troubled, ‘You are looking very tired’, Frank said.                   Now he’s worried about me, thought Vincent.And he fixed him with a grim and steady stare.Frank broke laughing away from Vince.    ’Better, much better’, thought Vincent and closed its eye’s for a while.    Frank sat behind his desk, he thought,’ perhaps I’d misunderstood’,he was trying to make a phone call, this time holding the telephone closer to his ears, and than again he heard the female voice whom he had heard before. ‘Yes I see’, Yes, thank you, thank you very much indeed’, Frank hang up the telephone.In his office he could hear his breathtaking, he angled the desk lamp away, and held its hands underneath, the tips of his fingers were bloodless, and white underneath his nails.Frank was shocked and his heart was pumping.The very same day he became ill and went home, it took three weeks before he returned to work, because of suffering nightmares and of being impotent. Poor Frank  .nuts. pizznurd!  Meanwhile Vincent had an appointment with the Jesuit reverent. Osbourne. After he arrived at the local Brooklyn-hospital, and opened the door the dirty air of cleaning and of too little fresh air he was disgusted by these stinking hospital smell.Whenever someone remained during a visit over a longer period of time, than even your clothes went to stink like the air of this hospital.Moreover the air was badly for your eyes and lungs; it could even on a longer term causes headaches, the hospic-nurses even recorded their complaints on a note-book.Most medications are poison for blood, mucus, sperm, urine and mans toilet-shit.Amfortis walked to the office of the minister of Father Osbourne, the door stood a little open but it was too small to look inside.Consequently Vincent knocked three times on the door. Nodded. Nod. Konk!  , ‘Hallo?’ sounded through the doorway. Vincent slowly walked further into the office of Father Osbourne.He felt a strange kind of fear, a strong one. ‘Ah, Vincent!, welcome home! Spoke  the priest of the lunatics. ‘God is a tennis-shoe from Venus Williams; say” s the prisoner of the president, the president nods. And he said ‘guard?’, ‘let him be set a free  man’, there is much to be said on both sides, Really Father Osbourne, these rushes to judgments have to stop whether I Am a Satanist or I Am not’,   Reverent J.Osbourne nodded. I don’t judge you for any religion or politics just take care of yourself and no one will judge you on your experiences, I hope.Father J.Osbourne looked calm at Vincent, he considered himself why it didn’t succeed the words of Jesus to serve at him, but Father J. Osbourne tried over and over again.   ‘Vincent?, spoke Osbourne on a tone as if he had all the answers of all questions.Shall we together pray to Christ and ask him if he wants to accompany you on the right path? After all it can do no evil to pray to Jesus! I am sure Christ wants to be your friend’, spoke Father J. Osbourne calm. ‘You know what!’ spoke Vince, ‘give me rather an ashtray for my desires for a tabak if you don’t mind?’   Reverent J. Osbourne looked outside, through the window, ‘My Holy God’, insisted Osbourne  ,’what can I do with this young man?”Please kid, here you got yourself an ashtray, smoking can do no harm, its the youth of today’ ‘Thanks Father’ spoke Vincent in return.  At the open-ward Brooklyn hospital people of all kind of problems came in and out.Children. Elder. Young-adults. And so on.Vincent wondered: ‘Would God invent something like death?’ he asked Father Osbourne.    Father J.Osbourne answered:’ wouldn’t it be a punishment to live forever? ‘Besides you don’t have enough brains’, ’I believe the Lord is a Lord of light without any darkness , here will the dead return to which they after all also came from’ spoke the rev.The Jesuit touched his nose and looked at his unusual client and took a deep breath.’The mind goes back to he whom has given them the mind’, “Its a wonderful life’, reflected Vincent.Father Jack.Osbourne sat at its chair, to oscillate and he looked with dogs eyes at his client as like he himself was put heavily under influence of Valium. ‘Father! I have brought with me a text out of the local Sunday edition of the Washington Post’  , ‘I almost can’t wait to hear it kid’, ‘please read it to me aloud’. Murmured the Priest.    ’I will Father, I will, here it comes!”, ‘The Pope recognizes the existence of the vagina. Recently the Vatican declared that the Pope John II finally recognizes the female vagina, he said I have never ever seen or touched, not that I am aware of, a vagina, only recently one of my holy nuns told me that I can not, will not, deny the existence of the vagina so I beg all cath” licks whom are into the possession of a photograph or other proofs of the feminine vagina, please convince me and let me take a look!’ according to the Sunday news ’    ‘Are you foolin’ me? Christ please have mercy with me!’ reflected Father J.Osbourne.He took again a deep depressed sounding breath of air and asked Vincent ‘ Mr.Blackwell?, whom are your favorite music groups?’ Vincent took a look at the inside of his left hand, like the names were written on his hands, but he only took a look at his very long life-line.    Towards rev.Os he answered proud: ‘I love Black Shabbath and make-up Shock-rockers such as Kiss, I love it loud Father!’  The Jesuit reacted ‘Oh, speak of the devil! These singers of Kiss, are they truly Jewish?   ” Correct Father, pleased to meet you, most people aren’t aware of such facts’ told Vincent insure.   ‘You’re Jewish, but not a true believer, I think, Am I right?’    ‘Partly you’re right Father, but remember I am baptized and raised as a child as a Protestant, just a little, not too heavily’.     ‘So you do believe?”,‘I believe both of you and me are foolish, I Am the idiot and you are the Circus-clown’. Now tell me kid, whadda ya wanna do with the rest of your life! shouted Father J.Osbourne straight into Vincents face.  ’I  wanna rock, smoke tabak, and get married with a rich mans daughter’. Than there was a pause. Silence. Calm.The Jesuit asked friendly:“Have you seen the thriller Psycho with Norman Bates?’ Ofcourse, why do you ask me?  “Well, spoke the Jesuit; its your life story!”
There is no explanation for some evil like the things the Stalinists did in the CCCP.Like the Rabbi whom had eight nails driven into his skull alive, while there were six little boys and their Jewish school teacher.They were praying the Our Father when communistic soldiers came upon them.One soldier whipped out his bayonet and sliced off the teachers tongue.The other took chopsticks and drove them into the ears of the six little boys.
Mention the gastronomy system and certain aesthetics related to our bodies, some woman like a pretty one wouldn’t like it if  we should asked her to visit us Father Osbourne!’,’A  president who goes  stargazing through the cosmos like some impotent Billie Turf, while children suffered and our loved one’s lay in their waste and die?, we cannot have a good God with such horror going on forever, maybe he’s evil?’  ‘My name is Mr. Innocent, dont blame me!’, whispered Osbourne, and continued ‘I strongly believe Satan himself is the guilty one, and he will suffer in hell if you ask me!’.  ‘Jesuits on this question always blame it on Satan, why doesn’t the Vatican get a blame?,We have Antraxed victims and H.I.V. positive mothers, would a good God such nonsense going on?’Vincent had clearly doubts if Lucifer and his evolution was to blame.You can’t say a line looks a little crooked unless you’ve got a notion of a line that’s straight, so were came up these notions like ‘good’, or ‘evil’ or’ unjust’?.We’re a part of this world, if it is evil we shouldn’t be thinking that its ‘evil!.We’d should be thinking that natural things we just call ‘evil’ are just natural.God the Skagenees isn’t some kind of Jekyll and Hide, evil reversed is live!. Father Jack Osbourne seemed to be asleep, but he spoke in silence with closed eye’s, ‘You bring me a headache kid, you are right, both of us are fools, I know, I know boy, please go home! I am very tired’
(Chapter 15-Ununited)
The great mystery in the sky that made all people wonder the gospels out of the Bible from the psalmist Franz Kafka to Nazi-Italia has been making people crazy with trying to figure the whole thing out. None of them ever succeed. Never mind.doesn't matter
The Gnostics thought a Stupidly created the world: So then God told his Son: ‘here child o’mine I give you 50 cent, go on and create the world for me’ , and the Stupid, this kid, did it.Only not being perfect, now we have a world only not being perfect, because this Gods son, this kid, this stupidly wasn’t perfect either himself, of which I speak! What a men whishes to believe to be true, might be the truth.The greatest event in history of the earth is now taken place, may indeed be the gradual discovery, by those with eye’s to see.Not merely of something but of someone at the peak created by the convergence of the evolving universe upon itself, There is only one evil; Disunity! Some patient named Mario, started to listen to voices on a tape recorder. dead people.Answering back his questions, pretty soon he was hearing all the voices everywhere, in the wind, in restless leaves, in the showers water and even in his sleep.He just couldn’t stop talking back. Now day’s he says the television drowns them out. He’s watching television all day, seven day’s a week. Another question, mental illness made him hear all these voices, or made the voices him mental ill, ending up in the Brooklyn open-ward for psychiatry?Now think of the entire universe as your body, including exploding stars, evolution,Auschwitz and the hunting wasps, as the autonomic system, what is directing  it? if Jesus wouldn’t been crucified, would we than have ever heard of resurrection? The Phenomenon of men. The second coming?    Does the cosmos know that we exist?  For which reason does the cosmos actual exists?    Is the cosmos useless and soulless?    Nuclear weapons, the Hiroshima-Bombs and all disasters like Tsjernobyl did no good towards the reputation of Albert Einstein.Meanwhile Einstein in person he did nothing-else than to analyze the cosmic-nature on a simple manner to describe.And all men are created out of the very same cosmic-nature, but are we really useless or soulless? , is the cosmos? I don’t think so.Nobody wishes to be as a robot.Men attach strengthen on personality and the freedom of mind and of will, nobody doubts cosmic love and sexual emotions, and that the cosmos literally turns around you and the individual, and that men itself is the centre of it all, the radiant, brilliant star at  the open-stage-concert of the Gods.Vincent prepared himself fore some horror on tele-vision to watch the ‘Exorcist’, although he saw the movie maybe 20th times before, but each time he watched this occult movie he stood in contact with the Demon ‘Pazzuzu’ whom looked with evil eye’s to him, he knew the Demon was trying to convince Vince that he was possessed by this South-African Ancient God with his black face and white corpse paints on it, he was a living death.Vincent watched the exorcist movie of the version of 2001, as he was watching the movie instantaneously he knew that he was dreaming.The screen had grown larger, filling his vision and in place of the movie, he saw two lights against a pale green wash of endless void. The light at the left was large and coruscating, flashing with a bluish radiance.    Far too its right was a small white sphere that glowed with the brilliance and power of suns. Yet didn’t blind or flare: it was serene.  He experienced a sense of transcendence, in his mind he heard the light on the left began to speak: ‘I can’t help loving you’, she said. The other light made no answer, there was a pause.  ’This is what I Am’ the first light continued, Pure love, I want to give my love freely’    Again there was no answer from the brilliant sphere.    Then at last the first light spoke again: ‘I want to create myself’, she said. Then spoke the sphere: ‘There will be pain’, he said.  ”but you dont know how pain feels like”   ‘I’ve chosen it’, said the bluish light.   Then it waited, quietly, flickering. Many more moments passed before the white light spoke again.  ”I will send someone to you’, she said”   ‘No you shouldn’t, you must not interfere, to send someone, she will be a part of you’, said the sphere.  The bluish light drew inward upon itself, its flaring were muted and minute, then at last it expended again ‘so be it”          
Now the silence was longer, much stiller than before.  There was a heaviness about it. At last the white light spoke quiet, ‘Let time begin’, she said.  The bluish light flared up and danced in colours, and then slowly it steadied to its formers state.For a time there was a silence.Than the bluish light spoke softly and with sadness:’Goodbye, I will return to you, hasten the day’.The bluish light began to coruscate wildly now, it grew larger and more radiant and beautiful than ever, it slowly compacted; until it was almost the size of the sphere there it seemed to linger for a moment. ‘I love you’, she said.  The next instant it exploded into a flattering brilliance, hurtling outward from itself with unthinkable force in a trillion shards of staggering energies of light and shattering sound.Vincent Amfortis bolted awake; he could still feel the light of the explosion on his retinas.He sat there and thought for a while.Was it real? The dream seemed so real.Not even the dream about the doctor’s angels had this texture.He didn’t even thought of the portion of the dream about doctor angels.This other segment had blotted it out.Yet he felt awake and extremely refreshed, he thought about this dream of the lights it affected him deeply.What was this emotion he was feeling? he asked himself. It was something like unbearable loss. It was like the lights touched him in his soul.He thought about Lucifer again, his nature was changeless, and so?Could he really have brought sickness and death into the world? Death is only natural, just like rain. But no death seemed natural, not into this homocidal society of today.Besides, you don’t wish to live forever, it would be a punishment.Lucifer be the author of nightmarish evil and cruelty? It didn’t make sense.He thought of the gospels, were all these people possessed? By what?By mixed up devils? Its a joke. Jesuits always blame it on Satan.These were dead people trying to make a comeback.Lucifer didn’t run around invading living bodies,not even the gospels said that,reflected Vince..The apostles of Jesus came to him with their successes in casting out demons.Jesus told them, ‘Yes, I saw Satan falling like lightning from heaven’, but why lightning?    Vincent wondered:’ why did Jesus the Nazarea called Satan the prince of the world?’
(Chapter 16-the priestess)
Later he came in contact with a woman named Sara, she lived in Paris. Slowly but sure Amfortis started to feel a beloved emotion caused by her warmth and intelligence, she was convinced she’s a medium. And so she was, he knew. They both wrote each other once or twice each week. This gave Vincent a feeling of safety and she was teaching him some knowledge of the occult.Recently he received this E-mail from Sara, the wonder-woman from Paris.She was a good-hearted white-witch, as you can read in this next letter: 
November 2004 La Paris, 
My dear Vincent,I wish to thank you for your E-mail, which I have just received.It is a good thing that you decided to write to me about your situation.Indeed, it is essential that you keep me informed about the way you feel.You are waiting for a lot of things to happen now, and I can understand this.I know that you sometimes get impatient, which is inevitable.But in fact, it is extremely important for you to write me.When you express so many things, you loosen up a little, and than you realizethat you are not alone in facing your problems.From now on, you have a friend who really listens to you, who takes care of your anguish, and who will always be there to help you. I am this friend for you, my dear Vincent and don’t ever forget it.  It is no longer a time to doubt, but a time to hope. Your emotional state has already been considerably recovered, at least magnetically:You are no longer swamped by negative waves closing in on you from all directions, as was the case when we were first writing to each-other.And I am sure that you are feeling the tangible results of my work. Therefore, my dear Vincent, I am sending you all my wishes for the greatest happiness. 
You’re Friend Sara Freder
Vincent Ferdinand was a fan of the vocalist of the U.S. metal group called W.A.S.P., his first eye-caught of the lead vocalist was in august in the U.K. in 1984, a small records store he, back then entered together with his mother, they both watched the picture-disc of the debut W.A.S.P. album.In a second he faced the Altar-ego musician named Blackie Lawless and he thought; ‘Who the hell is he?’ and the satanic-occult front-cover made an impact on both of him and his mother.His mother asked him; ‘Do you know that man?’ I said"no I don’t",He  looks a little weird, don’t you think so?’ his mother replayed.It was the best heavy-metal album he ever bought in his entire childhood- life.In November 1986 Vincent Blackwell had done an interview with Mr. Blackie Lawless in the Dutch.Vince asked Blackie “are you still satisfied with your second album?’ “Yeah, I am. I still believe it’s a good album. Possibly a few fans might have misunderstood the album, but we sold as much of them as the first. I don” t really care what people say, we just do what we want to, I really don’t care.‘Why did Randy left the band, were he mad in Texas?  “Uhm, that’s a tough question for me to answer. Randy was a very good friend of mine, he just didn’t felt comfortable anymore; it was time for him to go his own way’.  “What’s your favorite song on your new album?’, “Restless Gypsy", infect it’s about myself. I mean I love to ride in the wind, and to go wherever I want to. I love my nation, I love the freedom. Over here in Holland we’ve sold a lot of records, and for tonight, the combination between  Maiden. and W.A.S.P. seemed to be a very successful one, the tickets sold out very fast. I hope this success in the Netherlands will continue in the future,hopefully?” ‘As a hard working musician like yourself, do you still find time for any personal hobbies?’  ‘She is sitting right next to me Ha-Ha-Ha .No, really,  this madhouse we call W.A.S.P. is really a 24 hour job. I don’t have much time to do anything else, except for my two porches”. ‘why did you change the show? , no more blood, raw meat, naked ladies, why’s that?’  ‘Every year we try to do something new, I mean for tonight I am going to shoot flames out of my balls, I have never seen anybody do that before. Tonight I do it for the first time infect, its makes me very exciting to shoot fire from my cock”. ‘Is this the first time your in the Netherlands?’ “its the first time we give a show, I was here last October in Amsterdam for some Radio-stuff. The Netherlands is a very important nation towards the rest of Europe”, I know a metal-act has got 5 years for the first album to write and for the second album 5 months, hows that with wasp?,"Well, you cannot write an album over one month, it really takes some time and ideaes before a record is fixed, "What about the Washington wifes and the P.M.R.C.?, "Bullshit, Hahahahano really Ive said enough about this subject, I am not interested in politics", Youve created a couple of video clips , did you like to do that?", "Oh yes I liked it a lot","You switched over tho a six-string and get Johnny Rod on the base guitar, are you still happy with your new outlouk?, "Yes , so far I am a happy man"  ‘Thanks for this conversation, and I whish you a lot of success tonight and in the future’ “Thank you very much. You speak good English kid!’   “Would you like to sign a few albums for me?’‘Sure replayed Blackie. He signed the Last Command and the Hear  ‘n Aids Album.  The hunting wasp needs food for the little babies who came out of the eggs of their Queen in the nest.Their food must be alive, so they sting an insect without killing them, so they must be aware of the fact how much poison they sting their victim, because he must be sure that he isn’t dead because the baby wasps need living food, but the poisoned victim mustn’t be alive too much either , he might eat the little baby wasps himself. Vincent reflected on the red coloured book written by Baron Vladimir van Tuijl-van Serooskercke again, he was reading: Satans beauty and perfection were described as Breathtaking, Bearer of light,The morning star, Prince of the world etc., Jehovah must adore him! Vincent made some metal tunes from the Man-of-War album called ‘Hail to England’(1984)   He calls my name, and waves me on. The fallen one, he burns in flames,His two black Gibsons guitar stood beside him, but he kept on smoking tabak and wondering why the citizens of the USA where suddenky so afraid of being Antraxed.He still felt sad about his ex-lover Yashmine, he had lost her ten years ago.He loved her very much when he held her close in his arms.  She spoke;’Oh, Vincent  , I love you so’, but  Vincent wasn’t there anymore, his mind already sunk to the bottom of his heart, he held an angel in his arms.He still could see the sunlight reflecting in her blue eyes, still he adored her very much, his first lover.Once they were walking in down towns natural surroundings where rose flowers bowed with the wind like they were proving their eternal love before the temple of Allah. , ‘After death we go back to Jehovah’ said Yashmine.  ‘As ourselves?’ Asked he.  We might loose our identity, we’ll become one of many,legion’ what’s wrong?’ she asked.  ‘Loosing you. Loosing you forever’, but he, he didn t feared death itself.  his Angst was a painful death.He felt sad and painful; she was the only one whom could take away the pain between his ears. He just couldn’t forget her; she gave her love for free and took it accidentally to another elder man.It even made Vincent Blackwell incidentally ending up in the Brooklyn-hospital just because of the pain.Because of the pain of evil phantom noises between his ears.He still could imagine the smell of her skin and the wonderful taste of her red lips on Yashmin her pretty face.  There were superiors reasons why Vincent and Yashmine had been so close together.They were both strong smokers of tabak and heavily addicted to the smoking of Soft-drugs(SKUNK), which they smoked everyday in and out.They also both drank strong alcohol such as Vodka, and of course a little use of Angeldust, during a celebration or for sexual activities.Yashmine was as a child rose with the religion of the Jehovah Witnesses until 1984.Yashmine and Vincent were both interested in Satanism as well as in Jehovahism .Because of that the love between them became stronger and stronger.They were a sort of brother and sister, now day’s she’s the good girl gone bad.  Vincent thought back of his sexual activity’s with Yashmine.He, shut its eye’s, and imagined how it was when they still were together.He, was close next her on her bed in her bedroom and admired her good-looking face, her large hidden breasts and her tight jeans.Her cheeks were soft and warmth; he put his face to the cheeks of Yashmin.He gave her hundreds of kisses; they gave each other a long soft frenche kiss.Butterflies flew in its belly, and he slowly pulled of her sweater which made her breasts visibly, and began erotic to suck at her nipples, afterwards he pushed his face into her soft female belly.Vince touched once again her breasts and sucked her nipples.He pushed her pants below, and he was hotter than hell because of her tight black underwear, and he stripped out her underwear. Her gates of heaven became wetter and more slippery; also there came a honey sweet smell from, defensibly moaned Yashmine softly.Vincent loved her beautiful white legs, and now he was licensed to look at the cunt of Yashmine.Of course he had a satans-penis.He was in heaven, caused by the smell of her sweet warmth pussy.He licked full of surrender at her vagina, up and down and from the left to the right, there came more strawberry juice in his mouth.He, was as a wild wolf in a strawberry field filled with juicy grapes, so delicious, as many as he needed. Vincent wanted to restraint itself no longer, and took his satans- penis out from his pants and began to pinch over her wet pussy to slide.Yashmine, she had the eyes of a wild cat. She’s got looks that kills.He pushed slowly, but deep and hard his penis into her wet pussy, it was a Hot-shot into the middle of the seventh gate of heaven, and he became totally high because Yashmine pinched him with her sharp nails, they almost both came till a high point of pleasure and of pain.Vincent suddenly awoke from its dream; he had a strong erection in its pant.He was still in a dream, but sad because Yashmine was no longer with him.A phone call came in, yes? Asked he.  Hallo mr.Blackwell?, this is a nurse out of the Brooklyn hospital, I have news for you. ‘News? what news?’‘,  Dr.Nurmuhamed died today, he died of a surprisingly unknown tumor in the brain’.   ‘Oh, is that so? I Dunnot know what to say about facts on his tumor, we weren’t aware he had one’  ‘So if you have any trouble about his sudden death just gives us a phone-call, okay? ‘Okay, thanks anyway’ , ‘Goodbye  my Vincent!’ spoke the hospic nurse, and she hung up the phone.
Epilogue: (revelation mother earth)  Was Vincent  Blackwell truelly possessed? In certain sense he was.Through religion he was a strong believer in fate and in evil.His Angst and a strong feeling of guiltiness by committing a human sin.Vincent Ferdinandbelieved he therefore had to be punished.And so this punishment happened.The suffering was intense and powerful, latterly there came voices from dead people.Through his possessed mind of quilt, pain ,angst and hate  the darkness came till life.And this dark force became stronger and stronger.Vincent balanced between confusion, evil, sickness, revenge, hate, quilt, sadness and the intense suffering of the pain of the lost of pleasure.Doctor Nurmuhamed saw him as a fool, whom always told half the truth.Vincent  was convinced this doctor was a liar and behaving as a sadistic madman.The doc. suffered of an unknown symptom of a fatal tumor of the brain he took the final injection of an overdose of Heroin, recently.But surely it is fair to say that when a man becomes depressed, and decides to kill himself,there is something  wrong with the man, not with the world.Vincent had a certain ‘quasi-sensory’ symptoms that began to manifest themselves.There was a slight un-pleasant twisting sensation in Vincents his head.It was not really a hallucination, but an ‘association response’ such as might be provoked by a lesion in the frontal lobe of the brain, the seat of memory.The doctors didnt agree on the nature of his illness or even if he had an illness.the brain registers and records every sensation, sight and sound and smell it has ever received If the neurons where such information is stored happen to be stimulated, jostled, pressed upon, any memory can be captured.Nothing is really forgotten.His symptom, if it was a symptom was the opposite of amnesia, a condition as far as I know unnamed by medical science.It is not all uncommon for persons suffering from certain depressions and psychoses to exhibit Ideas of reference, that is all manner of odd and irrational notions about outer space, U.F.O., conspiracies of Satan, the second coming, Und So Weiter.Who knows the unknown truth you ask me? Just wait and you know it might be both of us!  As known processes in nature, were a part of one unified force in unity.I believe that this force is a person whom long ago tore himself into pieces of his longing to shape his own being.That was the fall in heaven, the big-bang.The beginning of time and of space and the material universe, when one became many,a legion.And is that why Jehovah God cannot interfere evolution?Is this person growing back into himself?Who is this person? You ask me.It is you and it is me! We are the fallen angels, were bearers of light, were all angel dust, we are all Lucifer.We grow up in this world, facing all evil and wonder where its all comes from.But then how do we explain all that is good?Remember the goodness in your childhood. This goodness is the basic in all of us.Just one good memory in our hearts. Perhaps; this one good memory may keep us from act evil, and do good. Maybe we should become like little children before we can enter the golden walls of heaven.If the God YHWH cannot intervene, men can, its surely his intention that we should, this is our world!It could be the world cannot process without Angst.
Thy tenth last commandments  ( Nobody is perfect, and my name is Nobody) 
1: Thou shall reject the idea that it must be necessary as an adult to be beloved and respected by almost every important person in thy surroundings. (you are not longer a little child)
2: Thou will reject the idea that thy within all that respects thy totally perfectly, potent, and successful must be, for thyself to accept thyself , and to love yourself.
3: What others might think of you, or what others might believe, it is not the up most important ‘thing’ in your life. 
4: Thou will reject the idea that things are terrible or disastrously whenever these things are not as thus thou gladly would like to see.(it is not the end of the world)  
5: Thou will reject this idea that thy have a little or no influence at all on thy fate.After all this fate becomes not only influenced by others or by something unknown forever programmed. 
6: If something or someone is dangerous and/or poisonous and/or (un)succesful in a certain situation,that same ‘something or someone’ doesn’t need to be dangerous or poisonous or (un)succesful to be under all other same kind of equal situations.
7: Be responsibly, with ups and downs, for your own decisions/conclusions, it is much better for thyself to think and to act by thyself.(instead of the thoughts and/or actions of someone else)
8: Reject the idea that there is always and everywhere the perfect solution/cure for all and every problem. 
9: Thou must not constantly be busy with the problems and difficulties of others.(Mind your own business) .
10: Accept that the past is important for today,don’t forget that today is the past of tomorrow.And that by working on changes of today, the future for tomorrow can be different and be better then today.
Dark lord I summon thee, demanding me the sacred right to burn in hell.
Ride upon hell high wind, face one more evil than thou.
Take my lustful soul; drink my blood as I drink yours.
Impale me on the horns of death, cut out my mind and release me from all that is evil.
I know the one who waits! Satan is his name! Across the bridge of death, 
There he burns in flames! Lucifer is king! Praise Satan! Hail to the king!
 Und sie must nimmer vergessen, "Gruss Gott und Heil Satan"        
Crusader, crusader, please take me with you The battle lies far to the east. Crusader, crusader, don’t leave me alone I want to ride out on your quest. 
I’m waiting; I’m waiting to stand by your side To fight with you all over the sea. There calling, they’re calling, I have to be there Israel has to be free  Fight the good fightBelieve what is right
Crusader, lord of the rings
We’re marching; we’re marching to a land far from home No-one can say who’ll return.For Christendoms sake, we’ll take our revenge On the pagan from out of the East.We Protestants are coming, with swords held on high United by faith and the cause.The Saracen heathen will soon taste our steel Our standards will rise ‘cross the land. 
Fight the good fight With all your might Crusader, lord of the rings. 
To battle, to battle, the Saracen hordes We follow the warrior king Onward, ride onward into the fight We carry the sign of the cross 
Crusaders of Holland, Lords of the ring, Spilling their blood in the sand, Crusader, crusader, the legend is born
The future o’ Israel will honor your deeds. 
Bill and Hillary in Vinnland: the land of the free and of the brave.
Oh, wow! Look Hillary! A sex-shop?’, ‘Yes Bill, but you don’t need that, dont  you?”No, Mamma, I can only dream of the need of a sex-shop’, Oh, God! Look Hillary! Isn’t that Elvis the King?, cant you see him either?’, Bill was stupidly surprised by all the beauty of Vinnland and he took Hillary by the hands ‘Mamma?, he asked, Yes Bill, I know, I know.’Hurry up and finish eating your chocolate-Santa Claus, the doc. Is waiting in the Presidential Psycho Suite! You dirty  Billie!”Yes, Mam, but make sure no taxes for the return of the king! And make  the doc. Pay’s99 % tax.’Kill The Tax-Payers!’. Diagnose; Manic Bill Depressed! Medicine: Chocolate!
Episode II “The second spring” by V.v.Tuijl@microsoftware2005
Vincent stood next to the highway, he was dressed in black.He stood still, awaiting.Waiting for the city bus, on his watch the time was exactly 8 o’clock p.m.The city-bus could be there each heartbeat away and indeed his heart was pounding harder faster just caused by the thought of getting closer to the red haired mistress.The red-haired pretty woman was named Nikita, and she came original from the city of Boekarest, Blackwell imagined her photographs from out of the adult sado-masochistic-sex magazines. It was an animal magnetism he felt towards this pretty evil woman, it was like he had been waiting for this woman since the day he was born.His mother went away when he was 15 years; his parents divorced and actually never discussed those subjects such as sexuality and sexual behavior  His father spoke so now and then when they saw an attractive female on TV. They both agreed that Hillary Clinton and Nina Brink were good looking.    He once had sexual contact before, in Barcelona aged 17. Now days he’s into the handmade masturbations by himself; those masturbations had given him a feeling of satisfaction and power.It was he whom was in total control of his fantasies, nobody ever explained him thus these masturbations were just a natural thing and not something to be ashamed off, or even feel guilty by those sexual orientated activities.The red haired pretty adult woman with her devils eye’s, her Dracula outfit, and the voice of a hungry werewolf made him red-hot.It was her voice that made him decide to enter the devils house tonight; he’d been calling her and spoke for a short moment with mistress Nikita whom convinced him that she’s the one.She was the one, only she wasn’t sure if Vincent was actually ready and steady, she had to give it a try but she would fool with him if he came. If he came?  It was the year 1989, late June. The sun was hotter than hell.In 1989 he passed his examinations at high-school and finally the world was open for him to enter, he had planned to work in Israel with his jewish-uncle whom was already for a longer period in Israel with his blond and dumb girlfriend, in the end it was canceled caused by a sickness of his uncle whom went back to Europe after he ate sun-rotten unknown food.It was a disappointed experience; he wanted to be in Israel so strongly he’d been thinking of it the whole of the weeks he had to pass his school  examinations.   But for some or other reason he didn’t went on his own to Israel to find work, he didn’t spoke the language and feared to be alone in this middle-east nation.In the back garden of their family-home he was sitting stoned and seemed to be lost in thoughts.The house cleaner, whom was a Jehovah’s Witnesses, set a cup of tea and enjoyed Vincent passed positive his high-school, she seemed to be happy for Vincents high-school succes.  ” I am happy for you Vincent!  You have done something good in your young life” ‘Thanks Maria, it pleases me too, I feel satisfied, and thank the Gods I have passed positive!”    ’Yes kid, now you will be able to search some work, it is written in the Bible that a working man is a blessed man’.   ‘Any ideas yet?’ asked Maria while she put the tea with apple-cake on the table.  ”Maybe visit Israel’ , Tel-Aviv”. “Israel?” asked Maria.  Not sure yet Maria, I am dreaming a little about the near future possibility’s', he spoke in peace to the woman, whom was always praying for the best in the name of Jehovah God.The burning sun stood still.The heart of Vincent was pounding slowly, sweat came rolling from his face and he picked up the cake to bite, handmade cake .good .very nice.  ’Oh Vince’, spoke Maria, ‘Aroundfour o’clockEunice will come passing by to cut your hair.   ‘All right, I keep it in mind, thanks to remember’ ,’Fine, just fine , You need to look well when you have a solicitation. You know what I mean’Eunice was the eldest daughter of Maria, she used to cut or paint Vincents his hair.Vincent always found it a pretty woman, and he enjoyed it when she touched his long blond hair.The only confused thought was the fact that Vincent Ferdinand was an aspirant member of the Church of Satan(Amsterdam) while the family of Maria were all members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.The garden looked like heaven, it was surrounded by peace and satisfaction, these were signs that he, himself believed in Heaven and Jehovah God and at least in the history of holy land of the Israeli’s.So now and than Maria took with here the ‘Awake!’ Magazine and she put it on the table to study for us, the kids, but especially to awake the interest of Vincent Ferdinand whom was like a little devil.He read about masturbation and the magazine told to young man to wear a boxer shot while laying in bed, so a masturbation wouldn’t take place before sleeping.Sometimes he infect did wear his boxer-short before entering his bed at night.Army airplanes flew above the garden and their white stripes were clearly visible in the sky. Such a shame all this army activity’s, they cost a lot of money, they better spend it on the poor inAfrica. If they would, no child would die in hunger or in a civil-war’ spoke Maria.  But Vincent was aware of the duty of the Dutch/American army the cold war was still in action and he knew the communists of the east were just unpredictable they could start the third world war every day, but still there was a certain truth in the words of Maria, he agreed.  Hard-rock hit him deeply in soul, and he exercised elec.guitar each day, as well classic as well hard-rock.His mother told him as a child that he had to become a member of the Hells-Angels, his dad wanted him to become a businessman.He, himself, dreamed of being a soldier and a guitarist.Vincent had always money and more than enough friends, and he had his little brother and sister whom he was always teasing, but he loved them both.Maria the housecleaner always learned them that children should be thankful for the love of their parents. According to Maria the Lord (YHWH) had a visible plan with the whole world, everything had a reason, she warned me for the forces of Satan and she spoke convinced that the AIDS virus was created and spread by the secret agency of the C.I.A., of course the C.I.A. was one of the visible works of Satan , he whom was the devil the beast and the snake.They lived in the city of the Hellion since April 1984, his mother whom was mental-ill left their home after two years; she went back to her mother in the north.At high-school he was reasonable popular, because of the heavy-metal clothes which was hot for metal-kids in the eighties to be one of the boy’s At the class of 1984 he was more a child then a young-man, but the kids were okay even the ones such as Yashmine and Angelique whom were the prettiest, but teased him in class.As the new kid in town he had proved himself, by football and music.At his final class of 1989, he was as a fish in the water. There were only three boys and all the rest of the class of 1989 were female, some very pretty ones indeed and they were his friends during the pauses and during class.It was a high-school to be taught to become a sales-man, if you whished to continue to study there were more than enough possibilitys We also had to search a job for 6 weeks x 2 into a shop; Vincent Ferdinand got himself a job into a guitar and piano shop down-town.He was the only one, dumb? Who was able to play infact as well the piano as the elec. guitar who was working in this music-store, it was a great combination to teach and to work in a shop.He had almost never made homework. But he was always there in class and he was serious.Of course he whished to become a soldier, a sniper, in west-Germany, But every-one born in 1970 was out of the lottery to enter the Army, none of us became one, the 1970′s, canceled..Pretty Eunice had arrived and she kissed him on the cheek because of his examinations. ‘Nice for you Vincent!’ she spoke ‘I remember passing through high-school like it was yesterday’Her eyes were deep blue and there was a glance of light, her teeth were smiling white.Catharina, his younger sister whom looked like a boy came into the garden, as always she was a shy person without friends, she was always watching TV, and happily Maria had a daughter of her age so she at least could have a talk sometimes.This shy girl grows elder as a strong student and became a doctor in ahospitalofRotterdam, but she’s remained a loner and vanished all contacts with the past.  His brother, back than 16, in 2005 lived in the city of Bangkokas a teacher in the English language to the youngest high-school kids the father of the family moved in the end towards the south ofFranceand remarried with a long time befriended Dutch female whom he had known since he was a baby inAmsterdam.Their mother recovered through the years and returned to the city of the hellion, did some activities for AmnestyInternational but never became the same mother as she once was.Yashmine became the owner of a tattoo-shop in Friesland and a woman under the oath of the devil himself   , ,And me? I still am a happy fool searching for the promised gold at the end of the Rainbow.
The revelation of sint Vincent  F. Blackwell
1-Here comes wisdom;
For they whom recognizes the Beast, let them therefore count its number whom is a Human number , its number is triple-six.And the beast realizes himself his time is limited.
2-The beast and the Judas Priests and evil spirits whom carry the sign of Cain on their foreheads and on their righthands shall be thrown into the pit of flames of Hell and of torture, they will be burned and tormented for one thousand of years.
3-The few believers who’s names are written in the golden book of YHWH are the chosen few whom are thev free and the brave.
4-They will live in peace for one thousand of years, while the great Satan, the Judas Priests and evil spirits whom have whoreshipped the great Satan, will be released from the pits of Hell.
5- The evil spirits will be set free again and will fight the chosen few of YHWH, from the four corners of the world.
They will burn every village till the ground and spill the blood of the rightious, and they try to kill all the Lords his divine ones.
6-In the end , the great Satan with his Judas Priests and evil spirits like Adolf Hitler & Josif Stalin will be forgivven , and Allah will create a new heaven and a new earth.(and the new golden city of Yerusalem)
7- The chosen ones, whom names are written in the book of souls will live untill the end of ages without pain, sorrow, sickness, tears death and Angst(for death thou shall die)And so the Lord spoke,”So let it be done, I am that I am shall be the whole tat I am”
I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first the last and the always

There was once an evil creature in a bottle, in his void, lonely, helpless fairy palace.Century’s he was safely locked up inside his bottle, but after one thousand of years he became imprisoned after our holy father spoke out the infamous Iraqi magical words in Baghdad, “YADA,YADA” and now the creature , whom is the beast and the snake, became a monster with 7 heads, with  7 crowns , with  7 seals.When we children of Israel don’t succeed in this world by fightning those evil monsters, than one day there will come the eternal heavenly words of Allah,”No more and never again!”, the seven headed monster, there is meant is described in the book of revelation  of st.John,(the evil spirits of the human-race ), the first head of the evil-creature will speak out loud,”Whom lives, whom cares, whom payes!”,the second head of the evil-creature,”it will take some money and time, but not of mine”, the 3rd  evil-creature”whom doesn’t know, whom doesn’t care!,”the fourth head,”After my time is gone”, the fifth evil spirit say’s,”We will see!,”, the sixth,”Doesn’t matter to me!”,and the final 7th”I just dont care!”,the end of the world is fast approaching, and our heavenly father is still screaming about the pollution of silence and of light, each river will be poisened, the 7th seas are full of radio-active waste in barrels which will rust very fast, and quickly our humanservices will polute our whole-world and the atmosphere of our mother home planet.
The fatal ten commandments:
1-A man should not possesss too much money, neither too less.
2-A man should not live in a too big house, neither into a too small house.
3-Mankind must respect witches instead of burning them or casting them out of the village.
4-Mankind must support Amnesty-International and Unicef.
5-Mankind must support Greenpeace otherwise ancient animals like the blue-whale fish will fade away, and they will never return.
6-War=Peace (he whom longes for peace, must be prepared for war)
7-Freedom=slavery (you wont get something for nothing, you wont get freedom for free)
8-Ignorance=Strength (you wont get wise whith the sleep  still in your eyes)
9-don’t ever create sexual contact with children under the age of 18, neither hurt  children or  animals.
10-Instead  to constantly keep up with your problems from the past, its better you act creative and productive today and focus yourself on positive events in the future  of your personal life.
The beginning of the end??
Yes, we can!”(pres. Barack Obama) "We will see!(pres. Donald Trump) 

I, Vincent Ferdinand Blackwell, can do all things through God who strengthens me.
In myself I can’t , but in the Lord I can overcome that which opposes me. In myself I can’t, but in the spirit of the divine lord Jehovah,  I can serve God.
I can be what God says I can be.
I can do what God says I can do.
I can go where God says I can go.
I can have what God says I can have.
I can, by God’s grace, rise up and do what must be done to experience God”s will in my life.
that God has given me.I can be healed and healthy.I can be happy.I can be strong.I can be more than a conqueror. I can live an abundant life in YHWH without Angst, confusion, worry, doubt and depression.Amen.

 (U.S.A.)-United States Amnesty
 Unfair trial of Jacqueline Montanez.
Jaqueline Montanez is the only woman in the state of Illinois, who serves her lifelong prison sentence without chance of early release  for an offence as a minor.
At the moment of the offence she was 15 years old.The infliction of this punishment to someone younger than 18 is in defiance with international law.
In may 1992 Jacqueline shot dead two male members of competitive hooligans, together with two other young woman.In spite of her minority she was tried as an adult because of the nature of the accusation (first grade murder).In consequence of this she could not be tried by a juvenile judge who could have counted factors as her age , criminal background, psychic health, environment or chance on rehabilitation. Jacqueline was found quilty in 1993 and got the due punishment of lifelong without chance of early release, then she was 17 years of age.
Jacqueline was forced for hooligan life by her stepfather at a very young age. He sent her as a courier when she was still a child.From her ninth age she began herself to use drugs and alcohol and she also joined a hooligan life. She ended up in hospital several times with an overdosis. She ran away from home time and again to escape all misery, as a result of which she was placed under the supervision of child care at intervals. She didn’t go to school anymore
After more than twenty years of prison, Jacqueline thinks that she has become a totally differnet human being. She has completed all possible studies and vocational educations, is a certified trainer of guide-dogs and writes poems. She also supports other prisoners and stands up for other problem youth.
In January 2012 Jaqueline sent in a request for pardon. Her case was newly looked at and the request is still under discussion by governor Pat Quinn.
Adres Chelsea F.Manning 89289 1400 North Warehouse Road
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027-2304
United States of Amsterdam(USA) 
The 7 gates of Heaven.
There are seven gates in heaven  7 levels, the 7th gate is supreme, the All-One(Allah), also the divinity when you leave the physical world, you first enter Avalon (summerland), hereby near is around you the light-angels, this gate is to get calm and give insight to the smallest detail of what youve done with your life,Avalon (summerland) is the first gate where only entities can make contact with each other.there is calmness , understanding , warmth and it is very peaceful and beautiful. There is a reward a form of anemotional holiday with beautiful music, light and warmth.
If your physical death is accepted youre going to have the awareness, that is the learning process that is based on the life lessons you have experienced.Avalon (Summerland) to humans is also the place the deceased rest and also already then here caught by angels.often survivors go back to the place where they felt safe or do they look at the people that they should leave, the dead do not want to withdraw their loved ones own life and the responsibility that goes with not taking or being reproached him for the people who love him left him behind. Through life after the departure of a deceased person to pick up again, both will feel better and can go through the learning process of life-inspiring you from the atmosphere from a clear perspective, apologies goes not in this sphere.everything has a reason.if surviving the extent that he has acquired all the knowledge and all the responsibilities accepted , he goes to the atmosphere of like-minded death there are seven gates, if you meet someone who is not onyour mood set how do you respond? in other words, if someone is not the same level of vibration got as you look in any environment you find yourself dwells it is clear why you’re in that environment feels the best, there are people in your life whom you recognize yourself and with whom you feel comfortable example a friend is someone who is on the same recognizable vibration. each gate is protected by a gatekeeper, gatekeepers are the entities that meet the “Ëlders” and that gives the boundaries of the areas shield is a gatekeeper someone you time and space and that love radiates and maskes you realize what atmosphere you belong to what to do in that sphere in which you come.he comes  is a personal tutor at the level of the 7 gates. each gatekeeper who provide clarity why you may or may not fit into a certain atmosphere, a gatekeeper is willing wisdom to a survivor after his death by indicate pending is a survivor medicvally spoken, it is not impossible that he accompanies a living person that deals with medical issuesw eg. a surgeon, the deceased leads his hands and let him do what medically necessary is, the “ELDER” is similar as a professor. above the “elders”, the Al-one(AL-LAH) also angels have questions which the AL-ONE(AL-LAH) has answered, the ELDER has gone through many stages and thus gained many insights and isavailable to everyone in the 7 realms of death, there are the “receivers”, these are spirits that help people in the transition from the physical to the disembodied world. this is no small task, because there is often a fear present at the people who died are those who do not want to accept a life after death, there are a variety of reasons , often this is due to misinformation about religion, this can cause great distress to the dead who are in the lower atmosphere(the darkness) and stuck in old ways of understanding , if they succeeded they may bring these survivors to the next gate(level), survivors have a conversation with a gatekeeper, the life lessons they have experienced, they should share and explain are often rejected by a gatekeeper, (the light angels?)because the deceased at this level are often angry and powerless let predominate in their experiences and feelings, therefore can not or will not see the light  angels and consider these angels as a pure chimera, then accept these living dead light angels and thus the7 gates of heaven, not like that it was the intention of the Al-one(Al-lah).the negative survivors clinging to the notions of the earthly world and they understand the heavenly spirits and angelsof light dont. there are entities remain in the last stage of their earthly  lives hang by a traumatic experience a war, fatal accidents, illness or worse , by a sucesful suicide.
Man is the last creation of evolution in the mareial world, when you acknowledge black magick , you dont escape the responsibility that comes with this awakening , you realize then that if you do less good things, you will laterby experience this.
Everyone has their own growth process and everyone  has their own experience of reality, and that is good.
To deceaced people it is often a shock to experience that life is not over after death, they stay stucked in their thinking circle and become a wandering and restless spirit, to guide  those restless spirits from the darkness to the light  people can mediate and send positive thoughts, for example take a restless spirit that needs light, take it in your thoughts and ask the restless spirit if it wants to be helped, so that this restless spirit accept to receiving help from an experienced medium to guide the spirit from darkness to the heavenly light of Nirvana the medium that will have to think positively to the deceased spirit  with the help of burning a candle which have such a force that this has a  positive effect and could bring about a limitless effect.
Mankind will have to show more respect for life on earth and more respect for nature and thus better deal with our planet mother earth, and this planet is also a living organism incuding the possession of a collective consciousness about her earthly children whom she cherishes with love, but the same children-people do destroy the jungles at high speed in South-America which are in fact the lungs of our planet, and without oxygen there is no life possible on earth, some astronauts from the NASA are flying around our planet in a space shuttle claiming that the earth has become ill due to human polution and over-exploitation and that the earth is actually suffering from "cancer" , but for this there is no NASA doctor to get the earth healthier, so our human-race will also die out if the natural resources of our planet turn out to  be seriously ill and in the end of the human--race ion order never to be able to come back again the human-race is dying out due to its own pollution an by committing extinction to natural conditions, or in other words, our planet has a form of deadly cancer, now the earth will continue to revolve around the sun for millions of years and the nature of our planet will slowly recover , but if the human-race hasnt learned anything from the 20th century, in fact the 21st century will become even more dangerous and destructive to our human-race by Tsunamis, earthquakes,flooding, AIDS,cancer, civil wars, this new 21st century of the so-called revival of the cold war between the west and the east, religious warfare between Roman-Catholics, Protestants,Jews and Arabs, wars of the still lively communism vs. THe Westenr Hemisphere, sex-exploitation, crime, child-porn commited by Roman_Cathlick priesats and by lesbian nuns, underaged prostitutes, murder and manslaughter between different religions, firearmed dangerous teenagers who kill disbelieve dogs in the name of Allah or bring danger to innocent people in their safe existence, poverty in the big cities of the world that will lead to anarchism and violence, crowded prisons, Internet-criminals who have stored thousands of photos and films of sexual acts of very young children in their computers etc. etc.
There is a universal doctrine which says "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong", Ëverything that can go good will go good"
Everyting on this planet knows its counterforce, which means, everything could be turned around, the opposite.
Within ten years people or situations can end the otherway be turned around or upside down.
In America HELL means HELL, and in Norway HELL means goodluck
A friend becomes an enemy and an enemy can becomes a friend.
Parents tell not always the truth because they do not know it themselves either.
Parents responds their anger on their children because the cant face and solve their own problems.
Give the people bread and (football) games, this is a fact, and the people are satisfied
Religion is an enemy of communism , religion is like opium for the people.
It is better to be stunned by the opium what is named religion, than worshipping a communistic leader.
Was Fidel Castro the last communist? No, North-Korea will follow communism until death.
there is a whole 21st century generation needed to be able to keep commumism silent.
With the death of Fidel Castro Cuba will more and more westernize,resulting the USA president will forgive Cuba 
and the USA and embraced Cuba as the lost sheep(from Christ) and the USA will accept and enourage the state of Cuba. 
In the 21st century Protestantism will prevail in the USA, partly due to large numbers of supporters in Latin-America, Asia,Russia,Africa, and European areas where the Cath'Lick church is still worshiped as being the corner of society, nowdays 1 out of 6 people is a Roman-Cath"lick, at the end of the 21st century 2 out of 10 people will remain Rome-Catholic. 
In the 21st century will be in the USA , south-America and  in Southern-Europe the Roman-Cathlick church only existence symbolic , however there will no more millions of dollars into the treasury of the roman catholic church be bestowed within the limits of the USA, in southern European/ Southern -American areas where the catholic church still is revered as being the corner of society , will be  great malafide  tombs  where the South-European malafide  families with a lot of power and a lot of gold and silver for ransom of their earthly sins such as himself to buy forgiveness within  their malafide earned gold, silver and diamonds in their malafide tombs , in the 21st century will be the most powerful vicar of Christ , in the form of the living Pope under her worshippers and followers will increase , Thee Roman-Catholic Church in the USA will still be able to survive only on longer term with help to the poor, the sick, the eldery, and illigal immigrants will be in the USA and in large parts of South America ans Southern -European will only symbolic exist. 
The beast had already been predicted at the end of the 20th century it was the return of the werewolfs drinking blood ane eating meat , the number of werewolfs was small but they spread across all corners of the world and the beast knows his time is limited it is written , the beast with the 7 heads and this beast is in a hurry.
The beast I mean is the dragon of evil polution of the human-race and the lack money(the root of all evil).
the first head of the dragon is called "who lives who cares", and the 2nd "it will take my time", the 3rd who doesnt know who doesnt care", the 4th "after us the flood","the 5th "we will see", the 6th"it will run loose", the 7th"me a concern"
QUO USQUE TANDEM?(how long?)

THere was a war in heaven, Allah, the creater and the merciful was without judgement ,Allah was and is a neutral God 
Allah loves all created animals and also the human-race, Allah loves all humans and his earthlychildren.
Children are holy, because they are bornout of the heavenly spheres on earth, children are pure, sweet honest and beautiful , and they love their parents , brothers and sisters.
Allah loves all living creations which were created and live on  our blue mother planet.
Allah knows all thoughts and feelings of all that is human, in heaven his first created angel was Lucifer then came Jesus the Nazarea, then Allah created 10.000 x 10.000 angels within all their own feelings cand thoughts,conclusions and decisions in the 7th heaven which is named "NIRVANA" .
1/3rd of the angels chose the rebellish side of Lucifer whom rebelled against Allah the merciful .
As punishment Allah sent 1/3rd rebellish angels whom all swore fidelity to Lucifer, they were thrown to earth where they saw that there were very beuitiful woman and the angels commit sexual actions with the fallen angels These woman gave birth to children with a lot of pain , millions of children whom became the so-called giants and these children populated the earth.
Lucifer believes he is equal to the God Allah
Now  the huiman-race of the revelation of sint John has reached the end of times.
THe animals are loosing their natural surroundings  by evil-polution foretold by st.John in the end of the human-race.
In the 20th century from the year 1914 the beginning of the end of the human-race has begun , until the fatal year 2112  ,from 1914 the human-race is only occupied with death,destruction, blood, sadness and abuse , violence, and exploitation and modern sex-slavery .
Officially Holland was the last nation that abolished slavery 150- years ago.
England forced Holland to exchange Nieuw-Amasterdam for Paramaribo in the Dutch golden-age in the 16th century.
By the fact that humans are mortal , and be born again by reincarnation to learn from their sins, faults and constrains and all other human sins to learn what is of real worth for Allah.Amen.Hell or Hallelujah.   
The 7 gates of Hell(Dante) it is better to reign in Hell, then to serve in Heaven.
       Allah=Al-mighty, Al-known, Al-powerful
  The religion of "me myself and I (this religion is microcosmos macrocosmos) eternal love for the real me
It is cosmic and universal to give yourself love and light.
The outside world isn't the real me, so the real me is the most valuable in a life.
The real me is selfconsciousness and to love the real me is an adoration of "God".
Hell exists only in our intellectual capacity, fantasy, nightmares and Angst.
The adoration of your own ego, instead of an invisible Jehova.
The adoration of everything which means nice, sinful,forbidden or naughty is good.
Here and now , this consciousness is as above so below.
Self egoism is sinful and nice, the real me and my  own self-knowledge.(knowledge is power).
The reality is inside the real me.The rest of the world isn't the real me.(existing non-existing).
Solipsism: only the life of myself exists and the rest of the world does not exist.
The world is my own representation similar to the 'Nothing"

1.Insanity which makes insane comes from the sick live for yourself and to love  yourself breaks insanity.
3.We cannot get abstracts from the own real me & myself.
4.A qualitative intensification of the reality is a rise on the steps of the hierarchic ladder.
5.Only the real me is laid of absolutism and trancendance.
6.Beams  of the higher 'real me" direct to the lower spheres, this love has a great tension and extends from the higher "real-me" to exaltation to love over oneself.
7.Every utterance of the emotion makes you , as it were, insane. Love the real me is something inviolable , the last blessing, , even if there is an appearance of the highest trance.
9.The real me is that which is concentrated without a centre.
10.The human-body is only holy if it is looked upon of the true ego and the real me
 11.The suffering is legitimate if it serves  the real me.
12.There exists many impules that love and prayer presentiment which stram out of the real me.
13."Me. myself and I" and the real me (religion of the new world order) 

(The diary of a madman)
Vincent Blackwell, what went on in your head?
Oh,Mr.Vincent, did you talk to the dead?
Your life style to me seemed so tragic
With the thrill of it all
You fooled all the people with magic
Yeah, you waited on Satan's call

mr. Vincent, did you thinkyou were pure?
Mr. Blackwell, in nocturnal rapport
Uncovering things that were sacred
Manifest on this Earth
Conceived in the eye of a secret
And they scattered the afterbirth

Vincent Blackwell, won't you ride my white horse?
Mr.Blackwell , its symbolic , of course
Approaching a time that is classic
I hear that maidens call
Approaching a time that is drastic
Standing with their backs to the wall

Was it polemically sent
I want to know what you meant
I want to know, I want to know what you meant mr. vincent

The thin line between "Good" and "Evil"

The usefulness of the difference between "Good"and "Evil", is that you can receive a better personality.
"Good"and "Evil" does not exist, it's a feeling, a creation, the minimal difference between "Good"and "Evil" is a difficult process, it's a choice, it"s a personal responsibility.
"Good" cq "Evil" is a cultural deterninant, that which is good in our culture, in another culture, is "no good" or worse "Malicious".
One civilization condemns other cultures, which in turn condemn other cultures.
The president of the United States threatens ,etc., condemn the North-Korean  president and their culture while the president of North-Korea condemn the United states of America and their president, for example,criminal , or threats, or deception with Hydrogen-bombs.
And so the North-Korean  communistic dictator threatens the U.S. president and all the United States they condemn them, they cursed them, threaten them with deception of Hydrogen-bombs, and the United States president threatens the North-Korean (sub)culture with the same water-dust-H-bombs.
One culture condemns the other culture.
Thus, both presidents are seeing their own aggression,what matters is that if you are convinced and think its "Good", you should try that "Good" as the best you can.
 It does not matter what you do as long as you do as best as possible with what you are trying to do and with genuine love from both the president and his people so that the collective ego is strengthened instead of breaking down and breaking the ego.
There are people who have deliberately lived "Malicious", who killed their fellow human-beings, tortured, or worse by attempting to eradicate the entire jewish population of the European continant in gas-chambers(by the toxic and deadly gas called Zyklon-B) such as in Auschwitz, Sobibor  etc.(think of the jewish Orthodox family of Anne-Frank -r.i.p. june 1944 in Poland)
These malicious people can by rebirth and Karma, return to our mother home-planet, and with a clean slate by means of a rebirth to gain insight into decisions and conclusions.
A person does not leave the world because he has done things "Good"or "Evil " but because it is time to die as a human-being of flesh and blood(r.i.p.) "For death, thou shall die"  

"Imagine"(by the prophet of peace of John Lennon, r.i.p. dec.1980)

Imagine there is no heaven
Its easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today
Imagine there's no country's
It isnt hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
No religion too
Imagine all the people
Living their lives in peace
You might say I'm a dreamer
But I am not the only one
I hope one day you'll join us
And the world be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us 
And the world will live as one 

The Chinese State vs The Western World     

Liu Xiaobo was the winner of the Nobel-Prize in 2010, he became sentenced to 11 years in prison in december 2009 because of rage against tyhe Chinese state, his wife Liu Xia, is an artist and under house arrest in Peking, both fighting for human-rights in China, Lui X iaobo was arrested in 1989, for his support for the bloody student protest in the square of  heaven and peace in Peking and captured until 1991, in 1996 he was sentenced to 3 years in an work-prison-camp, closer to december . In 2009, Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to 11 years for punishment because of a "rage against the state", Liu always felt innocent of a criminal act and relied on his right of freedom of expression that is written in the Chinese Constitution is assured, in feb. 2010 he was found quilty after 2 hours within the Chinese Court. on october the 8th, 2010, the day when Liu Xiaobo received the Nobel-Prize, his wife Liu Xia was also punished and sentenced until today, becauser she cannot receive any visit from other c itizens,friends or family, she is condemned by the Peking-court, she is suffering a hard life to live complete lonely because of her house arrest.

Liu Xiaobo
Liu Xia
P/A Amnesty-International
PO Box 1968
1000 BZ U.S. of Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Western Europe    

He's wearing white again, but colours always betray,
Dont look into his eyes , thers an evil jalous inside.
You might see him but he is not here,
Leave him alone dont get too near.
One touch and you'll disappear, what a scream you'll never hear.
He is carrying a secret and where he must go , you will never know.
Searching but not for a home, a restless soul all on his own.
Always dressed in white , as he passes on through the night,
He carries a secret, you'll  never know, you will never know.  
Dont watch his eyes they will burn you away  

A Brave New World   
We are writing September the 11th 2001
Huge skyscrapers prick in the cloudless of the bleu sky, a nice quit picture of a summer morning over Manhattan in New York City, then the sound of a plane drilling into a skyscraper, a quarter of an hour later a second plane drilling into the second twin- tower.
A sea of fire, and than the explosions high above the ground, wich makes the twin-towers collapse.
Death, chaos, Angst:the gates of Hell has settled on earth, for how long? Where and how will that Hellfire takes shape? Only in New York City? Elsewhere in America? In Europe? In the Netherlands and Belgium? In the Middle-East? More attacks with hijacked planes? Laying down nuclear power plants? Chemical weapons? Atomic Bombs?
America has declared war on terror and America demands total obey from the whole world: whoever doesn't is a potential terrorist.
How is it possible that a group of terrorists turned the world upside down?
While we were just preparing to welcome a world of enlightenment and peace inside the 3rd millenium(the year 2000), a world in which only love, light and brotherhood would excists.
Our planet mother earth doesn't need people who retire anxiously when the world is on fire,
but with people whom have the courage to stay there despite the fearful moments of Angst,
but people that dare to see where that Hellfire is caused by upon the world, courage people whom dare to fight the flames of Hell, people whom wants to create a New Brave World without having any idea what that future might look like, Terrorism is the deafening question , courage is the only answer.
Our planet Earth is a living organism that is constantly subject to change.
The world today doesn't needs leaders whom abandon economic gossip and warfare foolishness,
but leaders whom see how the world has really developed.
Should we be slaughtered by terrorists? No doubt about it, self-defence is necessary, if you dont defend yourself, you will be attacked untill you fight back, fighting back is the best self-defence.
When we read history books of our world we see a history of struggle and war and with many repetitions that have yielded little.
After every struggle there were always small innoventions such as a slightly different social system, a new political group, a new cultural movement, but these innovations have been so far too small to allow mankind to really have something on them , we still have understood and learned too little of these processes.
The real cause of the 11th september terror-attacks is oppression , people are oppressed by their own regime or by foreign powers, people are oppressed and now those people ask to be seen and heared as an individual human, people like Homosexuals, Gypsys,Negroes,Indians and Arabs.
In Africa we have abused countless people as slaves, we have exploited Indonesia,we have exploited Suriname and the Dutch Antilles,warfare in the Middle-east thanks to Western intervention.
Arabs and Jews fighting each other, today we wrench people and countries from our position of power and oblige them to do what we prescribe, pure oppression, the oppressed man or group can't live as they would like,and for a long time an energy builds up that eventually merges into an explosion like September the11th, it lay's in the line of every human-being or group to become free and give shape to the world, and there is now no question about it: not with the oppressed and not with the oppressors.
What we have seen on September 11th  is the fact that people and/or groups have felt oppressed and have turned their attacks and hate into the hearts of those whom regard them as oppressors, and the heart of America is Manhattan, the new 3rd millenniumhas started with pain,chaos and Angst and perhaps those attacks will remain even greater before we forgive and reconcile each other and to be able to live in a New Brave World and to be able to live in peace and harmony with all human-beings
as  powerful nations compel oppressed people, groups and countries to stand behind powerful nations in his declaration of war , oppressed nations , people and/or groups will take action against this, terror, war and violence will take hold, just look at the Islamic-State, cause(action) and effect(reaction) will continue, we must better understand our current place in history, ofcourse we will have to defend ourselves against terrorism. 

BOOK 2-"The wrath of Vincent Blackwell" 
Chapter 1-"Dont believe the truth"
Summertime were there again and there was an atmosphere of peace in Hellcity , Vincent had just walked to the center of the city where the Witnesses of Jehovah were preaching the end of the human-race, Vincent was just recovering himself from his vision of an explosion mushroom-atomic-bomb six o'clock in the darkness of a brand new day, magazines such as the Watchtower and the Awake! were laying on a table in several language and those believers of the truth named themselves as the only true Christians, Vincent was convinced of being into the possession of black-magick power, how else could he explain his vision of an exploding mushroom-atomic-bomb?
A little further stood a table of the Scientology Church, an elder man and a young girl were selling several books such like Dianetics and other books written by L.Ron Hubbard, the author of these books passed away in 1986, Vincent had been a teen-age Satanist since he was just 16 years of age and he always remained faithful towards this Satanic-Church  till death, and he knew the secret doctrine "Dont break the oath"
Vincent passed by a table of the so-called "New-Born-Christians" whom were announcing the return of the messiah of Jesus the Nazarea and his kingdom of heaven, those believers were predicting the end of the entire human-race, Vincent himself was convinced of the existence of extraterrestrial-intelligent existence, he took a tabak from his inner jacket and stroke a Lucifer to hit his tabak, he inhaled deeply and blew it out through his nose, now Vincent himself strongly believed in the almighty powers of Allah, this neutral God knew all hearts and all minds of all living human-people on our blue mother-planet, Vincent Blackwell strongly believed in a black cross with the head of a black  Jesus upon the cross whose image Vincent had seen on the discovery-channel on the tele-vision, this thousands years old image of a black-Jesus was to beautiful not to believe in.
Jozef and Maria lived together in Nazareth, Jozef was a carpenter  by profession,Maria was a young virgin of 16 years, in a dream Allah sent the angel Gabriel to Maria to tell her that she would become pregnant with a child, this child was to be born as a boy and Maria must name her eldest son Jesus The Nazarea, Jesus was born as a prophet of Allah, Jesus learned the profession of carpenter from his father Jozef, also Jesus visited the synagoge every saturday where the high-priests ruled over the Jewish people of Judea , Jesus developed in his youth the gift of foresight to see the future, he was clairvoyant and from the age of 30 years Jesus the Nazarea healed people whom were possessed by evil spirits, Jesus the Nazarea did this with great succes , Jesus the Nazarea gained a large number of followers throughout Judea, and he went against the teachings of the high-priests of Judea , these Jewish priests  were afraid that the rapidly rising popularity  of Jesus and  were afraid they would lose their status-quo in Judea, Jesus the Nazarea  had twelve disciples together they formed a religious group of 13 people, Jesus had spent 40 days meditation in the desert praying to his heavenly father, Lucifer  tried to persuade Jesus  to accept Lucifer  as the only real God of the earth, Jesus rejected the offer of Lucifer and Jesus returned to his 12 disciples, at the last supper Jesus  and his disciples  drunk red wine and ate white bread, the red wine stood for the blood of Jesus and the white bread stood for the flesh of Jesus, Jesus the Nazarea taught his 12 disciples  not to get involved inside politics neither into (civil) war conflicts, because Jesus  was a clairvoyant he knew he would be betrayed by one of his discipels towards the High-priests of Judea, and so it happened  that the Jewish Judas Iscarot betrayed Jesus for a couple of silver and golden coins, after the death of Jesus the Nazarea Judas Iscarot commited a succelful suicide, Judas Iscarot remained a Jew , Judas was not a Christian , Jesus  warned his disciples that  in the far future mighty world leaders might abuse his name  and he told his  disciples that they  as a Christian should not accept the future religions of the leaders of the world, because Judas had betrayed Jesus to the high-priests, because  of this the murderer Barabas  was set free instead of being crucified, instead of Barabas Jesus the Nazarea was crucified and tormented against a tree(the tree of life) while Jersus was crucified he told his discipels   that in the far future his blood will flow on the Jewish people and their children, after 3 days the roman soldiers put a spear in the body of Jesus to make sure that Jesus had died, while the blood of Jesus fell upon the earth and his blood poured into the ground a new time zone broke out(the twilight zone), todays the high-priests of Judea tell their supporters that in the Holocaust  Jews were murdered because Judas was a jew but not a cristian and Judas  Iscarot betrayed  Jesus the Nazarea to the high-priests  and these high-priests  betrayed  Jesus to the roman soldiers
A Jewish ritual inside an Auschwitz death camp.
During the war in Auschwitz , 3 jews decided to accuse Jehovah with a serious Jewish ritual, these 3 Jews whom were teachers  of academies before the war  and all 3  knew the Tora by mind and heart, that the time had come was to do something about it, to accuse Jehovah , and these 3 jews  performed a Jewish ritual , one night the ritual against Jehovah  started, this  Jewish this ritual against Jehovah. with all the arguments and counter arguments lasted 3 days, it was vey serious, very dramatic, there was a certain seriousness, a certain solemnity in every word that these 3 wise-man uttered, they knew that everything they spoke was heared by Jehovah , spoke  out loud was heard by Jehovah and had an impasct  , the ritual lasted 3 days and the sentence against Jehovah read "Jehovah is quilty", the high-priest of the ritual simply spoke, Lets pray now,"a character came whom was the only one to defend the god Jehovah , the only one  whon  spoke that Jehovah's way were justified even in Auschwitz, this character was the fallen angel, whom was called Lucifer and whom was the Satan, Lucifer related that Jehovah loves the smell  burning human flesh, (remember the story of Mozes)
It is good for a Jew  to believe in Jehovah , it is also good for a Jew to protest against Jehovah, but to simply deny Jehovah  is no good(diocide) you can be a jew with  Jehovah, or to be against Jehovah, but not without the divine lord Jehovah.
Jesus the Nazarea is not God , Jesus is not the son of god, Maria is not the mother of God,Allah has no children. 
Chapter 2-The Virus of death(december 2019) 
It was summer time 2020 and that was celebrated by walking people whom had not been able to bring their children to Junoir-Highschool for a couple of months because of the deadly Corona Virus that has taken hold of the entire world, some Christian commumities are unable to to attend Church for months due to the post-modern recently new and unknown aggressive virus of death, which first emerged in December  2019 in Northern-Italia where a giant cruiseship from the wealthy  Scientology Church in Northen-Italia was chained because a dangerous and unknown deadly virus had been broken out , later in January 2020 this same unknown and deadly  Virus had been broken out for the first time in China, where this same Virus was diagnosed as the Corona-Virus, the Scientology Church were trying to save all souls of humanity upon our blue mother planet by trying to create as many people as possible the Staus-Quo of being "Clear" however things went wrong to offer the Italians the Staus-Quo by the sessions and the book Dianetics written by L.Ron Hubbbard,  in the year 2001 the famous member of the Scientology Church named John Travolta created the best science-fiction movie "Battlefield Earth"which was written by L.Ron Hubbard 
The Virus was revealed in China , later the infamous Corona-Virus was spread all over the planet , this Virus is contagious fro human to human and from animal to human, for the time being humanity is far to fight succersfully this Corona-Virus with a possible post-modern medicine as a kind of chronic disease without having to die, this futureistic medicine will be very expensive and therefore will be first used in the rich nations such as the USA, Israel, and Western-Europe, this deadly and contagious post-modern Corona-Virus will spread even further in Africa, and South-Latin-America, with the result that up to the year 2030 at least 3 million Corona-Virus affected people will die, Planet Earth is angry with the humane race because the life of nature people  and with wild animals things will only get worse, our blue mother planet  needs to recover herself  from the attacks of the human-race whom has maliciously and aggressively  abused the nature of our blue mother planet.
Within the 20th century mankind has misused almost all of the Earth's nature just for economic gain, , through serious accidents like Chernobyl in 1986 and the 7 oceans and rivers have been seriously polluted, ofcourse mankind has also created beautiful  and positive things , such as (modern)art, beautiful music, nice films and interesting books.
The fresh water which peoples of nature depends on doesnt taste as good as before , mankind are all-eaters and we consume animals such as monkeys, bats,snakes,whales,pears,apples and bananas.
Today whales are still hunted and being killed by death by the nation of Japan only in the name of science, Mankind has also created beautiful and important instruments such as the space station the I.S.S. designed by the NASA , ESA and the knowledge and science of Russia, our super-universe is incredibly beautiful and interseting there will be multiple life forms in our Universe , but inventions like the atomic mushroom-bomb are only designed to kill as many human lives as possible and has done no good to planet Earth, in the holy bible it is written that there will come a timezone where the youth of today will curse the day they were born, since 1970 countless young people have consciously commited a successful suicide because the fact they are into the possesion of homosexual-tendencies which is forbidden in the holy-bible and by the priest of their church, or because of the suffering of schitzophrenia and manic-depressions. 
In December 2019 A cruise ship of the rich Scientology-church was locked down in the port of Northern-Italia because an unknown contagious and a unknown deadly virus had been identified , this unknown contagious and deadly virus is now called the Corona-virus, this fatal virus will bring millions victims under the human-race, the first victims were discovered sick dying cold and blue on the cruise-ship from the Scientology-church in December 2019, the corpses were examined for blood traces in the lungs as it seemed plausible that the dead had been suffocated , worse on this Scientology cruise ship this unknown and deadly virus was found to have infected virtually the entire crew on this cruise ship , and even doctors present tested the suply of medication on several victims to find that none of the medications were positive for the dying members of this church, even anti-biotics,cocaine or heroine didnt save anyone from dying, ofcourse this unknown deadly virus had to remain unknown in the north of the Southern European continent.
The church of the Scientology  is a satanic power and money hungry super-rich Satanic sect., they were the one whom spread this unknown deadly virus through people on their cruise ship in northen-italia, Europe and eventually the entire world had been infected with this deadly virus, this virus was discovered in January 2020 in Peking(China) and now all over the world people are seriously ill and many people have died, especially the eldery people are susceptible getting sick and dying from this deadly Corona Virus , also in Afrika and in Latin-America and in Asia people are now seriously susceptible to being infected with this deadly fatal virus of death, within x-number of years at least at least 3 million children, the sick and elderly will die from the symptons of this Corona virus.
For the time being , there is no  inhibitory drug or cure to combat this post-modern Corona-Virusinhibitory drug or cure to combat this post-modern Corona-Virus, mankind has been evil for its fellow human-beings in the 20th century, mankind has seriously abused the animal-kingdom and humanity has been exploiting our blue mother planet, mankind has learned very little from the lessons of our history, people are evil minded man-animals whom only believed in an eternal and money-hungry society.
For the health of our mother-planet it is actually positive to be able to recover from the predatory  exploitation that mankind has commited on our mother blue home planet for a period of ten years (2030) in the Corona erea, at the end of the 21st century there will be 10 billion people living on our blue earth, than there will be not enough food and water to feed and drink the human-race , , our mother-planet is a living planet and possessed of consciousness, in the fatal year 2112  the entire human race will die, so that our blue planet can recover and continue to revolve around our sun for many millions of years, only insects, trees and fish will survive after our planet will be hit by a giant comet 10 times more powerful than the largest atomic bomb on Earth, causing humanity will die out ands fade away, our planet is the most beautiful planet of the super-multi-universe, the NASA will never find another planet as beautiful as our blue planet like Earth, our mother-planet has a living history of more than 500 million of years, the animal kingdom has succesfully lived on our mother planet Earth for more than 500 million years without any form of exploitation, mankind has commited so much exploitation of our mother blue home planet in the past 100 years that the life of many animal species on Earth since 1970 has been seriously threatened with extinction.   
 Chapter 3-In the biginning
In the beginning our early ancestors may have started walking on two legs to efficiently travel long distances in search for food, an early cultural adaptation was to expand our new food, better food stimulated the development of a larger, more complexed brains.
Early humans may have lost their thick coats to keep cool on the savannah desert and to detect parasites upon the body.
Shyness and the uncomfortable feelings of depressions and emotions  can inspire forgiveness in other members of the group.
He who show his tears by crying shows his vulnerability, this increases the chance of help and inturn strengthens the bonds in the group.
As the social groups grew, our brains grew, communication and problem-solving capacity became more complexed.
Thanks to fire, we eat in a variad and more different way,the fire  protected ourselves from predators and we behaved more socially, and possibly also our language became more refined.
The first artistic expressions and the use of symbols laid the foundation for a larger social networks and later entire civilizations, the evolution of symbolic expressions around death indicated self-awareness and contemplation about a possible life after death.
People whom eat a lot of starchy foods(such as rice) have developed certain genes to better digesst these foods.
Some populations in the tropics have genes that prevent you from losing too much salt when you perspire in the heat.
Pygmies are so small because they reproduce young in response to tropical diseases and because they dont grow old of age.
Some inhabitants of tropical islands have genes that allow them to survive on little food, but make them fat if they eat a lot.
East Asians developed thick hair shafts 35.000 years ago, perhaps from sexual selection or to regulate the heat in a better way.
In Japan , where a lot of food comes from the sea, genes in gut bacteria allow people to obtain nutrians from seaweed.
The Japanese  have an unique gene variant to digest fat from their whale and seal diet.
Some populations groups in South-Latin America are insensitive to the high concentrations of arsenic in their groundwater, by domesticating animals and plants (probably simultaneously) man could live in permanent settlements, later in cities.
People have moved closer together and thus developed resistance to infectious diseases.
Early livestock farmers in Europe, the middle-east and Afrika, among others, have developed the ability to digest milk at a later age.
What started as a tool for commerce and accounting has grown into a means of expression as cities and cultures grow.
A lighter skin color is bertter for the absorption of UV light and the production of vitamin-D, dark skin protects against UV light.
Population groups have different blood mutes
"I have a dream!" (August 28 1963 dr. Martin Luther King) Chapter 4 book 2
In the 1960's the Muslim Malcolm X, dr. Martin luther King and president JF Kennedy tried to and to believe in creating peace in America between  the white and black citizens inside the USA, all 3 were murdered in the 1960's . because  they were too far ahead of their time, it wasnt until 1970 that black people and muslims were given the same rights as the white Americans, all three of them were murdered by the CIA ,the FBI and by the malafide white majority, dr.Martin Luther King jr gave his famous speech on August 28 1963, with his words "I have a dream"this speech came as a great relief and hope to millions ex-Afro-Americans  slaves consumed in flames of devastating injustice, it came as a joyous dawn to end the long night of captivity.
But one 100 years later we have to face the tragic fact that the Afro-Americans are still not free, the Afro-Americans life is still sadly hamered by the handcuffs of segregation and discimination(I cant breath anymore) remember Pink floyed, 
"I have a dream", that America will rise and live and let live under the oath that all humans are being created equal.
"I have a dream", that black children of ex-slaves and the white children of ex-slave owners will on one day sit together  at the table of brotherhood.
"I have a dream", that the young black children will once live in America where they are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
"I have a dream",  that the day will come where all the children of God in Amerika will sing togethger with a new meaning  , My America, my country, land of freedom of religion, land where our parents died, land of pride, with liberty and justice for all, and if Amerika wants to be a great nation in future, this must become true, if we let freedom ring out from every state and city, we will see the day when Gods children, black and white, jewish and pagan, Protestant and Catholic, will be able to reach out and sing the words of the old Afro-American, "Free at last in America,thank God the All-mighty, we are free at last!"
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